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By jsmitch On 2011.11.16 16:41
Kenny Glossinger has passed away. If the name isn't immediately familiar -- he was one half of a legendary relationship: Kenny & George.


By evets On 2011.11.20 04:34
Your right Jim legendary as Paul Baxter the crossing gaurd.

By bzboril On 2011.11.21 16:51
RIP Kenny..As a Union Pier native I remember Kenny (with George) as the garbage men. They both worked for the company. I also remember him as a bouncer at the Wayside aka, the flin flon (sp) Later in life I recall both of them at Theo's Lanes. They both bowled on wed, night mens league. The last time I saw Kenny was at the bowling alley before he went to live with a relative in Indiana. It takes all kinds to make this crazy world of ours interesting. Kenny was one of those interesting individuals...