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By Betty Stromer On 2011.11.22 15:10
Guess I was the lucky winner. So I will start a new post, Yeah!!! Never won anything before, Thanks JIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone on here. Bedge

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.11.23 06:14
Happy Thanksgiving to you and let's get that ankle better so we can go dancing in the spring.

By bob sutherland On 2011.11.23 14:51
Bedge-hat did you win? Bob S.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.11.23 17:07
I was the last thread on the post and Jim locked it, so we had to start a new post. So Jim said I was the winner!!!! 15,000 posts, so he locked it.

By evets On 2011.11.24 03:58've always been a winner and it's fitting that you would be the 15,00th post.

I'm sure you don't have to heal up that much to go dancing with JP his fox trot is at a crawl these days.

Enjoy the day

Bedge by the way Bert is in the hospital. He's been in for 2 days now they were having trouble figuring out what was wrong. I think they may do gaul blatter surgury but not sure yet.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.11.24 09:44
OH Dear, what a time to be in the hospital. I hope he does ok, Gall bladder surgery is easy nowdays, they just go thru your navel and another little place and your home the next day. IF, thats all it is, I hope its not more serious.

Have a good day and don't eat too much turkey!!! My Pam is here, so she and I are having fun and then will be with the others later. she had a terrible trip from WI, took 5 1/2 hr drive [usually 4 hrs] especially past O'Hare, that was busy , then an accident in IN I sat here being worried about her!! Isn't that what MOTHERS are for, LOL

I could do the crawl with Pat, LOL

By Richard Guhl On 2011.11.24 12:48
No turkey murdered here. Caribou spaghetti and fresh king crab legs - and more snow!

By evets On 2011.11.25 07:28
How much have you got on the ground Richard?

Bedge glad your Pammy made it my daughter drove 14 hours to Oklahoma for the first time and I didn;t worry but kept up with her progress that may be the same thing.

JP should be able to do the crawl and it will be good practice when he comes crawling to the class of 74 begging for their acceptence and approval. Really we love JP but we like to see him squerm.

Richard I had some turkey yesterday eating out since it was just Pam and I for the first time and I didn't think it tasted very good but turkey even prepared at home doesn't have good flavor any more that Caribou spaghetti sounds good.

By bzboril On 2011.11.25 08:39
Happy late turkey day all..have a lot to be thankful this year...Our second grandchild was born 3 days ago...Ella Joyce Eberle. Ella had to have a heart procedure the day after she was born...All went well, my daughter is home and they are on their way to pick Ella up and bring her home. they are in Kings bay GA. My wife has been down there for a alone is very boring..and cooking for one person really sucks..Enjoy this 60 degree day...It will be a while before we see it again.

By bob sutherland On 2011.11.25 18:27
Bob Z Congratulations on your new grandchild. I am glad that it went OK. How was your hunting trip to the UP? My son shot a 4 point buck near Munising which is close to his home.. It has been very mild here in the UP/. Evets- Greet Bert from me. He is two years older than I. Hazel Shedd,s uncle Ray Crane who lived in Chicago was married to my mother,s first cousin Mable Skillman Crane.

By bzboril On 2011.11.26 07:42
thanks Bob S. We had a great trip to the up this year. We had 7 guys in camp and hung 4 bucks on the pole. One nice 8 pointer, a big fork horn, and 2 spikes. The weather was great. We all saw a lot of deer. Bob Cooks wife Norma gave us all a scare....she had a heart attack while they were in the hotel in Iron Mountain. Everything turned out OK...They took her to Green Bay, put a stint in and she was released two days later. She is home and doing good..I still have a tag to filll..I need to put some time in the woods..Some snow would really be nice...but the thermometer says 54. Oh well..I guess I will just have to watch some football.

By Richard Guhl On 2011.11.26 12:18
Steve: I'm at my daughter's place in Anchorage for Thanksgiving. Temps are right around ZERO with plus or minus 5 degrees day to night. The sun comes up around 10 am and goes down about 3:30 pm. Depending where you are, snow is 3 to 4 ft deep with much higher drifts in some areas. Luckily my daughter and I brought in 7 truck loads of firewood in August.

2 days ago we saw 6 different moose in her neighborhood just wandering around people's yards - totally safe inside the city limits.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.11.26 13:15
Hi Rich, My daughter also lives in Anchorage and she tells me that it's not unusual to see Moose wandering around all winter. They've become pests much like the Deer around Ludington.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.11.26 13:33
Just a note, Jim gave Bedge the prize for the15000 posting but did you know that four posters are responsible for over half of those postings. Thats right the"Fab Four" Bedge, Lisa,Steve,and yours truly.

By evets On 2011.11.27 05:45
Thank you for that recognition JP let's keep it going.

Bob. Z if you don't like cooking for 1 invite the Bates family over for some deer chili. Glad your grand baby and mom are ok. I only have one and she's special.

Bob S Pam says she remembers a mable Southerland in Hazel's china class was that a relation?

Richard......I wish I was stranded there with you and you could put me to work. If JP was there with us I could drive the both of you crazy haha

By Betty Stromer On 2011.11.27 11:29
Morning All
A dreary day out. Pam left this morning and is home ok, so thats good, we had a very nice Thanksgiving and good time with the other kids.

Today would have been our 65th I just played our song To Each His Own,
and had a few tears sitting here alone. Hadn't listened to it since the funeral, so a little hard, but I knew I had to do it.

I think Richard has a good sounding life in Alaska, lives off the land quite a bit, so sounds great to me. I envy him and wish I was younger and could have seen it all . Steve, you and JP should go up and visit him, bet you'd have a ball. JPs daughter lives up there somewhere, so he has probably seen it all.

Ok, you all have a good day.

By bob sutherland On 2011.11.27 15:22
evets- It wasn't Msble Sutherlan d. It was Mable Skillman Crane. Her husband waws Ray Crane brother of Bert,s graNDFATHER cRANE. They lived in Chicago. Pardon the typos. Bob Sutherland

By bob sutherland On 2011.11.27 15:24
Bob Z. I am glad that you had a successful hunting trip near Republic. Did you ever eat at the Summer Place in North Republic? They serve good food there. I am sorry about Norma's heart problem. I hope that she is better now. Bob Sutherland

By lisaT On 2011.11.27 17:16
Yayyyy I contributed! lol
It is getting cold here tonight and no warm up in sight! I am not nor will I ever be ready for snow, but I did hear we are 4 inches below normal and last year we had just a trace of snow in Nov and then 2 feet of snow in Dec. yuck. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner for four is like cooking for one, it really doesnt make sence, but thats what i did this year. Took hours to cook it all and 20 min to eat.''safe travels all


By evets On 2011.11.29 02:22
Lisa if it makes you feel better it snowed in Newnan Ga last night for just a few minutes and quit but it was snow.

Don't know if any of you watched the Michigan-Ohio State game last Saturday that was a good one.

If your going to cook for 4 hours Lisa just make extra and invite more people over they don't have to be related.

Bob S don't worry about the typos just stay well and keep it coming. Oh yea and quit giving Bob Z congrats on his hunting excurtions all he does is drink beer and then buy his venesin at Kroger he hunts in isle 5.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.11.29 06:22
Sounds like we all had a nice Thanksgiving, there was a lot to give thanks to.

Glad Norma Cook is doing ok, of course with Bob having heart problems, she is probably under a lot of stress and that didn't help. I will be playing pinochle with her sister Char tomorrow night.

Steve, we had a little snow here too and today is suppose to be a terrible day with rain and then snow. so far its just very windy!!! I'm off to Mcds.

No hunters in my family, except nephews, guess they got their share right here in NB don't have to go up north.

Bye for now, I"m off, [or just plain off, LOL]

By bob sutherland On 2011.11.29 13:33
Bedge- Who was the singer who sang To Each His Own? I remember playing it on the piano when it was popular around 1945-1946. I haven't thought of that sone for many years. I remember that Old Buttermilk Sky and the Whippenpoof Song were also popular at that time as a song about the charms of LInda. Bob Sutherland

By whamann On 2011.11.29 14:55
The Modernairs and and Ink Spots both reached the number one spot with recordings of "To Each His Own" in the 1940's -

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.11.29 17:40
I know you guys are older than dirt at 70 even I don't remember those songs how about " how much is that doggy in the window" on your hit parade. With Snooki Lanson and Dorthy McGuire Bedge Did you mean dit do wadium,waduim do and they swam and swam over the dam.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.11.29 17:42
The copy I have is by Tony Martin, but it was also sung by someone Howard or something like that.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.11.29 17:43
What about Apple Pan Dowdy or Three little Fishes, LOL

By evets On 2011.11.30 02:46
How about Inagodadavida by Iron Butterfly

or Tiny Bubbles by Don Hoe

or "Oh Darn I missed another one" by Bob Z

or "Lord it's hard to be humble" by JP

or Everything is tikitee Voo by Danny Kay

to name a few

By bzboril On 2011.11.30 11:34
Or the forever popular "steve got run over by a reindeer" or maybe "Steves chestnuts roasting on an open fire" LOL

By bob sutherland On 2011.11.30 19:24
I remember the song How Much Is That Doggy In The Window? Also Mairsy doats, Hut sut ralston in the rivera and a bralla bralla suet. Does eat oats and little lams eat ivy a kiddily diva doo diva doo. torra lorra llorra. Pardon the grammar and spelling. There was also a song A tisket a tasket in a green and hello basket. Perhaps I got these lyrics all mixed up. However despite their oddity they are remembered by my generation. I am 81 years old. Bob Sujtherland


By evets On 2011.12.01 03:50
Bob S those songs and you are timless. Though I don't sing those songs I do recognize them all.

Bob Z.........your proud of your self aren't you? You Funny man

they're passing the deer meat around here in Ga. sounds like everyone here is having a good hunting season.

Come on down here Bob Z and I'll site that rifle in for you.......Hee hee

By lisaT On 2011.12.01 12:12
No deer here, PA and Kevin have to find another place to go hunting, they dont have any luck where they have gone for 10 years or so.

No snow here either, I havent seen any yet, but sounds like ill be riding my bike in it when I go back to work monday.

By evets On 2011.12.02 02:32
Heavy frost on the pumpkin in Hotlanta

By evets On 2011.12.04 04:35
Well MSU got beat in a great gridiron battle.
Reminded me of the class of 74 oh what a team. It wasn't so much that they won a lot of games but what swagger what moxy what a super group of guys that came out of the greatest class of all time.
It's about time someone said it.

By bob sutherland On 2011.12.05 17:20
Evets- When is the class of 1974 going to erect a bronze plaque in the halls of NBHS if their class was so wonderful? What was so special about that class? Of course it came 95 years after the first graduating class of 1879. Bob Sutherland

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.12.06 11:25
Steve!we all think your a nice guy but this obsession with the class of 74 has some how caused you to be stricken with the Peter Pan syndrome. I'm sure myself and many other members of this forum will gladly contribute to a get well fund if you promise to seek help!

By evets On 2011.12.07 02:40
rain rain rain but shirt sleeve temperatures

JP in the mail yesterday there was an invitation to the all school adressed only to Pam do you think they're trying to tell me something.

When I show up at the all school you'll all be convinced that everything I say about the class of 74 dosen't scratch the surface of just how great we are even 95 years after Bob S got out of the very first class climbed in the seat of his buck board and said giddy up.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.12.07 08:04
Steve at this stage of the game I'm not quite ready to plunk down $80 for a meal that I can't eat. They tell me that they have to use the same caterers that they used last time at the Orrick temple . Myself and quite a few others that I surveyed found the mystery meat totally un-eatable . I was told by the organizing committee that the $40 per person was to cover tips for wait staff ,bartenders,food,hall rent and a disc jockey and in order to rent the hall they had to use their caterers. I can live without the DJ as it's usually so dam loud that I can't hear across the table. Id be happy with a hamburger and a beer as I come for the chance to renew and revisit old friendships . I've had my rant and I guess I can take most of the flack that will ensue.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.12.07 08:18
I haven't been to the last couple, so don't know too much about them. why would they use the same caterers if the food wasn't good??? strange. Yes, that is a lot of $$ for me too, but I will see if I feel like going this year., Dick was sick last time. If some of my friends go , maybe I will. who knows??? Thats a lot for a couple to pay, especially with the economy like it is.

By evets On 2011.12.08 02:42
I full well understand JP for that kind of money and what your going for it ought to be a plesent experience that makes you want to come back.

Burger and a Pepsi at McDs at 0900 with the right people would be a good experience also.

I've never been so I may go and we didn't have our 35th year before last and I hated that.

either way I'll be here on the web to put a little pizaz in your mundane meager life.

By evets On 2011.12.09 17:38
-1 tonight at Iron Mountain what's in your wallet

By bob sutherland On 2011.12.09 19:41
evets-My son who works at the iron mine said that it was four below this morning at 7am at the mine parking lot in Palmer ten miles south of there I live. It was four above in Ishpeming three miles from where I live. What was the lowest temperature in GA where you live? Muzzle load hunting now is going on here in the UP. Bob S.

By evets On 2011.12.12 02:35
Today you will all rise out of bed and hopefully have a plan of activity for the day how about sharing that with me? How is your time managment?

Bob Z
Bob S

Bob S it's gotten down in the low 30s. it's probably upper 30s to around 40 this morning. a lady outside taking a smoke break asked me where my coat was but I told her I didn't think it was too bad out......that's the Michigan in me.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.12.12 06:01
Bed made
Showerd and dressed
Reading E-mails
Getting ready to head out to Mcds.
Going to do Xmas cards and wash hair when I get back and maybe wrap gifts.
Make chili for supper
Hopefully someone will call and visit, or its just the TV and Me, LOL
Have a good day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By bzboril On 2011.12.12 11:34
Bob S. We don't get out to eat very often when we are at Camp. We plan all our meals and bring everything with us to eat and drink.
Steve...SOS up at 6 work by 7...home 4 ish..(if I'm not working on next years wood pile). Dinner with my beautiful wife..throw some wood in stove for the evening. Maybe a Budwiser or 2..A little TV, then bed time. Exciting isn't it. I still have 2 tags left...I might have to go out in the back and try to fill one...It just isn't the same hunting in your back yard.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.12.12 15:36
Life in retirement is really pretty tough up at 0730 or there abouts ,have coffee ,play with the puter for an hour check the obits to make sure that I didn't die during the night,0830 or 0900 have my eggs and whatever meat product is in the fridge,1015 go to the post office to collect the bills, 1230 have lite lunch to keep my teenage physique,1300 to1400 power nap 1400 to 1730 rest up for dinner 1830 dinner,1900 have a once.or so of a good brandy or maybe a little Irish . Watch the Tube til 2200 or later if there is good movie on,crash and burn and start all over again the next day.I know it's a hard life but you kinda get used to it.

By Richard Guhl On 2011.12.13 11:35
Up at 6:30
Cup of coffee #1.
Walk the dog 2-3 miles.
Cup of coffee #2
Bowl of cherrios (yuk!)
Take packages to the P.O.
Move firewood from back yard to deck on the front of the house.
Continue hanging Christmas lights on house exterior.
Another cup of coffee while reading evening newspaper.
Order out for pizza to be delivered.
Watch Monday Night Football
Watch 10 pm Alaska News on TV.
Go to bed.

By bob sutherland On 2011.12.13 17:07
Had an ultra-sound on my carotted{sp} arteries which were normal . Practiced for my jazz piano lessons. Did exercises to ease vertigo. Searched website and email for messages. Read devotions and prayed. Took care of my dog. Had coffee with my buddies at Burger King. Attended a Lion's Club meeting. Attended a HS hockey game. Phoned my woman friend. Read part of a novel. Ate at subway. Bob Sutherland

By evets On 2011.12.14 02:29
Well I'm glad to see everyone has a day full of activity and not just sitting around turning into a veggie burger.

Bob s..............A Woman friend?...................Good for you!

Bedge I hope you had a visitor to spend the evening with and if not something good on TV with a good hot bowl of chili.

Richard would you mind taking on JP as his personal trainer I'm not quite satisfied with his daily regimen.

Bob Z don't even think of slowing down.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.12.14 08:35
By the way I already have my Christmas lights up {both of them}

By Betty Stromer On 2011.12.14 11:35
Thats funny Pat, did you see the one on PC, the one house is all lit up all over the place and the 2nd house the lights say, DITTO, LOL

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