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By Pat Darrall On 2012.01.17 17:15
Mrs. Baney passed away in her sleep Jan. 16, 2012.

By whamann On 2012.01.17 17:34
Sorry to hear the sad news on Mrs. Baney - She and Ed were two of my favorite teachers -

By Richard Guhl On 2012.01.17 18:06
I remember Ed being pretty unconventional in his teaching methods - particularly as the Driver's Training Instructor! On the other hand, what he taught stuck.

By jsmitch On 2012.01.19 07:22
I didn't have Helen for any classes but she shared Ed with those of us inclined to occupy his time with our wild-eye scientific theories. Combined, their teaching spoke volumes of the values at NBHS.

More memories are being shared @ the Alumni FB Page.


By Plato Bibbs On 2012.02.23 12:06
Mr. & Mrs. Baney were my neighbors during my school years at good old NBHS and how I remember them.. In school, Mr. Baney was one of the most distant people I knew and I did not enjoy his company whatsoever. At home, around the Sunset Shores community he was the most caring and friendly people one could hope to know. He would jump in and help a neighbor with just about anything right down to measuring out just how much black dirt was needed to cover their existing yard and just how much lumber would be required to build that fence around the yard. Albeit, Mr. Baney would offer up equations that nobody, and I mean nobody, understood but in the final analysis, he was spot on. He was a pleasant man.

Mrs. Baney while quiet in school, was the Alpha around the home! She was quiet there as well but she managed to get her point across quite effectively with "Edgar". They were such nice people and the world, certainly the miniscule part of it that New Buffalo occupies, will be the less without them. They were good people and anyone who ever had classes from them will attest, they got their point across and to this day we know just how much and how important they were to us. May you both rest in peace.

By Richard Guhl On 2012.02.23 23:26
How many years ago was the first time I heard the name "Plato Bibbs" Jim??? If you remember, I delivered the News Dispatch to your house and the Baney's

I'm headed down to California next week to be part of my mother's 90th Birthday Party. I'll tell her you're still up and kicking.

By Betty Stromer On 2012.02.24 08:55
Wish her a Happy Birthday from me Richard, I remember going to your house once years ago, and I mean like 60+, LOL She probably doesn't even remember its been so long ago. Your Dad and my Dad were friends and use to hunt together with the Siebenmarks , Fred was my Uncle, and we called Bill Uncle too, even tho he wasn't. My Dad and Della Siebenmark were brother and sister. Have fun in CA Bedge