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By evets On 2011.07.10 03:44
I can't think of a thing.

I'll bet you can't either whhen it comes down to the truth.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.07.11 19:27
Bob Sutherland,
I was asked to be a friend to Lenore Van Huizman, do you know her, the name sounds familiar, but she said, Oh, I finally found you, do you still own that motorcycle?? Well right then I knew she didn't mean me. and when I looked at it said, Bud Stromer, yet the name sounds like I should know her, so I didn't answer it. Bedge

By bob sutherland On 2011.07.12 17:58
Bedge- Yes I remember the VanHuizens. They lived next to Sam Curtis on Clay street before they moved to Grand Rapids. He worked for the Pere Marqutte RR. They had a daughter but I thought her name was Irene. I hope this anwered your question. I hope that you are well. I am glad that Ernie is all right. ob Sutherland

By evets On 2011.07.13 00:45
I'm glad your all, all right.

Bob in my office is a big beautiful picture of the Round Island Lighthouse with the Grand Hotel in the back ground and when I look at it I wish I weas there.

JP I wish you were some where too. Oh yea and take Tommy with you.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.07.13 10:08
Steve, Budweiser did a series of Michigan light houses I have the complete set hanging in my basement bar here in Ludville,twelve in all,very colorful.

By bob sutherland On 2011.07.13 10:32
Mackinac Island is beautiful. I haven't been there for some time. There are too many tourists which is good for the economy however. I prefer Drummond Island which is less commercialized. Some time I would like to so on the ferry from Cheboyan Michigan to Bois Blanc Island. This afternoon I am going to Munising where the scenery around Pictured Rocks is also beautiful.

By lisaT On 2011.07.14 08:54
I cant think of a thing either steve!

By evets On 2011.07.15 01:07
I knew you would agree with me Lisa

JP that sounds nice I have a freind that loves Light Houses and when he found out there were more light houses on the great lakes then any where he wants to visit everyone.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.07.18 19:30
My friend June said they are selling some of the light houses for homes up there, and people are buying them to live in and fix them up, sounds interesting.

Bob, I don't think its the same person, cause I spelled it just like she did when she asked and its Lenore Van Huizman. so must be some one else. Thanks for trying tho. There is even a picture of her on my profile page.

Ok, I had a wonderful trip with June Richter to G.Rpds. and Tr.City, just got home today, caught 5 blue gills, fun, and swam, gambled and went to all the places Dick and I, Bill and June use to go to. FUN

By bob sutherland On 2011.07.19 18:43
Bedge- Did John Stromer have a motorcycle? Lenore Birkholz lived in the same block as Dick's grandma Stromer on South Whittaker. I know that she was married to an Ottinger first. Perhaps she remarried. If this is so she must be in her nineties. I don't know if this means anything. I know that after she was married she lived near Doris Hinkley. I don't if Ernie Sayles mother married Lenore's father or uncle after Ernied dad died. Bob Sutherland

By Betty Stromer On 2011.07.19 20:07
Nope, no motorcycles in the Stromer family , LOL

By evets On 2011.07.20 03:26
Bedge I'm glad you had a nice trip sounds fun. What lake did you catch tthe blue gill in? A little farther north you could have visited Diane and my arch nemesis.

By gloriapeterson On 2011.07.20 11:01
Bedge, I remember those Blue Gills,I loved catching them in that bayou by the river,with my cane pole.Good times

By bob sutherland On 2011.07.20 12:47
Bedge- I jist got word that my brother-in-law Howard Snyder died at the age of 103 in Arizona. I know that your dad and he were schoolmates at Walnut Country School and good friends. He fell and broke his hip a week or so ago and died on Saturday. Bob Sutherland

By lisaT On 2011.07.20 15:35
Man its hot today! my thermometer says 110 in the back yard. Plus the heat index.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.07.20 17:49
Yes, I remember my folks being with Howard and his wife, they were very nice. Audrey remembers them too. There was a Roy Snyder too that they ran around with.

Steve, I thought of visiting Pat and Diane, but June took a different route to get to T.City than I would have, maybe next time.

Yes Lisa, it was that here too this afternoon, I watered twice today, if that helps any.

By gloriapeterson On 2011.07.21 12:08
I feel for you guys in that heat.It is 76 here,should be close to a 100.Doesn't look like we will have much of summer.And you'll have to much.Stay safe.

By Richard Guhl On 2011.07.21 14:15
Darn! It was all of 50 degrees when I got up this morning and is supposed to top out at 65 this afternoon. Do I have enough sun-screen???????

By gloriapeterson On 2011.07.22 10:59
We've been waking up in the 40s,like late September,and we are in Washington on the dry side of the mountains....My granddaughter is in Soldotna Alaska,supposed to be just visiting,but has a job now,trying to talk her into coming home,are you familiar with that area?

By Richard Guhl On 2011.07.22 18:14
Only a tiny bit. About 4 years ago the new car dealers in Soldotna were advertising prices that were "lowest in the state." So, while I was visiting my daughter in Anchorage took a drive down to see. If they really were lower it was a matter of pennys, not dollars.

When I'm down on the Kenia Peninsula cutting firewood for my daughter's place, I usually never go further south than the junction of the Seward and Sterling Highways.

I'll be headed up that way August 14th. Have a caribou hunt with my son planned for towards the end of the month and then a moose hunt with my daughter the first week after Labor Day weekend. Then about a week in Anchorage filling up the truck for the drive/ferry back home (Costco, Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe's, etc etc etc - all those stores we don't have in Sitka!).

By Betty Stromer On 2011.07.23 04:37
What an interesting life you lead in Alaska, I just love to watch all the TV series they do up there, with the truck drivers and the other day 2 of the crab brothers were trying to catch a monster fish you have in one of the lakes up there. I think you must just be one of those hunters we see and read about to keep your freezer stocked for the winter. I hope you can enjoy it for a long time and lead a happy , healthy life in the wild , at least to me it sounds like that if you dont have all those stores available. Good hunting~~~~ Bedge

By gloriapeterson On 2011.07.23 22:25
I agree with Bedge,you have an adventurous life up there....I see you live lower than where my granddaughter is,she flew into Anchorage then drove back down 300 mi.I think.How far is it to Anchorage from you? Shopping for you there is also an adventure it seems.It is very beautiful up there.

By Richard Guhl On 2011.07.24 12:42

Regardless how many channels I get, so far, daytime TV is no bargin, so I do "outside" stuff as long as I'm physically (and mentally????) able. In truth, kids are always dreaming up stuff for me to do (and pay for). However, I'm in no way like those crazy guys fishing for sea monsters in Lake Iliamna.


Air miles, Sitka is about 602 from Anchorage. Land miles is a different story. August 14th, I take a ferry from Sitka to Juneau. Next day, I take a different ferry from Juneau to Haines (over 65 senior rates apply). Then it's 775 miles from Haines to my son's place in Anchorage, going through British Columbia and the Yukon before getting back into Alaska to Port Alcan (only 1 road - impossible to get lost). Where we hunt caribou is about 800 miles north of Anchorage on the Ivishak River, once again, only 1 way to get there - don't need a GPS to find your way.

What is your granddaughter doing in Soldotna? As far as I know from friends, the town's economy is based on oil & natural gas developement, commercial fishing (gillnetting), tourism, and a little charter fishing.

By gloriapeterson On 2011.07.25 00:25
Once again, living like you do is one big adventure.Can tell you enjoy it.....My granddaughter went up there to visit a friend she went to school with, that had moved there as her mother was from there.She was supposed to be back already but got a job at a store.Now she wants to stay longer.But she does say there's not much there.....To far away for me,but guess we have to let them grow up....I have friends that used to live in Anchorage,and they had a boat down there, they would drive down regularly. Are you the one that is related to the pretty white haired Librarian in the 50s in NB? My sisters and I really liked her......Oh I heard about the sea monsters,I guess you have a Nessy too,lol.

By evets On 2011.07.25 01:46
Richard it does sound like you don't lack for something to do and that's a good thing. I hope i am as active when I get to be your age if I get to be your age.

JP what's going on in Ludville have you got as much action going on as Richard?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.07.25 06:07
Sounds like Rich needs to slow down a bit,and what part of the word retirement did you not understand? Steve

By Richard Guhl On 2011.07.25 10:24
Gloria, if you google "Minnie Guhl" you'll read all about the developement of the New Buffalo Library. She was my grandfather's older sister, so I guess she was my great-aunt(?). During the late '50s I used to go to the library after my paper route (in that part of town) and shelve books for her during the winter. During the summer my job was fueling boats down at the river for Harold Guhl. Lots of family members to keep track of back then.

By evets On 2011.07.26 01:45
Gloria are you having a warm summer? Lot's of rain?

Retirement isn't slowing down it's redirecting your energy. JP

Don't make me come up there I won't just clean house at Ludville I'll head right on down to St Joe looking for a certain retired juvinile gum shoe.

By evets On 2011.07.27 00:50
Any big happenings in old NB this summer?

By lisaT On 2011.07.27 05:13
With the 9 or 10 days of 90s the lake temps have gone up to guessed it 74 degrees, but the rip currents have also been bad.
I have only been to the beach once, on a Tuesday and it was dirty and the flys were horrible so I only stayed 2 hours. Its not the beach so much as getting there that is bad. When I ride my bike the cars pass me on the bridge and im afraid anopther car will be coming up the hill from the other side. Those condo owners are in such a hurry!

the big ship and shore weekend is coming up... yippyyyy haha.

have a good dayall


By evets On 2011.07.28 01:31
I wouldn't mind keel hauling JP during ship and shore and maybe get Richard to walk the plank for me.

By evets On 2011.07.29 01:50
It's Friday

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.07.29 06:28
Finally an intelligent remark!

By evets On 2011.07.30 03:39
And wasn't it worth the wait?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.07.30 05:58
In your case Steve, anything intelligent is a gift!!!

By Betty Stromer On 2011.07.30 17:57
Hi All,
PC broke, so had to go out and get a new one, other one fixed too many times, so I haven't been on for a few days and you boys are still sniping at each other.
Thank goodness for grandkids, mine went shopping with me and set the whole thing up, I couldn't have done that in a million years. Thanks Coley~~~~
Ok, quit your bickering and get along, all is well in the world. Did I say that??? I think its a mess, but we don't have to add to it, LOL
Just mowed the lawn tonight, but there isn't much lawn left, all dead brown grass and weeds. Ugh!!!!

By evets On 2011.07.31 03:42
Glad your up and running Bedge and your right my 11 year old grand knows more about computers than I will ever know.

I'm not bickering with JP I'm just doing my part to keep his mind sharp. If I was to see him at the all school I want the level of engagment to be unequaled in the anals of NB history.

Has your grass turned brown from too much rain? Surely not the heat?

By Betty Stromer On 2011.07.31 05:42
HaHa Steve,
Too much heat, I just hate it, its all for Lisa as far as I'm concerned, my old body just can,t handle it anymore, and here I use to lay down at the beach and fry myself, the good old days!!!!!

By evets On 2011.08.02 00:40
Well I like the heat and the cold like the fall and the spring I am a man for all seasons.

By evets On 2011.08.08 01:59
If you like history I just finished the book 1776 the first year of the war. A good read if you like the details.

By lisaT On 2011.08.08 09:08
i do like the temps in the 80s and am getting sad its almost over, I havent been tanning at the beach all summer and only at the pool a few times. back to school in a month, but I have gotten alot done aroud the house. Big ship and shore weekend coming up. so I wont be near downtown again!

i do take the grandbaby to feed the geese every wednesday, there is this gray goose that eats out of her hand.

Steve, dont pick on Jp, hes a good guy.

have a good one all


By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.08.08 19:05
See Steve excluding you there are members of the class of 74 with good taste. I'll be in NB for the weekend as the Grand kids are their way back to Texas and the Ukraine.

By evets On 2011.08.09 01:42
Lisa it has nothing to do with whether I like JP of course I like him but that doesn't mean he gets a pass. He has to be kept on the run or he'll get the big head.

JP you have grand kids that have to travel all the way back to the Ukrane? Is one of your kids stationed there?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.08.09 05:54
My youngest Tracey LTC Army is assigned to the embassy in the Ukraine ,and her husband is at Ft. Hood also a LTC has just assumed command of a Intelligence Battalion so, the kids get to experience some of both worlds

By evets On 2011.08.10 00:52
As ong as they get to experience grandma's world on a regular basis.

They grow up so fast.

By evets On 2011.08.11 00:47
Bob Z what's biting right now? I can't remember when do the smelt run April?

By bzboril On 2011.08.13 09:14
Still some perch hanging around in 20 to 30 ft. of water. It has slowed a lot. Starting to catch some King Salmon in 50 ft. That is always a good sign that Fall isn't too far away. You could always count on a smelt run around the 20th of April. Smelt have been VERY hard to come by the past 15 yrs. Seems that the bigger tributaries still have some pretty good runs. It seems to me that they might be spawning out in the Lake and not in the creeks like in years past. Could have something to do with the lower lake levels? We still catch a lot of fish with smelt in their bellies in the Spring.

By evets On 2011.08.15 01:45
Fall just around the corner and right behind that the hawk flys in the penninsula state home of the winter fisherman. What kind of winter are you forcasted to get a walapulza?

JP you may want to pack it in early you know you don't want to be cought in a mighty north eastern snow storm and find yourself stuck in 8 to 10 feet of drifting blowing snow.

Richard and I we're all about it.

Tommy break out the woolen under wear and your footy pajamas it's going to be a cold one so cuddle up to that teddy bear nice and tight and put some hot sauce on that thumb before you go to sleep sucking it and try to stay warm. Winter is a comin.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.08.15 04:45
Morning All,
I love this cooler weather!!!! those 90s just killed me. I just hope when it[winter] comes it will still let me go to Mcds in the moring, LOL
Had a very quick few words with JP, I was on my way out to lunch and then he got busy yakking with another friend and never got back, but at least I got my hug!! Good seeing you Pat, you look good and now you can rest with all the Grands gone back home. I felt bad leaving you so fast, but Jean was right there to pick me up. I knew you would remember her from Mcds.
You all have a great day, I wonder how Ship and Shore turned out Sun, and if they had the boat show and fireworks that they cancelled the night before, anyone know????

By evets On 2011.08.16 01:29
a couple of cool mornings here what's the morning like up in Ludville?

Bedge are you sure that was JP? Looked good? HMMMMMMM?

Glad the kids got off ok JP I'm sure you and Diane hate to see them go.

Ship and Shore was it any good? Bob Z was probably down there at the beer tent.

Bob S can you feel the wind of change up there?

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