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By jsmitch On 2012.10.12 08:12
Just a reminder of the NB Service League Arts/Craft Show on 10/20/12, 9:30 - 4:00, in both gyms at the middle/high school building. 95 craft vendors, fabulous homemade apple slices and lunch items for sale. Proceeds go to scholarships for NB seniors.

By bob sutherland On 2013.10.27 20:02
evets- We have had a little snow but it has melted. Other parts of the UP HAVE MORE SNOW. Of course deer hunters hope more snow during the hunting season. BOB S

By evets On 2013.10.28 01:42
i think i"ll just use this post that Jim has so graciously started. Those pies sound great Jim. wish I could atend.

Thank you Bob S maybe the snow will pile up soon.

Had a nice weekend in the mountains of northeast Ga. leaves are changing in the tops just some beautiful views.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.10.28 15:55
I thought maybe Jim had shut us down for not being PC. Gee! I sure do miss those days with the spirited debates . Jim did you save any of those rants?

By jsmitch On 2013.10.28 16:31
I believed they did get archived -- who knows, the Smithsonian may want them someday.