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By marybethdennis On 2012.09.16 11:47
How are the Lady Bisons doing this fall?
I played in 79-81 and we were always getting on the bus with long faces, one game Galien we lost (if I remembe correctley sp?) 90points, thirty years ago that
hurts. :) It is nice to see this site that our Lady's are doing WELL. Keep going strong. By the way does anyone know who their coach is??
Marybeth D. Marshall

By rachel31871 On 2012.09.28 13:37
Basketball is now a winter sport. They don't start playing until the end of November. It is Volleyball right now and they are doing awesome.

By Keith Carlson On 2012.09.30 17:24
Susan Siefert coaches volleyball, and Candy VanBuskirk basketball. Both are teachers at NBAS.