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By Keith Carlson On 2011.07.15 19:20
Hello to all, especially Bedge, JPT, and the legengdary Super-Sieb.
I miss the early days of this forum when discussions of politics and religion were allowed, and the sharing of views/opinions sometimes led to enlightenment, but mostly an on-line version of Rock-em-Sock-em Robots.
That said, I'd like to share some NBAS news.
NBAS' new auxillary gym and fitness center is up and running after a year of construction. These facilities are open weekdays from 6pm-9pm, and 1pm-6pm on weekends.
Open admission to all city and township full time and part-time residents, and NBAS students or graduates. Non-residents are asked to pay a 2.00 fee for use.
Enough PR, now the good stuff.
When moving files back to a new file room a month ago, Chuck Lonske and I found a box from Bell and Howell, Chicago,Il.
It was addressed to Mr. Earl Berry, Superintendant, New Buffalo Consolidated Schools.
The date on the postmark is 1944.
Inside the box were 2 items:
The first, a sealed 6 inch film case with the label:
"In Color, New Buffalo, Class of 1963"

The second, a 10" film reel filled with film, is the original content of the 1944 box. No label.
I clipped a 2 inch piece off the front of the film, and with a magnifying glass was this, in script:
"A day in the life of New Buffalo Consolidated Schools"
I have since entrusted these two pieces of NBAS history to a film archivist for transfer to DVD.
Of course I am curious to see if my Dad, at that time a sophomore? was caught on film with his buddies, Richter, Krueger or Siebenmark.
Or with Bedge and her gal friends.
As soon as I get any info I will share.
Go Bison.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.07.15 19:45
Great post Bro I too miss the old forum it allowed many folks to have their opinions aired to a very select group, that even includes you Steve.

By Keith Carlson On 2011.07.15 20:58
Thanks, hope all is well in Ludington. Next time down, give me a call.
My man......

By bzboril On 2011.07.16 06:18
Keep us posted Bro. I would love to see some footage of my Dad and his friends. He would have been a junior in 44. Great find.

By evets On 2011.07.17 15:00
That is great stuFf Bro it rivals the 1974 archives.

Thanks for including me JP I know that was tough for you but just goes to show how fond we've become of each other.

Your gagging I know.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.07.17 16:19
Steve among your other useless traits I don't think being a physic is one of them.

By Keith Carlson On 2011.07.17 16:46
JPT...Science has proven the gag reflex, AKA mini-throw-up, was not fully understood or documented until reviewing films of the 1974 NBAS football and basketball teams.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.07.18 19:22
Well, wouldn't that be fun to see if any of us "OLDIES, but GOODIES" are on it LOL

I just came home today, left last Tues. to Gr.Rpds. and TR, City with my friend June Richter. Had a blast, swam, fished, gambled, rode a pontoon on a moonlight night, which was just beautiful. and went to places, Dick, Bill, June and I use to go. A fun trip.

Hope everyone is well and Bro can find out some nice pics, for us to see, Bedge

By Keith Carlson On 2011.08.02 20:12
Hello to all. I have news about the 2 films that I previously mentioned were found while moving records during our recent construction.
Both the 1963 and 1943 films have been successfully transferred to DVD.
The 8mm 1963 DVD is in great condition, yet a bit jumpy as it was done by students. Many recognizeable faces, classrooms and teachers.
The 1943 DVD is remarkable. Clear as the day it was filmed, the film archivist believes it has never been through a projector, or shown.
20 minutes long, the film shows "A day in the life at New Buffalo Consolidated Schools".
I will not go on too long about the content, but, believe me, it is goose-bump territory.
Toward the end, a nice 1943 blackboard photo op with freshman Dale Siebenmark, Bill Richter, Marilyn Kelderhouse (DeVos) and Kathy Jenks.
Then, as the film wound down, 1943 freshman, sitting in a classroom.......
Harry Krueger, My Dad, Jack Covert, Bert Shedd and others I do not recognize.
NBAS tech crew is working on putting both of these historical documents on the NBAS website, for all to access and enjoy.
Stay tuned. Bro.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.08.03 09:54
Bro ,
Will be interested in the 63 one for David, but maybe he was too young. also tell Tracy I have a Navy picture of her Dad if she wants it, or you can give it to her since she works with you.
A wonderful find for all the classmates, Thanks so much for everything !
Dick will be on the other one. Bedge

By evets On 2011.08.04 01:01
Bro let me know how to get a copy of both and I know Pam would love to see her dad from back then.

Oh yea that throw up you mention from 1974 that was due to realizing the weight of responsibility in being the greatest class of all time wouldn't that make a great DVD.

By Keith Carlson On 2011.08.04 20:01
Steve and all, soon, I hope both films will be available on the NBAS website.
I do have a dvd of the 1944 film. I have burned copies for my sister Kris, Traci (Covert) Spencer, and Bedge Stromer, who with a new computer, needed a bit of help downloading the dvd. Needless to say, Bedge and I had a hoot watching that film!

By evets On 2011.08.05 00:36
Thanks Bro just keep us in the loop.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.08.05 05:24
Hi All,
I showed Dave the school DVD yesterday and he loved it, he will make his own off of it and wants one of the 63 if you get one made Bro, he figures he would be in it somewhere as a soph. or baseball etc.
I never knew Dick was in the Jr. play, he was so cute, I didn't know him then as I wasn't in the High School area yet, as he was 4 yrs. older than me.
He was so good , he mowed my whole yard, front and back, such a big help to me.
Can these be played on a laptop??? just wondering, but afraid to try it in case it would hurt the laptop,or ruin the DVD.
Everyone have a good day!!!!! I'm off to Mcds. LOL

By evets On 2011.08.09 01:38
Off to McDs sounds good.

Bro when will those DVD be available to us?

By evets On 2011.08.11 00:44
Dare I mention 1974 on Bro's post page?

By Keith Carlson On 2011.08.19 22:25
Folks...both dvd's are not copyrighted and to my knowledge can be copied and shared. I will ask our tech department to make both of them available on the NBAS website.
Uncle Tom Carlson, class of 50, at 80 years old, brought his Virginia clan to good old NB, for a week of fun in the sun and serious bbq and beer drinking.
We had a nice party at 1202 and watched the 1944 film.....lots of laughs.
Thanks Krissy.

Evets, in 1978, we won the Red Arrow Conference Championship.
The first Championship in bball since our State Title in 1963.
Hmmmm.......63' to 78' 74??

By evets On 2011.08.20 04:17
Thanks Bro for including 1974 in your post it makes me proud.

By evets On 2011.12.09 02:37
This computer irritates me

By lisaT On 2011.12.09 14:17
somehow I missed this whole thread with the dvd of the class of 44, is it avalible now Keith? If so why didnt you make me one? damn youngens!

By Keith Carlson On 2011.12.23 16:20
The 16mm and 8mm films from 1944 and 1963, found by Chuck Lonske during our recent construction are now available on the website.
Bottom of the home page, "Blast from the Past". These links will take you to the youtube full-length versions of the films.
A big thanks to Harrington Photography for the transfer to DVD.
Giant thanks to NBAS tech department, especially Jacob Stella and Missy Thompson for the transfer to youtube and links on
Merry Christmas everyone, and more thing.....
GO BISON!!.......Bro.

By jsmitch On 2011.12.24 13:16
Also available here (Time Capsule).


By Betty Stromer On 2011.12.24 14:34
Well Jim, sure glad you got it on here, cause I looked for ever trying to get it Keiths way and no luck, so this was easy, boy fast tho, LOL Our Pam is here and she recognized some of the kids, now I will have to show Dave and I'm sure he will know more too.
Merry Xmas to all. Bedge

By evets On 2011.12.28 03:56
Thanks Bro and everone that made it happen.

By marybethdennis On 2012.01.17 08:32
Keith, GREAT JOB!!! On the 2 films. Was nice to see some familiar faces...
Thank You!! Marybeth 1982

By marg putzke On 2012.04.27 13:40
I have to get back on this site more often. Mea Culpa
The films are fantastic. What a great tribute to the good old days.
Thanks to everyone who made this possible.
Marg Putzke

By marg putzke On 2012.04.29 15:40
To whom it may conern: I recognized both my parents in the early film. However to help date this, may I add: My dad, Ray Zientarski graduated in 1441. He was in the service in 1942 and he's shown on the basketball team next to Joe Arcuri in this film. I really believe it was made earlier than 1944 and maybe just postmarked then. My mother is in the clip with Marilyn DeVos and mom graduated from St. Mary's in Michigan City in 1944 so this was her at about 8th grade. Can anyone else add something credible to help accurately date this film? It looks like there was a photography class or club who is responsible for this incredible film. Thanks again to all who made it possible. I am in awe!
PS I emailed the URL to the entire class of '66. We need to get some activity on this page.

By Betty Stromer On 2012.04.29 16:40
Dick was the guy in the Jr.Play and he gradurated in 42, so the play was in 40 or 41, plus Im shown running out of grade school, so must have been 6th grade and graduated in 47, so it is earlier than 44 Sure fun to watch tho.