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By john.herrbach On 2012.02.26 06:34
We are looking for any NBHS graduate that is 100 years old or older, to be mentioned during the reunion program. Please notify John Herrbach ( or 517-321-7782) if you know of any NBHS Centenarians.

By bob sutherland On 2012.02.26 18:15
John- My brother-in-law Howard Snyder died recently at the age of 103. Before his death he was the oldest living graduate of NBHS graduating in the class of 1927. Pastor BobSutherland

By john.herrbach On 2012.02.26 19:26
Thanks. Can you send me the date of his passing, please.

By bob sutherland On 2012.02.27 14:39
I will call my niece ato get Howard Snyder's death date and email you back. Bob Sutherland

By bob sutherland On 2012.03.12 17:57
Ny brother-in-law Howard Snyder Class of 1927 died at the age of 103 on July 19, 2011 at Fountain Hills, AZ. I thought that he was the oldest alumnus of NBHS. I see that another graduate of his era Gladys Guhl died in Galien at the age of 103. I don't know if she like Howard was in the class of 1927. Bob Sutherland

By john.herrbach On 2012.03.24 12:07
Thanks for the info.

By evets On 2012.03.27 02:01
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