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By evets On 2011.03.24 02:46
I knew Jim was going to pull the plug shortly when we were at 160.

Ernie tighten up every chance you get.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.03.24 04:40
Good Morning All,
We have a dusting of snow this morning, haven't looked at the temp yet. but the rds. are clear, suppose to be in the 20s every night this week and in the 30s during the day, so out comes the heavy coats again, LOL
Had a nice dinner with my son, he was 63 yesterday and our girl is 61 today, but she is in WI so I won't be able to celebrate with her. But she was here for the wknd. so that was nice. Boy, they really got it in WI 16 in. in Gr.Bay she got a lot of freezing rain, so roads were very bad and they got snow, but not that much.
I'm off to Mcds. this morning.
If anyone knew Germaine [Churan] Ayres, she died Sun. and now Clara Divita sp?? died, so 2 more NB Alumnis are gone. One by one at our age. I'm sure Ernie will know them.
Have a good day all. stay warm!!!!

By ernest sayles On 2011.03.24 15:44
sorry; no idea of who those folks were. however still sorry to hear they passed away. ernie

By evets On 2011.03.25 01:21
Bedge glad you got to spend time with your son, Wish I was going to McDs to have coffee in NB that would put a greater distance between me and Ernie.

By Richard Guhl On 2011.03.25 21:20
Maybe spring is finally here. Temp went above 50 degrees here for the first time in 2011. Made it clear up to 56 - heat wave - short lived - mixed rain & snow tomorrow.

By evets On 2011.03.26 03:02
Richard I do believe you like it below zero and snow up to your naval.

By ernest sayles On 2011.03.26 17:55
steve: I'm now really convinced you have completely lost your cottonpicking mind. I was hoping maybe atelanta would get cold enough to make you shrivel up and go away. donn't have a good day. Ernie

By evets On 2011.03.27 03:39
Ernie, Ernie, Ernie I'm just not feeling the love here. Admit it you can't wait to see what message I've left for you. for pete sake JP sleeps with his computer just to get to my post that much faster. Diane must think it's rediculous but I understand.

Heck it kills Richard to have to be away from my post so long when he goes hunting up at Skagway or is it Yukon. Anyway he wishes he could figure out how to use a Blackberry 4G and then he could post even in the middle of................................ no where.

I have heard they may run my posts on streaming video out at McDs from 9 till noon Monday through Friday every week.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.03.27 04:41
I will look into that Steve, on my way out to Mcds now, LOL

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.03.27 10:07
Steve! I thought you were on the mend but I guess I was mistaken,please get back on your meds and I'm sure you'll feel so much better.

By Richard Guhl On 2011.03.27 11:39
Steve: When you told me you lived about 12 miles from Serenbee, suddenly I knew a lot about where you lived. Have you ever been within 12 (or 500) miles of where I live? Since the answer is likely "no," all your comments seem to be just a bit of hot air. I'm begining to think you've spent way too much time trying to re-live your High School days (that fully prepared you to count railroad ties?).

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.03.27 17:53
I think Rich when we attended NBHS they still taught geography. Steve doesn't seem to get the idea that Alaska is two and a half times the size of Texas therefore about 10 or 12 times bigger than Georgia.

By lisaT On 2011.03.28 05:06
Now boys, play nice!

Finally warming up later this week, it has been below normal temps most of the year, it better get warm tho, spring break is next week and I have alot to do outside.

The opening day High School baseball game was cancelled because of snow last week but two games scheduled for this week, in the 40s all week brrrr that is not baseball weather...
have a good day all


By evets On 2011.03.30 16:34
Jim disregard the request I hit the wrong button.

JP and Richard when you two are where you are geogaphy really doesn't matter as long as it puts distants between us.

Lisa....I hear a big snow storm is scheduled to role in and burry NB in 4 feet of the white stuff................or was that Skagway that was going to get a dumping?

Well anyway enjoy the snow while you can some of us never get to enjoy it for very long.

By evets On 2011.04.02 03:36
JP when do you head east?

I hope Butler takes the NCAA

By bob sutherland On 2011.04.02 12:51
evets-I also would like Butler to win the BB tournament. My first cousin once removed graduated from there. We have a few snowflakes falling right now. We need the moisture but I would rather have rain just it doesn't freeze. Bob Sutherland

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.04.02 14:49
Steve, after my Az wildcats blew it in the last 17 seconds I would like to see Butler or VCS win, kind of tired of seeing the likes of Duke,NC,and Kansas there every year. Really glad to see Ohio knocked off though. We should be loading the covered wagon and setting out the morning of 3 May should be in Ludville by the fifth.

By evets On 2011.04.03 04:45
Well Butler is in Bob so tomorrow night they can try to bring the trophy home to the mid west. I like Brad Stevens seems like a good coach reminds me of the days Mike Oaks and the mighty class of 74.

If Diane was able to get lazy bones out of bed they should be on their way. Bob try to send a good 3 or 4 feet down to Ludville to be there in all it's glory when big warm weather sissy gets there. You don't see Richard running away from it but then he's probably still trying to find his way out of Scagway.

Ernie did your puter go belly up again or are you just afraid to face the rath of the class of 74?

Hi Bedge hope your doing well.

By bob sutherland On 2011.04.03 12:27
evets-Ludville has its share of snow in the winter being located on Lake Michigan where cooler air blows over the warmer water of the lake like it also does in NB and up hear on Lake Superior. Up hear the RR snowplows are used on occasion but probably less this winter since the storms have been often to the south of us like Atlanta. Bob sutherland

By evets On 2011.04.04 02:13
We did barough one of your snow storms this winter Bob and I thank you for it, it remimded me of a little bit of home for the holidays.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.04.05 04:27
Morning All,
Just wanted to say Hi and wish you all a happy day!! its been dreary around here, but at least we didn't get the snow they talked about, yet , that is, LOL
Getting ready for my Mcds run, so ttyl. Stay well
Pat and Diane will be starting out May 3rd on my birthday, hope they have a safe trip and I will be glad to see them if they have time to stop. If not, later on.

By evets On 2011.04.07 01:59
Bedge May 3d has come and gone so let me wish you a late happy birthday. Did Pat and Diane stop by? Pat may have wanted to hurry and get to Ludville hoping to shuvel a little snow.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.04.07 04:40
Stevo, this is still April, LOL remember April showers bring May flowers???

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.04.07 05:41
See Folks all these years I've been trying to convince you that a certain graduate of "74" was a few bricks shy of a load and the truth finally comes out theres only eleven months in his year his elevator doesn't go all the way to the top.AND now you know the rest of the story.

By lgangrymn35 On 2011.04.07 05:52
Well I see nothing has changed. Steve thinks it's May, and yet has the most interesting way of spelling 'borrow'. I'm sure they have some nice 'adult care centers' in Geeeeeorgia.
Lisa, how are those baseball Bison?

By lisaT On 2011.04.07 08:05
The JV won against Cass, then the V went two days later and lost, dont really understand it, its the same kids minus the seno\iors, but oh well, PAs record is still in tack lol.

They go to brandywine saturday, minus PA and me. Still to cold out for me to go. Im not wearing a winter coat to watch a baseball game!

I have gotten alot done this spring break, today im working on the lawn and scrubbing the deck. PA grilled out the last two nights so I didnt have to cook (not that I do much cooking anymore anyway) he likes the carcoal grill better than the gas grill.

have a goood day all


By gloriapeterson On 2011.04.07 12:08
Ha ha Steve now you done it,but maybe on purpose?

By evets On 2011.04.08 14:36
Gloria that will be our secret.

Tommy boy where have you been I didn't think you were due for parol for another 10 years the sentence for trying to impersonate a 74 grad is pretty stiff.

JP they say as you get older time seems to go by very fast that's why my year lost a month. It wouldn't surprise me if there was only 3 months in your year.

Ernie where are you I need a little help here they're piling on.

By evets On 2011.04.10 03:00
Tommy are you planning to be a regular or was that your once a year visit.

when is the next all school reunion?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.04.10 06:49
I think It's next summer 2012.Hope to see old friends again,even Steve if he promises to be good so we don't have make him stand in the corner all night.

By evets On 2011.04.13 01:04
I do want to go to the reunion and sit right next to you and spend the evening talking to. Diane and get some good material for this site.

By evets On 2011.04.14 00:59
All right let's have some dialog what would you like to talk about

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.04.14 08:01
Any thing will do as long as the subject of the class of "74" is omitted. Eighteen days and we'll be on our way back north. Can't wait to sample the new crop of Asparagus, it makes the long drive totally worth it.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.04.14 08:18
I think people will say like, "boy, hasn't she put on a lot of weight" or gee, so and so really got bald didn't he,? stuff like that, LOL I haven't been there for the last 2 or 3, so I don't think anyone would know me anymore. A lot of my friends have died, so won't be there.

By bob sutherland On 2011.04.14 13:57
Bedge- Bob KERNS , Dick Rein, Barbara Ohime and I were the only ones from the Class of 1948 at the last all school reunion. Bob Sutherland

By lisaT On 2011.04.15 06:10
Well, let me report the NB Bison were at Eaton Park last night playing LMC with theor new coach, not as much whinning and crying as the last one, and the bison did a superb job, 1-1 in the 7th, 5-1 in the exta inning to finish the first game in 2 1/2 hours. the second game took just as long, (thank goodness for the lights) and the Bison won 10-4 I think it was. Its always good to beat LMC lol. they should have a good record this year with lossing only one player and getting a few new freshmen. It would be a great season if the parents back off and just watch the games but I dont see that happening anytime soon.

Katie and I are going to the plant store today, of course they are predicting snow flurries for the weekend, after all, we are in Michigan....

have a great day all


By lgangrymn35 On 2011.04.15 09:54
Bedge, you can sit with me. We'll shoot peas at Steve.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.04.15 09:55
Glad the Bisons are doing well, there is always been one or two loud parents at every game in sports that I can remember.LOL
I want to get up to Vites , but its toooo cold right now to think about it for me, boy that wind is cold out there. I didn't know about the snow warnings.
Pat, maybe you and Diane should wait a couple more weeks, HaHa

By Richard Guhl On 2011.04.15 21:17
I vote for something a little heavier than peas.

By evets On 2011.04.17 05:19
Richard take your best shot with anything you like if your aim at me is'nt any better than when your elk hunting I'm safe.

Bedge Tommy won't be able to shoot anything I want him and JP one on each side that's two head locks all night long and the rest of you can have the honors of administering the noogies.

Snow flurries this week end I wish it were like that in Atlanta only heavy accumilation. I know it snowed in Wi last week I had a guy up there in crane operator school did it snow in the UP Bob S?

By Betty Stromer On 2011.04.17 08:37
I was talking to my son who lives in Mi.City yesterday and he said are you getting snow??? I said,NO, he said its coming down, but not staying, while talking to him, it started here, just a little bit, very light, he had big flakes, but none of it lasted very long, some people didn't even see it.
Still cold wind out there today. but sun is finally shining.

By bob sutherland On 2011.04.17 12:14
evets- We had lots of snow in the UP

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.04.17 16:28
Spring has sprung the grass has rizz I wonder where the birdies is? Only got up to 95 today and be advised that I'll be sending some warm out the first thing in the AM,only 20 days till departure so watch for it.

By lisaT On 2011.04.18 05:27
At 4am the dogs needed to go out and it was pouring down rain, at 7 when I got up again, there is this white blanket of snow all covering the grass and cars. WONDERFUL. Where is the global warming??? This has been a vrazy year for weather all over. 230 tornados in the carolinas, in a weekend, hot in the south cold in the North, noone is at normal temps.
IF the snow melts off and no more rain, the Bison play Wat. Grace today, I dont know if I will go or not.

We went to Vites, I love that place. didnt get too much because of the cold and the impatients of my driver, but I got some to start, I dont plant until the first week in May anyway.

have a great day all

By evets On 2011.04.19 10:50
Here comes Susie snow flake dressed in a snow white gown.

By evets On 2011.04.21 16:17
I'm so excited!

By evets On 2011.04.22 02:50
What are some things that happened in 1974

•MRI Scanner( Magnetic Resonance Imaging } developed USA

•Australopithecus afarensis was discovered in Ethiopia and is a hominid which lived between 3.9 to 3 million years ago belonging to the genus Australopithecus, They named the skeleton "Lucy"

•After 84 days in space, the last crew of the temporary American space station Skylab return to Earth

•Pocket calculators start to appear in shops

•Offices start using a very primitive word processor that resembles a typewriter

•Lucy an almost complete hominid skeleton over 3 million years old is discovered in Africa

•The first use of UPC or Universal product Code BAR CODE UPC scanner installed in Marshes Supermarket in Troy Ohio ( check 1952 for first bar code use not UPC ) or the standard used today

Invention Invented by Inventors and Country ( or attributed to First Use )

New Buffalo High graduates the greatest class of all time.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.04.22 04:39
Gee, I should look up and see what we as 47 graduates did. same #s, just turned around, LOL
I'm so sick and tired of these dark, dreary , days, here is another one, it is quite depressing and I need some happiness in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If it wasn't for going out to meet the gang at Mcds I think I would go nuts, but got a lot of nice friends out there to keep me going.
Steve. you had more snow and storms than the last couple years too haven't you? Too many tornadoes and those poor people who have lost everthing, I feel so bad for them, in that case we are the lucky ones, gotta think positive!!
Ok, don't know what brought that all on, probably looking out the window and see its raining again, LOL Have a good day everyone, don't listen to me.

By lgangrymn35 On 2011.04.22 07:15
Post 1974- Skylab falls and crashes to the Earth, leaving a strange dust over the New Buffalo class of 1974, rendering them incoherant and somewhat useless.
Steve starts wearing Pocket Protectors, thinking they can do math for him.
Steve starts repeating anything that reminds him of his hero- Charlie Brown.

By Richard Guhl On 2011.04.22 10:08
Interesting post Steve.However, you haven't listed anything that a member of the class of 74 accomplished. I guess that means there must be a part #2 to your message. Can't wait to hear how many served in the military, percentage of college graduates (Bachelors, Master's & Doctoral degrees), number of professionals (Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, etc), number who hold patents on an invention, number who gave back to society by joining the Peace Corps, VISTA, etc. I think we need a little more data before we can start building monuments to your class.

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