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By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.12.28 19:20
See Steve, you could with very little effort screw up a Chinese fire drill. Anyway with the New Year rapidly approaching let me be the first wish all active and former active members of this forum The best of the best for the coming year. JPT

By Richard Guhl On 2011.12.28 23:09
Thanks JPT for telling it like it really is (or was?)!

By Betty Stromer On 2011.12.29 05:57
Happy Happy, stay safe New Year to you all.

By evets On 2011.12.29 06:21
JP, Richard annd Bedge I am looking forward to 2012 and the opportunity to use the A C T acronym
A aproach

C convince

T thank

I will aproach you and convincee you that 1974 is not a curse but a blessing.

Thank you for loving the class of 74 as we all do.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.12.29 13:24
Steve , for a New Year's resolution repeat after me I will not forget to take my medication and always remember that the years preceding 1974 and following to the present are nothing but history good bad or indifferent.

By evets On 2011.12.29 14:02
JP of course they are history i don't dispute that 1974 doesn't take away from that fact it just establishes the year and class that gave validation to all the others. I do resent your corrupting Jim though he used to be the nice webmaster.

Suck it up, quit whining and jump on the 1974 band wagon.

bedge were you and Bert in 9th grade in the 1944 film clip? toward the end it looks like Bert sitting next who Pam believes might be Mr. Stone.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.12.29 19:48
Hi, I wasn't in Berts class, he was a grade ahead of me, I only found myself running out of the elementary school once and in the band playing the trumpet in the Jr. band, couldn't find myself in the Sr. band, altho I was there. and Dick was in the Jr. play in a blue jacket, guess he was the thief, I never knew he was even in a play.
If your talking about Jack Stone, he didn't go to school here, he went to MICity school.

By evets On 2011.12.30 04:10
thanks Bedge and have a great day

By evets On 2011.12.30 04:14
Well how about sharing with old Stevie your plans for bringing in the new year.

Who wants to go first?

By Betty Stromer On 2011.12.30 05:59
Well , lets see, HMMMMM I probably will be in bed, alone, LOL sometimes I watch the ball come down, but there will not be any Big party like we use to have at your age. WOW, did we have the greatest parties!! Good memories, I hope you all have fun and the New Year will be better than this last one was.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.12.30 07:50
I guess it'll be much the same for us as we get older we tend to change our regiments substantially i.e. earlier to bed and not quite as much to drink on New Year's Eve because when you get older hangovers are much harder to live with. It was somewhat chilly here right after Christmas but it's warmed up into the 70s almost 80 yesterday. And like Bedge said let's hope that this next year is much better than the last.

By gloriapeterson On 2011.12.30 11:54
Everyone have a great New year,I don't say much,but I look in everyday.Everyone be blessed.Gloria

By bob sutherland On 2011.12.30 20:39
I will be home on New Years Eve. I probably will stay up for the ball to drop. Our local TV stations has two pictures of the ball dropping one in Marquette and the other in New York. Earlier in the late afternoon I will drive my daughter to the airport to fly back to Boston.Being a U of WI graduate she will naturally watch the Rose Bowl. On New Years day she being Packer fan will listen to the Packer Lions Football game. I wish all a happy and healthy New Year. Bob Sutherland

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2011.12.31 17:08
Happy New Year 5:05 PM from the beautiful desert Southwest of Tucson Arizona present temperature is 77 with with clear skies. Here's wishing everyone the best of the best for the coming year, that even includes you Steve.

By Betty Stromer On 2011.12.31 19:20
I went to the Casino with couple of gal friends this morning after Mcds. then came home and took down all my Xmas stuff, tonight just sitting and watching TV, I,ll be in bed soon. Happy New Year.
Guess we are suppose to have a snowstorm starting tomorrow, up to 6 in. so Pat, enjoy your nice warm weather,

By evets On 2012.01.01 04:52
Happy New Year my friends it's 2012 and guess what 1974 was still the greatest class of all time Whoo Hoo.

I hope You will reflect on that as you nurse your hangover with a hot cup of Folgers sitting by a roaring morning fire looking out your window admiring a snow covered lanscape. That would be a desert lanscape for you Pat so just close your eyes and pretend.

Happy New Year people and I pray it's a wonderful year for all of you and that We are able to spend it right here together through this web site every day. Stay healthy my friends even you JP.

By evets On 2012.01.04 02:34
Well everyone should be well over their hangover so lets get back to buisiness and start the 2012 discussion on the greatest graduating class of all time. you know the one I'm talking about don't you?

By Betty Stromer On 2012.01.05 11:33
Happy day everone.
Well, my car was just towed away, boo hoo, its hell not having a car to jump into. But my friend picked me up to go to Mcds and now to Wendys for lunch. Thank God for friends, right???
Hope this isn't going to be the way the N.Yr. will be all year. It is a very beautiful day out tho, sun is shining and actually 58 out, so can't beat that for Jan. We've been so lucky, missed that terrible snow storm, So.Bend got about 8 in.

By lisaT On 2012.01.05 14:17
On New Years eve I was thinking of all the parties my parents had back in the day, they had some good ones! No one parties like the cops haha.
I did see the ball drop this year, usually Im asleep by then, but this year I stayed up to see Dick Clark. It just wouldnt be the same without him there. And what was up with Lady Gaga dressing like a grape? ha

Happy New Year allstay safe and keep your powder dry


By evets On 2012.01.06 02:52
What's wrong with the car Bedge?

Lisa......What powder?

JP..........She may be refering the powder for your nose. You know "so go powder puff that pretty nose and go out into the world were the wild wind blows"

ahhhhhhh 1974 aint it grand!

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.01.06 07:44
Gee Steve,I hope you're not referring to nose candy, I was on the scene in the military before the days of sex drugs and rock 'n roll. Sounds like a very unusual year for weather in Michigan and in New Buffalo in particular, hardly any snow to speak of. Bedge, I hope your car gets fixed fast as it's really tough to be without wheels. Everyone have a great day and 0h By the Way Happy New Year. J PT

By Betty Stromer On 2012.01.06 08:55
Nice sunny day out today, my car is suppose to be fixed by this afternoon and my son Dave will take me to pick it up. Something about the throttle, I don't know. Must be why it was so loud and revved up when I started it.
Two deaths today, Lee Stranard, hubby was Louie. and Sophie Wesolowski, don't know her married name. Lee was 96 and Sophie going to be 88, I think if we all live that long we have had good lives. Sad for families to lose their loved ones tho. So that was the Mcds news for the day.
Stay well everyone, enjoy each day, I love hearing from all of you.

By evets On 2012.01.07 06:13
JP.....I thought nose candy was when you picked your own nose and ate it. You learn something all the time when you hang out with this crowed of generational differences.

Bedge who did the work on your car Roger L or Mike S?

By Betty Stromer On 2012.01.07 06:21
I took it back to the place I bought it from, Grandsons wife works in that dept. and took care of everything from the towing to the part and warranty.
Drives good now, it did before tho, happened all after I had gone to the Dr and sitting in the garage during the night, LOL Must have little demons in my garage!!

I never heard of nose candy???? what is that. Of Course at my age I haven't heard of a lot of words or things that went on, ````````maybe a good thing.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.01.09 09:00
Steve! out in this part of the world Cocaine is known as Nose candy.

By bob sutherland On 2012.01.09 17:37
Bedge- Was the Wesoloski woman that died related to the Wesoloski that married one of the Fleck boys who lived near Redamks restaurant? Lee Stranad folks the Arnold Kruegers used to live next door to my folks on Barker St. They also lived near where June Hahn Richter grew up. How is Joe Stromer doing? I enjoy reading news from NB even though I haven.t spent much time there since 1948. I always remember how well you played either the trumpet of cornet. My niece tells me that her cousin Audrey Snyder has moved back to the Ludington area. There was also an Audrey Snyder on the Maudlin road who was married to an Oman from Springfield Twp; Indiana. Bob Sutherland

By evets On 2012.01.10 03:06
Bob S I hope my memory is as sharp as yours when I get to be your age.

Heck I can't hardly remember what JP said yesterday but then I don't try to remember. lol

By Betty Stromer On 2012.01.10 06:08
Joan Wesolowski married a Fleck, this was her older sister Sophie that died.
I rememember going to birthday parties at Audrey S. house, my follks were friends of her parents. The other Audrey S. was my sister Audreys friend when we lived out on the farm and the Hacker girls lived there and we all played together.
Bill and Louie were step brothers, Lee had a house behind Tooter and Sandy Webb now and they watched out for her so nice plus a lot of other friends. She was a nice lady. worked at the library for years, so knew a lot of people.
Joe is hanging in there, not comfortable at all, I don't see him too much, but we talk on the phone and she and I use the PC
My sister Audrey was 85 Sun. so I went and took her a gift and visited yesterday plus I had a CD of all our "old" relatives, Butch Hamann had made it up for me and its so nice to have. then Joe's son added the Stromer part to it that he had, so its a nice collection, I had them make it for our 4 kids,
Steve, BOB use to know "everyones" birthdates and phone #s when we were in school, don't know if he still does or not.
Ok, Hey car is fixed and Rusty G. came and put in new floors for my bath and kitchen yesterday, he and his son. good job Rusty, I love them. Thanks!

By bzboril On 2012.01.10 08:47
Time sure does fly. I think it has been 15 years since my mother in law ( Joan Fleck) passed away. Father in law (Joe Fleck) is still doing great. Had knee replacement last year. He still looks the same, to me, as he did 27 years ago when I married his daughter.. Enjoy another 50 degree day...looks like the lake effect machine might be cranking up later this week. This weather sure does suck for rabbit hunting. They are very hard to find without snow on the ground...Coyotes are really keeping the populations in check too. Later all

74 is just a bad memory...77 and proud.

Hey Bob....How much snow cover UP there in Gods Country?

By bob sutherland On 2012.01.10 11:27
Bedge and Bob Z- Thanks for your replies. Yes I still have a good memory but am not as sharp as I used to be. It is funny the things I remember but can't remember a grocery list or forget it at home when I do go to the store. Senior moments! Sofar we have a had a mild winter here in the UP. Temperatures have been inm the thirties and forties. There is just enough snow for skiing and snowmachine riding. There are ice fishing here in Negaunee on Teal Lake. People are rabbit hunting a lot. It is going to be very cold and windy this coming Thursday and Friday. Have a good and adventurous New Year. I am sorry that jOE IS NOT FEELING THE BEST. Pardon the typos. Bob Sutherland

By bob sutherland On 2012.01.10 12:00
Bedge-i remember Marjorie Hacker. Their house and the Best house(crosby farm burned down on the same day so that part of the Maudlin Rd. was a busy place that morning. I also remember your family, Harry Ahrens, Irving and Edna Stuck, and the Joyals who lived nearby. I remember Mrs. Renkawitz was a Joyal. Is her son still living. He would be about a hundred is he is. My sister Ruth's daughter lives in AZ. She is their only child that is still living. Howard Snyder died last year at the age of 103. I think that I told you that before. Bob Sutherland

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.01.10 18:09
Bob S. I remember your Mom Ida wrote a column for the NB times about Union Pier back in the 50s when I worked in the Romells basement folding papers for the princely sum of .24 cents an hour. Actually it beat delivering the Chicago daily news rain or shine or snow 65 papers for $4.10 a week. But come to think of it Mr Cole at the sport shop let me buy a Mosberg 12 Ga . shotgun (which I still own) on lay-a-way for almost a year. Hard to believe in this day and time when kids today want things yesterday!!

By Betty Stromer On 2012.01.10 19:17
I heard that Betty Turner died when I was at Mcds this morning, don't know any details, I know she has been in a Nursing home near where one of the girls lived quite awhile ago, but thats all I know.

By bob sutherland On 2012.01.10 19:24
Joee- Yes my mother Alda wrote the news or sometimes gossip column for the NBTimes for about 25 years. If people went shopping in Michigan
City or LaPorte it was printed. I remember that there was ongoing news about the NOrman Bell family which was like a soap opera. It the Bell family wasn't in the news that week people asked what happened to them.

By evets On 2012.01.11 03:04
When people aren't on this post we ask about them.

Joe....24 cents an hour you were no doubt over compensated for low productivity but had you been from the class of 74 the novalty alone would be worth the price of admition.

Bedge I hate to hear that about Mrs. Turner

Bob Z........................1974 Rocks.................1977 who?

George Aldredge used to get plenty of rabbit pulling back the switch heater shields in the winter.

By lisaT On 2012.01.11 08:04
welllll I went to the boys basketball game Monday, I didnt know Randy was coaching, Nice Job Randy! Was kind of surprised at the crowd tho, there were maybe 50 people there, use to be if you didnt get there early you didnt get a seat.

We are expecting another lake effect snow tomorrow thru the weekend, we will see if we get any, I keep telling myself one more day without snow is one day closer to spring. it has been so nice so far.

i dont know steve, my dad always use to say that lol

have a great day all


By evets On 2012.01.12 03:29
Lisa....why such low turnout?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.01.12 06:53
Steve! It was 1974 alumni recognition night!

By evets On 2012.01.13 02:45
JP.........How do you sleep at night? That is just awful talk lambasting the class that put NB on the map that has lifted this small harbor town out the ashes of obscurity and made it the envy of all the world.

Now please have Diane wash that mouth out with soap and then repeat after me 1000 times.............."I love the class of 1974 and everyone in it and especially my bestest buddy Stevie"

If you would like you can get Bob Z and Richard on a conference call and do it together as a trio.

I really believe the two Bobs start their day out with it anyway.

It's like sweet nector to the ears.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.01.13 06:19
Steve! you should take that as a complement at least 50 showed up. The downside was the fact that 49 of them showed up to root for the opposition.

By lisaT On 2012.01.13 10:28
HaHa JP you are being mean!
Bedge, take care of Jp please!
I didnt hear about betty Turner, thats too bad.
We had enough snow to get our first snow day, and they are saying more storms Mon and tues, whooo hooo maybe another!

take care all


By evets On 2012.01.15 04:19
To use the word of Mr Magoo "oh JP you've done it again" A good phisic would do you wonders. :)

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.01.15 12:02
Sonny Boy! watch out for us old farts because we are sly ,cunning, and bear considerable watching.

By evets On 2012.01.18 07:38
And I'm just the guy to look after you JP I've got my good eye on you and I take a peek over towrd Richard often.

By evets On 2012.01.20 16:53
Hows things in never never land Peter? Be careful of captain hook I hear he lives in Arizona in the winter.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.01.20 18:22
Unfortunately Steve this is the desert no crocodiles,no swamp , Captain. Hook would feel out of place with the cowboys and Indians..

By evets On 2012.01.21 03:53
Oh contrare my good man

May be it wasn't captain hook i was thinking was in Arizona maybe it was Tinker Bell

Bob Z hows the hunting making out any good? seems like the weather is a bit fickle for the hunting season. But then so is the hunter. :)

By bzboril On 2012.01.21 09:41
Steve, now that deer season is over, I have 8 deer almost every night on my trail camera. They really seem to like the grass underneath the snow. I am up to 6 rabbits I need 8 or so to make and OLD family recipe that my grandmother made. I have the whole family over for a rabbit fest. It is a Chez variation of hosenfefer. Served with sour cream gravy and dumplings. Good stuff. Saw a nice fat Mink this morning. He was trying his best to get into a muskrat hutch. With another 6 inches of fresh snow this morning, I am sure the animals will be out searching for bare ground. Had 6 pheasants in a cut bean field behind the house yesterday before the snow started piling up. I think Winter is here to stay for a couple more months. It's about time....As for fickle....I've got your fickle right here. Stay warm. Class of 77, 35 year reunion is in planning stages.

By Betty Stromer On 2012.01.23 16:56
Steve, hope you are ok and not in any of those storms down there last night.
Hi to everyone else, have a good night.

By evets On 2012.01.24 01:47
Bedge I got several calls asking about our situation after the storms. We could see all the red in the radar around our town and my daughter heard the sirens go off but at my house it just rained real hard for quite a while but the wind never picked up. i asked others if they had seen any tornado damage any where and they said no. So God was good cause it was all around us.

Bob Z if you need planning ideas for that class reunion may I suggest making known that at least 1 1974 grad is going to crash the reunion and you'll no doubt double the atendance and may even draw croweds from the surounding tri-state area if not a few dignitaries from Ludville, Arizona and Sitka. Bob S might even slide down from the UP to catch a glimps.

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