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By lisaT On 2012.06.08 08:42
Well I didnt find a reply button so I started a new one.

i mowed the back yard too Bedge, but left the front for the weekend/ I also have to [paint the bathroom this weekend, and I'm with you on cooking and cleaning, doesnt seem worth it for one person.

well have to get something done before McKennah gets here, have a good day all


By evets On 2012.06.10 05:16
Cut down 7 trees in the front yard that where in my opinion too close to the house and the roots where pushing the sidewalk up not to mention constant cleaning of the gutters.
A young friend of ours with a young helper and an old home owner we worked pretty well together. the trees where any were from 60 to 70 feet high. I tell you those two like to work. climbing up in the trees cutting limbs then cutting the top portions off coming down and cutting the limbs and piling them up, cutting logs and rolling them together for loading. they worked their butts off.

now we chip, load and clean up. I'll have to stump grind myself. Since we've lived here on this acre we peobably have cut over 60 trees down and still have plenty in my opinion.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.06.10 10:55
WELL! it's about time you did some thing constructive >

By evets On 2012.06.12 16:06
MY my my I can feel the love

By Betty Stromer On 2012.06.12 18:30
The deer ate all my day lillies plus the more expensive ones I was waiting to blossom out, so I never got to see them at all. And it also walked in my fresh black dirt that had been seeded and I've been watering. Darn!!!!

By evets On 2012.06.13 02:13
Flag Day Speech for Active Duty, Veterans and their Families
Prepared by: LTJG Sarah Blansett, June 4, 2004

Thank you. It is a great honor to speak to you on this very special Flag Day. To all of those who currently wear the uniform, to those who wore it in years past and to all the family members who have been there to support our sailors, soldiers and Marines—thank you for your service to this country.

For so many years this day has gone relatively unnoticed; celebrated mainly by military, veterans and families like you who know the meaning of service and have fought for what our flag represents. Today as we wage a global war on terrorism and watch as our flag is burned, and destroyed by our enemies we can perhaps appreciate even more the freedom this symbol represents.

The legendary American Author O. Henry once wrote, "You can't appreciate home till you've left it, money till it's spent, nor Old Glory till you see it hanging on a broomstick on the shanty of a consul in a foreign town."
Three years ago when our nation was attacked by terrorists, Americans rushed to display the colors on their homes, cars and office buildings. In fact, in September of the year 2000 WalMart sold only 6400 flags. In September of 2001 they sold 116,000.

The flag has flown high over celebrations, and been lowered to half mast in reverence for the dead. School children begin their day by facing the flag and reciting their pledge to our country. And everyday on American bases and posts all around the world, our men and women in uniform stop what they are doing twice a day while the colors are raised in the morning and lowered in the evening. For those who have gone to war, serve in the military or are a military family: that simple piece of fabric means home and safety and freedom, no matter where it flies.

There will always be those, even here in our country that burn the flag or destroy it in order to show their defiance. But the reality is they are simply underscoring the very meaning of our flag—Freedom. Freedom to speak, to act, to write and to think.

Today, the three colors of red, white and blue serve to represent a nation filled with racial, religious and political diversity. And it remains, as it always will, a testament to the fortitude and vision of our founding fathers. So as we gather to salute this symbol of our way of life, let's remember the many man and women who have fought and died for it. Let's pay tribute to all of you out there who served or are serving under its banner. And today, let's dedicate ourselves to never taking for granted that this piece of material is delicate, just like the freedom we hold so dear.

I ask everyone here to re-commit to displaying, maintaining and retiring the flag in the appropriate ways. I ask you to teach the younger generations that respect for the flag is more than just reverence for a piece of material—it is appreciation for our way of life and for the sacrifices of so many who have fought and died to preserve it. Just because our flag has flown for over two hundred years does not mean it can't be devalued or forgotten in a fraction of that time. It's our job as Americans to preserve, protect and promote our flag. Thank you for being up to the job and for helping to celebrate this truly inspirational symbol of our great country. Thank you.

By evets On 2012.06.14 00:49
Have a great day good people.......................yes that means you too JP

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.06.14 06:18
My aren't you just precious !!!

By evets On 2012.06.15 00:52
Why thank you JP for thinking so and saying's so unlike you :)

Well happy Flag Day.........................Happy Fathers Day to you dads out there.

By Betty Stromer On 2012.06.15 04:56
Good Morning All
I'm watering yet, since we didn't get any rain, sure could use some.

Happy Fathers Day guys, have a good day. Enjoy!!!!

By evets On 2012.06.17 06:00
Happy Fathers Day Dads
I hope its made special for you

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.06.18 05:13
We finally got some rain Saturday afternoon and a nice one this AM things were really turning brown around here

By Betty Stromer On 2012.06.18 08:01
Morning all,
We got rain and a lot of hail yesterday, and more rain last night, so things are looking up!!!
I hope all you Dads out there had a nice day yesterday.
Pat, it was so nice to see you and Diane the other day, plus my HUG of course, I don't get many of them, LOL How was Ryans, good food I hope and nice visiting with old friends.
Pam came from WI Fri, and traffic was terrible by OHare, plus couple small accidents, so took her over 5 hrs. instead of under 4 to get here, but we had a very nice time. She went home Sun Morn, and that was easy and no traffic. Guess you have to pick and choose what hrs. to drive thru the big cities.
Ok, everyone have a great day.

By evets On 2012.06.19 01:24
People ask me when is the best time to get avoid the traffic in Atlanta and all I can say is just get in it and don't be in a hurry.

Bedge I hope after hugging JP you emediatly took a good acid bath. To counter act the contamination you need a good 1974 hug.

:) have a great day people

By lisaT On 2012.06.20 06:39
WOW you can just feel the love with JP and steve, cant you?

That hail storm was loud, but no damage to my plants so its all good. still close to 3 inches low on rain tho, Cindy Clawson said.
Anywayyyy, its nice out and suppose to rain tonight again.

steve, that tree cutting sounds like alot of work, just getting that one that fell in the storm a few years ago was a mess, Im sure JP was wishing he could go down there and help you.

have a good day all


By evets On 2012.06.21 01:35
Lisa....I would love to have JP down here to put to work. I would hand him Pam's to do list and watch him jump in his car and head for I-75 North bound.

See Pam has figured out that a 1974 grad is like the energizer bunny and just keeps going and going and going and she is taking full advantage.

I just don't know if poor JP has what it takes to enter my world he may be better off to hang with Bob Z and sit around the camp fire telling woppers about the bear or the trophy buck or the mamoth fish that got away.

You know Bob Z don't you he's the hunter that if he kills a deer it's a good shot but if he misses it was a bad gun. I've seen him on a few commercials he's following some Wabbit Twacks and he gets upset if you Wub him Da Wong Way.

:) Have a blessed day people

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.06.21 04:37
Steve! You should have quit while you were ahead now you'll have to suffer the wrath of two real NBHS studs,and super nice guy's I might add!!

By Richard Guhl On 2012.06.21 10:07
Steve: If the class of '74 produced such illustrious workers, how come you HAD to get help to take down 7 little trees?

By bzboril On 2012.06.21 11:14
Steve, Steve, Steeeeve. You silly wabbit. 7 trees are for kids. That would be my kindling wood for the year. I will admit, it is hard work. I have had my share of weapon malfunctions. But it usually come down to human error. Kinda like your parents conceiving you...they should have know better. LOL Just a joke take it like a man. Finally a little rain here. Have a great First full day of summer everyone.

By evets On 2012.06.22 01:41
I have worked real hard for several years now to convince you three and others of the greatness of the class of 74.........................and I'm not through trying!

the battle is half the fun with you wywee wascals.

Bedge what are we going to do with Moe, larry and Curlie Joe Pat?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.06.22 04:44
See what I told you Steve, It's not nice to make fun of old folks as, we are sly,cunning,a bear considerable watching. I might just have to amble down to Georgia an open up a can of whip ass on you.

By evets On 2012.06.24 05:48
may want to drive a truck down JP a can won't do it it will no doubt take a 55 gallon drum.

Since I've never tangled with you JP I won't say you couldn't whip me but I garuntee you I'll break you of the habit :)

7 inches of rain in Minnesota has that moved across to Ludville?

By evets On 2012.06.25 01:48
Bob Z who is leonard Zboril? Is that you?

By Betty Stromer On 2012.06.25 04:47
HI All,
Had 2 busy wknds. fun ones tho. Pam from WI came a week ago and we ran all over and she got to see some of her sibs, then this wknd. her oldest girl Tam, hubby and our great grandson came, so that was another running around and eating out etc.
In between I've had Dr. appts. and tests, have another one tomrrow, so hope nothing is serious, Echogram, Catscan and then stress test, that is the one I hate, with my arthritis I hurt all over just to walk, LOL
Dave brought me some fish he caught in MINN , so I will have to try those one of these days.
OK, you boys keep on whatever it is your doing, badgering each other, LOL I hope if your all going to the reunion you all meet and have fun getting to know each are really all nice guys, at least alone you are, don't know how you will act when your together
Lisa, have you been to the beach??? don't get toooo dark like that gal on TV, she looked terrible.!!!!!

By bzboril On 2012.06.25 06:01
Yes Steve that's me. I am a Jr. Instead of having two Leonards in the house they used my middle name..Send some of that Georgia rain our direction.

By lisaT On 2012.06.25 16:02
I have only been down there once so far, been getting stuff done while it is still cool out. I dont like riding my scooter over the bridge either, the idiots pass me and its a two lane hill so I just picture another car coming over the bridge and hitting us all. seems since I hit 55 I cant take the heat either lol

Cool day today and tomorrow, I have to get my back yard mowed, the front has stopped growning already, heating up to 98 by Thursday, Good thing I am spending the weekend at the pool this weekend.

Stay safe all


By evets On 2012.06.26 01:43
Bob Z that picture on Facebook looking all rugged and wearing camo come on you and I know better all the rugged tough individuals left in 1974. You know you don't have any aim and besides your hunting with George. He makes enough noise to chase every deer for miles off. I'd take him hunting cause he's always been a good friend and his brother Bob too but I'm afraid I'd have to duck tape that mouth.
just kidding truth is I hope he's feeling good and enjoying life.

JP, richard and myself getting along at the reunion? I don't know Bedge I kind of imagine having JP in a head lock giving him a noogie. If Tommy boy was to show up there is no telling what kind of brawl would ensue. It has the potential of becoming the frackus in MC. Oh the scandal of it all.


By bzboril On 2012.06.26 05:59
You are right about George and talking...I will tell him you said hello. We just got confirmation of our Bear tags for Sept 10th. Let the fun and planning begin. I am on a mission to get my son his first MI Black Bear.Hopefully all 3 of us will fill our permits.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.06.26 17:25
Rave on Steve,I'll bet you'd hate to have to tell your kids that you got wooped on by a couple of old Granpa's

By evets On 2012.06.27 01:40
Bob Z is the bear population plentiful?

JP getting whooped by a couple of tender foot grandpas like you and Richard would take hours. Those feather like blows feeling like a puff of wind would almost be like getting a good massage. But thanks for the offer :)

Bedge can you get a handle on your boys there getting out of hand. I think a good tanning of hides and a spoon of caster oil is in order.

By bzboril On 2012.06.27 08:08
That all depends on who you talk to and where in the UP you're hunting. The DNR issues just under 8000 tags for the entire state. Most of them in the UP. It takes us 5 to 6 yrs to have enough points to get our tags. They reduced the amount of tags by 32% this year. Over 30,000 people apply for tags each year. We prefer to hunt the first season, before they start running dogs. It has worked for us. From our camp we have been 11 for 15 sense 2001 when we hunted for the firsts time. We had pictures of at least 12 different bear last September. Filled 3 tags in 3 days. We set the bar pretty high. Now we need to produce those numbers again. Time for the fun of planning the trip. It is a unique hunt. Totally different than deer hunting. Say cool everyone.

By Betty Stromer On 2012.06.27 10:01
HI, just wanted to know if bear meat is good to eat??? is it anything like venison?? Never tried it myself. Bedge

By lisaT On 2012.06.27 10:33
I was wondering the same thing. Bedge.

By bzboril On 2012.06.28 05:52
Again, a lot depends on where the animal was killed and how it was taken care of immediately after the kill. Black Bear have a thick layer of fat under the black fur. They are very hard to cool down. That is the key. As soon as the animal is field dressed we pack the whole cavity with ice. Then we get it to a cooler or processor asap. As far as wife says she likes it better than venison. More of a beef texture, no wild taste, somewhat sweet. I butcher my own so trimming the majority of the fat is how I prefer. Where we hunt the Bear primarily eat berries and bugs. The taste of those animals is very different from one that frequents dumps or eats road kill. So to answer the question. I really think Bear is better than venison if taken care of properly.
Bob S. Do you have alot of Bear up by you?
Stay cool everyone 100 degrees today.

By bob sutherland On 2012.06.28 18:26
Bob Z I wish you luck bear hunting. I presume you will return to Republic to do the hunting. I am not too fond of bear meat although I do not mind bear sausage. It is hot here this week in the UP. When are you going to move to God's country? Bob Sutherland

By Richard Guhl On 2012.06.28 19:06
3 years ago I took a picture of a grizzly sow with 1 cub in my front yard. To me, that's way too many bears in the area I live!!!

By evets On 2012.06.30 07:37
No bears in Atlanta but plenty in north Ga.
High heat today 106 and I'm moving furniture and house hold goods for my daughter. Only a 1974 grad has that kind of stamina.
JP in this heat I think it's appropriate to say go soak your head in lake Mich.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.06.30 12:01
Only 83 here in Ludville got a cool brew dangling my feet in the pool, life is good only if you graduated prior to 1974!!

By evets On 2012.07.01 05:39
Nice to see you enjoying retirement JP have you been out to the lighthouse to see what the anglers are catching?

By Betty Stromer On 2012.07.03 07:27

By evets On 2012.07.04 05:38

By evets On 2012.07.06 04:34
have the temperatures backed off up there or is it still hot hot hot?

By Betty Stromer On 2012.07.06 04:48
Its hotter than HE--!! and if Lisa still likes this, shes not normal, LOL do you still like it Lisa???????
It is making me sick to be out in it. hope it ends soon. but I have to keep watering my new plants or they will die too.
We need rain soooo bad, but then I look at some of the storms and fires, so guess we can't complain too much.
There won't be much good fruit because of it either, Oh, well, this isn't a weather report, so I'll shut up. Have a good day everyone, stay cool.

By lisaT On 2012.07.09 05:51
we are 5 inches below on rain, thats alot! that two weeks or so was waytoo hot for me Bedge, I did spend the weekend house sitting and was near the pool most of the daylight hours tho. I saw on the news last night that near shore the lake is already 80 and mid lake is 72, its not usually that warm till August. Very strange year we are having! i stilll have to cut the limb that limb that fell on PAs car when that wind came thru, Now that it has cooled a bit i can get that done soon too.

4th of July was crazy here in the suberbs of Chi town, I didnt know till about 11am I was having a cookout so i had to go to Barneys 9yes i was brave0 It WAS A ZOO! it took me 5 min to get across Whittacker since the line of cars went from 12 to Nancys just waiting for the light....then IN the store was wall to wall carts or baskets....
the fireworks over thelake were on the 3rd for some reason, then some dumb asses had their own party on the beach the next day and burned the dunes, did I mention we havent had rain since April?? Duhhh

Have a great day all, stay safe and cool


By Betty Stromer On 2012.07.12 07:54
Morning All,
Where is everyone, on vacation or what. All I'm doing is watering, since we haven't had any rain. Hope your all ok, Bedge

By Richard Guhl On 2012.07.12 09:57
Perhaps you shouldn't complain Bedge. Our high yesterday was 53 and the low last night was 44 and this is suppose to be summer??? Also, we've had 2 daily rainfall records so far in July.

By bob sutherland On 2012.07.12 17:23
Bedge I just returned from a trip to MN for a church reunion. The next week I had a visit of my daughter and grandsons from Aurora, IL. My daughter from MA will visit me in August. It is again very hot in the UP. This is the first summer I felt I needed an air conditioner. I am glad I have a powerful fan. I hope that you get some relief from the heat. Did Bill Richter have any siblings? I do not remember any. Is Marilyn Weishaupt still alive? I knew she lived somewhere near Bill. It is hard to believe that I have not lived in NB since I graduated in 1948. Bob Sutherland

By Betty Stromer On 2012.07.12 18:37
Bill's Mom died when he was born, and his Dad remarried and had a son and daughter, but he lived with his Moms folks instead of with his Dad growing up.
Its Marian not Marilyn and yes she is living in nursing home near her girl in Tenn. She married Dee Kelderhouse and hes been gone quite a few years.
I was going to ask you who the girl was that lived in a little house behind Van Werts, I don't mean the house behind the school where Arlene Ruby lived, this was a small house, sort of across from Murrys, sp?? not even there anymore, and I know Dick use to know her name, but I can't remember her. Got any ideas??? She was older than Dick.
We still have it quite warm, not as humid as it was a week ago tho, but still have to water things. Glad you got to see your kids..

By bob sutherland On 2012.07.13 20:12
Bedge I know the house you meant. I thought they were summer residents from Chicago. Arlene Hruby lived with her grandma Svedja. I remember Mrs. Svedja herding her geese across the field. Feather parties were held in her house. There are certainly a lot of memories. Did Marjorie Meyer and her mother ever live in the house north of VanWerts? I remember that the Browns lived in an old house across from the school before they moved by the Galien River. She was a sister to Mrs Guy Days. Whatever happened to Duane Bond? Who lived in the small house south of your aunt Della before mrs. Beutner moved there from her big house? Bob Sutherland

By evets On 2012.07.15 13:47
Well I'm writing this post in a van load of teens from church as we approach Superior Wisconsin to cross over near the lake into Minnesota on our way to a children's camp in Northern Minnesota to help build a building.
These Illinois, Wisconsin farms are beautiful to me. I love it up here. Makes me miss Michigan
well will be looking at one of the Great Lakes soon and enjoying it.
Richard is that temperature unusual or the norm for summer?
Well I'm all set for the all school and my bride will be with me
So JP no hitting below the belt.
Have a good one all

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