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By Frank Nichols On 2012.10.07 13:18
I am trying to find what year my brother Chuck Nichols graduated,maybe 53 or 54 I would also like to find the year book from that year.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.10.17 16:34
Hi! Frank Pat Tyron here I remember both of your brothers John and Chuck I think Chuck graduated in 55 Sorry can't help on the year book.

By Frank Nichols On 2012.10.19 15:19
Pat Tyron
Thanks for you reply.Do you remember the store my mother used to run in the front of our house next to the school? It would have been late 40's /1950
Sold hambergers & F F soft drinks at lunch time. It was 202 S Whittaker.

Frank Nichols

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.10.19 18:05
Sure do and I can still taste those French Fries but that was before every one was worried about saturated fat. Didn't your brother John become a mortician?

By Betty Stromer On 2012.10.20 04:49
Hi Frank,
This is your old neighbor, Bedge Stromer, in the little brick house. Do you remember playing with our son Dave and you and the Chicago boy who came out to visit were playing with Dave and were so rough he got a broken arm from it. Thats how I remember you, HaHa

By Frank Nichols On 2012.10.20 10:23
Betty Stromer I do remember, It was not a HaHa then and it is not now. I think about it from time to time I still am sorry that ever happen.
I am sorry!

By Frank Nichols On 2012.10.20 15:25
Joe Pat Tryon
My brother Jon gave up on being a Mortician & joined the City of St.Joesph Police Dept.and was there several years.He then joined the Berrien County Sheriff Dept.Jon retired Captian of Detectives 1991 he died at age 77 April 2010

Frank Nichols

By bob sutherland On 2012.11.10 16:49
When I was in High School I often ate lunch at your mother's lunch counter or table. Your brother John and my brother Barney Sutherland were good friends and class mates. I graduated in 1948. I remember that the Van Werts had the business before your mother. I used to mow their lawn. Bob Sutherland

By Frank Nichols On 2012.11.14 15:18
Bob Thanks for the reply
I remember my mothers school lunch(Mrs.Nicks) from when I was 5 6 or 7 years old ,I would have been 5 in 1948.I knew a lot of Jon's classmates and I do remember your brother Barney and Gordie Nagle.
Bob I also remember your Mom and Dad in later years,when your mother wrote for the Times she would call my Mom for any news.
I am looking for any stories or photos of the store that may be around.
If you click on my name my profile will show my e-mail
Thanks Bob