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By kjblomgren On 2012.07.11 21:07
Just wanted to let others know that Alan A. Blomgren, class of 1960 passed away in Texas on May 25, 2012.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.07.19 05:53
Please except my long over due condolences . Jeff and Al were two of my best friends in high school.Pat Tyron

By evets On 2012.07.20 03:18
My condolences as well
I've known him all my life and there is no better man I know of.

By kjblomgren On 2012.07.22 21:18
Thanks. We were able to see Al in March. Jeff and I were all packed and loading the car for a trip to a conference in Fort Worth, when we got the call that Al had had a heart attack and was in the hospital in Austin. When we got to the conference, Jeff discovered that there wasn't anything that required his attendance on Monday, so we drove to Austin and were able to spend 2 and a half hours visiting with Al. There was no surgery that the doctors could do to help him, and he considered the next 2 and a half months to be his 'bonus round', and spent that time talking to his kids (all 9 of them), and playing X-box (his favorite activity).