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By bzboril On 2012.02.18 10:50
We are having a meeting on March 8th, 6:00 pm. at Redamaks. Trying to set up a 35th reunion. Any and all are welcome to come out and give us a hand. Hope to see you there.

By evets On 2012.02.19 06:37
Did you say any and all? You have seen the party crashers haven't you?

By Dave K On 2012.07.07 16:13
Hey Bob- How many classmates have RSVP'd to come to the reunion later this month?

By bzboril On 2012.07.09 07:53
Hey Dave, that's a good question LOL... We only have 30 some CONFIRMED..But a lot more that say they will be there. We have another meeting tonight to get some more stuff finalized. We are hoping for around 50 people. See you on the 28th.