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By jsmitch On 2011.09.15 05:01
I had to lock last thread because posts were appearing out of order. Also Bedge is having computer problems. She visits but cannot post.


By Betty Stromer On 2011.09.15 07:37
Hey, whatever you just did gave me my replys back, so HERE I AM, must have given me my "cookies" back, Thanks, JIM it didn't work until you just sent this post. Bedge HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Betty Stromer On 2011.09.16 05:08
Good Morning all,
Well, now that I have it all back, there aren't any posts to read,

Bob , you asked who Bro was, and thats Keith Carlsons son, he has the same name, so we have always called him Bro.

Cooler out this morn, 45% right now as I'm getting ready to leave.

If you get on facebook, you can see our wedding we all went to and our kids and grands and greats. It was such a fun day for all. I guess you have to be a friend tho with one of us to see them. I don't know. Lisa, you would know everyone I think. since we are cousins, LOL

Anyway, everyone have a great day. ttyl. Bedge

By evets On 2011.09.16 16:17
bedge when ever I see JP's post I loose my cookies.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.09.16 16:31
That's it Steve! no more nice guy ,no slack, no holds barred.

By evets On 2011.09.17 02:13
Woe big fella
Easy old timer
Tender down tender hound
don't get your feathers ruffled

Nice to see you come alive JP

Jim I know we post quite a bit but your web site has a lot more to it how many hits does it get daily?

By evets On 2011.09.19 03:11
Up in Minniapolis at a convention and I'm impressed with this town. Clean, well managed and proud Vikings. I'm enjoying some fall cool weather.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.09.19 04:56
Steve, is the big fire out yet that was sending smoke to Chicago and places, have fun!!!

Hi to everyone else, have a good day.

By evets On 2011.09.20 02:40
Bedge I have not heard about the fire I'll ask and get back to you.

Stay well everyone.

By Richard Guhl On 2011.09.21 10:43
Made it back home yesterday with a freezer full of meat. Next stop: The Barber Shop!!!

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.09.21 10:51
Good for you Rich ,sounds like a real cold long winter I hear the Indians are gathering lots of firewood.

By bzboril On 2011.09.22 10:16
Congrats Rich. We had a great bear hunt in the UP too. We had three Tags and we shot three bear. It was great to see three first time bear hunters fill their tags. Next year it will be our turn. It takes five years to get drawn for bear tags in MI. My fire wood is split and stacked waiting for the stove. Working on wood for the 2012 season now.

By bob sutherland On 2011.09.22 13:29
BZboril- congratulations on your successful bear hunt. Do you like bear meat? I am not especially found of it although sausages made from it are not so bad. Bob sutherland

By evets On 2011.09.23 01:55
How long where you out in the wilderness Richard?

Bob S what is it with bear meat a wild taste? I was at a wild life dinner in Three Oaks once and they had beaver and it had the worst after taste and strongest flavor i've ever had. They had moose and there was a long line and they ran out before I got some but it must have been good.

Bob Z what about bear what's it taste equal to?

By bzboril On 2011.09.23 08:56
I would have to say that there is NO "wild" taste to bear. It has the same texture and look as beef. It is just a bit sweeter. My wife and kids prefer it over venison. It makes very good jerky. I really haven' t found a way that I DONT like it. Happy FALL everyone. Bring on a good frost to kill these bugs.

By bob sutherland On 2011.09.23 13:35
evets- I think that bear meat has too much grease. To each his own. I am happy when ethical hunters are successful in getting food for the table. B0b Sutherland

By evets On 2011.09.24 03:47
Thanks for the feedback gentlemann

By Betty Stromer On 2011.09.26 04:55
Good Morning All
Where is everyone??????????????? Nothing new here, had a little drizzle for the bikers yesterday, so hope they all did ok, the police were at certain corners to guide them to their roads I guess.

I've never had bear meat either, did try alligator meat while in FL, ok, but tough. I do like Bison burgers tho.

Everyone stay well, Bedge

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.09.26 10:31
Had a mini reunion this weekend here in Ludville members of the class of "59". We had Paul and Judy Wolf, Linda (Lipscomb) and Quennie Lowe,Diane (Russ) and John Carpenter, Yvonne (Taskey) and Jim Hebert were present from NB and Mich City. We sat around and swapped tales about growing up during "Happy Days". I must say for a bunch of seventy year olds we still look pretty damn good. The weather held off til this AM so we got to walk on the beach and enjoy the new fall colors. Alas! summer's over and almost time to follow the Duck's and head South.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.09.26 11:32
How nice for you guys, glad you had a good time. Fun isn't it???

By evets On 2011.09.26 15:55
Old Quennie Lowe was always a gregarious jovial guy when I worked with him he and Tudor Webb always kept me laughing. Always playing practical jokes on me. We had a lot of fun

By bob sutherland On 2011.09.28 18:10
Bedge- I know pretty well where my 1948 classmates are. I sometimes go down memory lane and think of those in other classes like Marjorie Erickson from Harbert, Dolores Suida, Walter Hatton, Nancy and Dorothy Behr, John HaRTLEY. Do you if any of these people are still living? I imagine that most of my teachers are dead like Lloyd Fales, Pauline Peterson, Theta Harper Keun and so on. I hope that you are doing well. I know that you miss Dick. I got an email from the Joe Stromers the other day. Bob Sutherland

By Betty Stromer On 2011.09.29 15:09
HI Bob.
The Behr girls are both dead, Walter Hatton and Dolores Suida are both sick, I think D. S. is in a nursing home, John H. is still around, I don't know anything about Margorie, she was so nice, but I don't think she thought she was treated very nice in school, I always liked her, but she and David Kulin and Dwayne Bond have never wanted anything to do with our school as far as coming back for reunions, too bad, I guess there must have been bullying in our day too, but we didn't know about it too much then. I always tried to be nice to everyone. I remember Germaine Churan saying I was the first person to smile and say Hi to her when she moved here from Chicago. That made her feel welcome. Martha Kanger is also in a Nursing home. I'm glad you heard from Joe and Joan. Joe hasn't been feeling well and will need surgery soon for some rare thing he has. Darn, guess we are just at that age and never know how or when things will end.
I don't know anything about the teachers, but Jim does have the Memorial page, you can look all of them up on that, I have, wanted to see if he put
Dicks name on it, and he did.

By bob sutherland On 2011.09.29 16:38
Bedge- Tjanks for your reply. Yes, Marjorie Erickson was a nice person. In our class Alberta Smelser Jeanette Pawloski were never popular. In later classes Eugene Buckler was in that category. He lived here in the UP and commited suicide a few year ago. His brother Jack was a music instructor where Eugene lived. He died recently. When he was younger he played with Les Browns band of renoun. I remember that his mother Nellie played the piano for Mrs. Bartley's tap dancing class. I wonder if her daughter Martha Rose is still livin g? I am sorry that Joe is having medical problems again. Joan did not say anything about that im her recent email. Bob Sutherland

By Betty Stromer On 2011.09.30 05:07
BOB, Jenny Palowski is in a nursing home now, I knew Gene B. was dead but didn't know it was suicide, too bad, Jack was a good kid, I didn't know he played with Les Brown, Martha Rose is still living. Nellie and My Mom were great friends, I rememer her playiing here comes the bride at my little wedding shower in the Methodist church basement, LOL I don't know anything about Alberta, since I was in school. My so many yrs. ago.
The wind sure sounds angry outside, I haven't gone out yet, but plan to be blown away, there were warnings last night, but more above us, and we had some rain too. I did get the lawn mowed yesterday before the rain came.
Everyone have a great day, I don't plan on doing much except just sit around today.
I talked to Joe last night and he sounded quite good for a change, just waiting for appt. for surgery down in Indy. Maybe he just doesn't want people to know until its all over.

By bob sutherland On 2011.09.30 13:14
Thanks for your reply Bedge- We had 71 mph wind here last night. Bob Sutherland

By evets On 2011.10.02 02:45
we had our fall festival we call family day at work yesterday had about 800 people lot's of games prizes food all day long and plenty of music though it was windy you couldn't ask for better weather sunny and a high of 66.

The company that runs the event gives a portion of the proceeds to a local ROTC group and they bring in volenteer young people to run all the games and events we had 36 they were great kids well behaved and very polite you couldn't ask for better.

well get up have a hot cup of coffee and start this day out right meditating on the class of 1974............................I am.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.10.02 05:12
Morning All
46% out, I'm dressed and ready to go for mine at Mcds. I meditated already, but for different reasons, LOL Dicks been gone 8 months today, so of course thats where my mind is.
But I will go out to MDs and have a lot of laughs and get the day started. Wow, I have soooo many little twigs, branches etc. to pick up and should sweep off the driveway, I did a little yesterday, but pooped out. I need a MAN, LOL
Kids did take me out for a good fish fry Fri night and then we rode up to Hartford to see the new Four Winds, its very nice, but with the beautiful one we have here, its not worth the drive, altho the drive was beautiful, saw a double rainbow and took pics of it, and saw helicopters and police cars rushing down 94, I guess some fool decided the waves would be fun down at the beach and they had to rescue him. DUMB DUMB, and just puts the other people in harm trying to save him.
Ok, every one have a great day, Steve glad you had such a nice doings. stay well.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.10.02 07:00
Temps dropped to 36 this AM time to leave for the SW,the fall colors are out in full force still my most favorite season. What a sight to see Friday and yesterday 15 to 20 foot waves breaking over the breakwall and light house .

By Betty Stromer On 2011.10.02 08:22
Hi Again
My house thermometer must not work right, cause when I was riding to Mcds, the car said it 36 out,and another one on the way said 34 and people said B. Harbor was 31, so I don't know. It is a nice sunny day out tho, who ever is right, LOL
Yes, the waves were really high and fun to watch come over the harbor the other day. Our color is starting too, I will try to go to Gr.Rpds. later this month and hopefully will get to see some pretty color, hope it won't be gone already if yours is in full color now.
When are you coming thru town Pat??? I should have read back farther, I know you said you were heading back , but I can't remember just when.

By evets On 2011.10.03 00:50
This weather couldn't be any nicer just around the corner we will have snow. Isn't that exciting?

JP are you coming through Atlanta on your way back to AZ I have a few colors I want to GIVE you mainly black and blue.

Have a great day all

By Betty Stromer On 2011.10.03 04:40
Morning All
I'm up and at-em hope its going to be nice out. The sun isn't up yet, so I don't know.

I think you four "boys" Steve, Bro, Tom and Pat, should get together, go out for a couple of beers, I bet you'd have a ball. Lotsa Bull-Sh-- would be flying I bet, LOL Have a good day.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.10.03 08:16
Not really sure I'm up to being a referee in an UFC match!

By lisaT On 2011.10.05 06:04
Heyyyy all. had a bit of computer problems, but got that all cleaned up. seems I missed a whole thread!
I am afraid this weekend is our "Indian summer" following the first frost, so winter will be here soon. On the bright side, last year the squirrels were dropping acorns in july and it was a LONgGG winter, This year they didnt start dropping them till the middle of sept, so I can only hope the winter wont be as cold.

The Bison played the homecoming game last friday (I didnt know the game was on tho) we had school closing Friday because of the 60 mph winds knocked out the power at the school and the alert system said they would make a decision by 2 and then never called again,but I hear they won, so they have a 3 game streak going.

Have a good day all


By Betty Stromer On 2011.10.05 08:33
HI All,
Glad to have you back Lisa, and today is a beautiful day!!! I'm on my way to take my sister out for lunch, we don't get to see each other very often, but just talk on the phone every week.
The "boys" aren't on this morning, so everything seems quiet, LOL
Everyone have a great day and enjoy the nice weather.

By evets On 2011.10.05 16:31
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy are you ready to rumble?
You don't want none of this class of 74

JP remeber when the chips are down the buffalo is empty.

Bob aint right

By lisaT On 2011.10.06 13:19
It is beautiful out today and suppose to be like this all weekend. I need to find a truck so I can get some deck boards and re do my lower deck this weekend. Perfect weather for a project!

have a good one all


By evets On 2011.10.08 03:31
I would haul the boards for you Lisa if I was there but I'm taking stuff to the dump for my daughters this morning.

it has been beautiful here as well all week about 80.

have good one everybody

By bob sutherland On 2011.10.08 09:50
Evets- We have weather in the upper seventies and low eighties here way up north. The autumn leaves are past their prime but it is still beautiful. Bird hunters abound up here. I don't know if the ruffled grouse populations is abundant this year. Bear hunters are also here as well as salmon fishermen. I wish everyone a happy hunting season. The Church I served for almost 12 years are celebrating their 125th anniversary this year so I am involved in that. I hope that we have a good turnout. Since the early 1930s English has been spoken when God finally learned to understant English. Before that the languages were Swedish and Danish. I am glad that you are also having pleasant weather. People up here are happy that the Detroit Tigers, Milwaukee Brewers, GB Packers and Detroit Lions are doing well. Bob Sutherland

By evets On 2011.10.09 04:31
I hope the turnout is good to Bob and that the church stays strong right to the end of the age.
I'm also excited for the Tigers, Lions and Packers.
I like all the northern team and especially the Big ten.

Have a great day

By Betty Stromer On 2011.10.09 05:01
Morning All,
Just read your posts, Dick liked all the MI teams. Years ago , when I was a little girl, my cousin played for the Gr B.Packers for quite a few yrs. he weighed 305 lbs. and they called him Tiny Croft. I have pictures of the teams with their leather helmets they wore in those days.
I don't watch football, I watch golf its quieter and scenery beautiful. I don't like the noise.
I did get my lawn mowed again. LOL

By bob sutherland On 2011.10.09 20:32
Bedge- There is a lot of information about your cousin on his website. I typed GB Packers Tiny Croft and found there were several articles about him. Bob Sutherland

By evets On 2011.10.10 00:49
Wind, cold, subzero temperatures, drifting snow for days and days weeks and weeks months and months.

get ready

By Richard Guhl On 2011.10.10 10:31
No problem Steve. It's all happened before.

By lisaT On 2011.10.11 07:22
A few more good days until the rains hit here. I like this weather, i dont look forward to the snow. its then that I wonder why i came back here.

have a good one all


By Betty Stromer On 2011.10.11 08:06
Lisa where did you come back from?? you mean Germany when you were over there??
I have a big pile of limbs to burn, but afraid to do it alone, and kids are busy, so guess they will get wet with the rain, darn. Is there any MAN who would like to come over today and burn my pile of limbs, LOL
Everyone else have a good day.

By evets On 2011.10.14 00:33
Got a pretty good dose of rain that we've needed this week.

How has it been at your place?

Richard is it getting a little frosty out there?

i would love to come burn those limbs but i'm too far away so i'll send my man JP as he passes by going to warmer weather.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.10.14 04:59
Good Morning all

Its too late, no man came , but the rain did, so now the pile is all wet and it knocked more leaves down beside the big pile of limbs. LOL Its windy today

It will get done one day, but not by me!!!!!!!! I just do the front, not the back.

No exciting news to tell you, did goto lunch with friends yesterday and Sat, is the big Arts and Craft show at the schoo, so we usually see lotsa people there and have a snack in the cafeteria.

By evets On 2011.10.15 03:02
If you see anyone I know at the craft fair say hello for me?

By evets On 2011.10.16 04:32
Bedge who made most of the craft stuff vendors or home town folks?

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