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By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.10.28 07:17
Looks like time to start a new topic as the last one seems to have come to an abrupt close. Against my better judgment we'll even include Steve. Rich,if you need a break from that Alaska winter I have a cabin in northern AZ in the mountains Elev. 7500 . We don't get much more than 3 feet of snow during the winter and the temps rarely drop below "0".

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.10.30 08:30
Are the effects of the hurricane being felt on the lake in NB? I saw on the news that they were experiencing 20+ feet waves on the Chicago lake front.

By Betty Stromer On 2012.10.30 09:01
Yes Pat,
There is a 54 ft, yacht that was going to go to St.Joe for storage and it got stuck just out of the Harbor and wavespushed it against the rocks on outside toward the Mi City, I just rode down there this Morn, and the have pulled it up as far as they can on that side of the beach, the waves and wnd is terrible and sand blowing on lawn up toward the town on rver side. It looks so bad out there, guess they had some idiot try and walk out on the rcks after dark, don't know much about it, butsomeone had it on facebook. Nothingin the paper today about it, but there is picture and article about the yacht.
I have cemetary flowers blown from the cemetary in my yard this moring. I dd go to Mcds. not too bad, garbage cans but I don't see many limbs, I have a couple littleones but leaves are blown up against my neighbors fence, will be easier t pick them up, LOL
Whats the weather by you, my Pam and hubby are out there for a visit.

By bzboril On 2012.10.30 11:06
My guess is 12 to 14' on this side of the Lake. Constant 30 mph winds for the last 24+ hours gusts to 45. Supposed to start tailing off this afternoon. The rain has mostly been missing us. 48 degrees with that blowing mist and sand makes for a very uncomfortable day outside. The boat lost power on his way out of the harbor, was lucky to keep it off the rocks. It took them most of the night to get the boat to the beach. Not sure what this north wind has done to it today. I am afraid this wind may have driven it back into the breakwall. Hey Steve, come on up I hear they need some sand shoveled off the tracks.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.10.30 17:41
I saw pictures of people surfing on Lake Michigan in Chicago this PM looks like this is one hurricane season that millions of folks will never forget. (did some one say there's no such thing as climate change)!!

By evets On 2012.10.31 01:54
Sand on the tracks, surfing off the shores of lake Michigan, wind and waves it's another beautiful day in the NB neighborhood. JP won't you be oh will you be my niehgbor :)

I see they got 18" of snow from sandy in west virginia and wondered if Michigan got any?

Jp how much time do you spend in that cabin in North AZ? Spread a little thin arne't ya? there is a hunting trip for Bob Z and the boys hunting for some Az diamond backs and jack rabits.

Richard just stay right where your at. Those AZ mountains are no place for a tender foot.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.10.31 07:02
We haven't used it very much in last few years and would to sell it but,the real estate prices are in the toilet. As long as the taxes aren't to high we'll keep it,I'm not quite ready to give it away. Forest properties on a lake are pretty scarce in AZ. Don't knock the hunting I've bagged deer ,buffalo,elk,and antelope within 75 miles of the property.We also have a fairly large population of bear right in the neighborhood.

By bzboril On 2012.10.31 12:30
When my parents moved to AZ in 57, my Dad hunted near Prescott, I think? Is that near your place. He took a lot of movies while they were up there. It sure looked like some beautiful country. I guess I need to put that on my bucket list.

Wind finally dying down. Boat still beached off of the yacht club. At least they kept it off the rocks.
No snow here, just crisp 15 mph winds from the west with a fine mist thrown in to add to the chill. Happy Halloween everyone...Is this the day the Steve takes his costume off??

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.10.31 12:43
My place is about 150 miles due east of Prescott near the NM border in the White mountains max.alt 10200 ft. The down side is hunting here is hard work and a less than 20% success rate. Would really appreciate a little of that cool weather here as it's 95 at 12:45.

By evets On 2012.11.01 02:00
JP don't even start whining about the heat you had a nice cool place to hunker down in and packed up and left it for the winter. Just strip down to your skivies soak that hide in sun block and enjoy what you asked for.

BobZ I look good with or without my costume but a class of 74 grad always looks marvalous. ya doing and I hope us boys didn't wake or disturb you with our rowdy behavior.

Gloria you doing ok? What's happening up in the north west corner?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.11.01 15:16

By gloriapeterson On 2012.11.01 21:00
Hi Steve, yes doing ok,Were running in the 60s.Very pretty fall.Other day we broke a record for warmest day. Taking care of 4yr old Great grandson.One way to keep me young....Also geting a laugh from following your daily dialogue...Stay safe everyone.....and things are good in the Northwest

By Betty Stromer On 2012.11.02 04:41
That must have been the day Ray Barrett called me from Or. he said it was 72 out but going to be a little cooler later on.
Glad all is well, our lake has quieted down, they said the NY news even talked about Berrien Co., in MI getting part of the storm.
Yesterday they were still working on the million dollar yacht on the beach, hope they can save it.
Take care everyone, don't fight you boys!!!!! be nice to each other or I'll have to get the wooden spoon out.

By gloriapeterson On 2012.11.02 09:38
Yes Bedge must have been.Its been nice here....Watching news I seen lake Michigans huge waves.Cousin near Detroit had some damage. That was one awful storm....Really feel for all the people back there....You stay safe.

By evets On 2012.11.05 14:51
I was just up north of Cincinati and for the first time this year could see my breath in the morning and had to scrape the frost off the widshield.

Only thing missing was snow.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.11.05 16:13
Whats a matter with you boy, don't you know better than to go above the Mason-Dixon line in November.

By Richard Guhl On 2012.11.05 17:50
Or any other time of the year.

By evets On 2012.11.06 14:51
lets all have a lot of snow this year what say aye?

By lisaT On 2012.11.07 07:47
I say the lesss snow the better, unless Steve comes to shovel every morning.


By evets On 2012.11.07 17:22
I can't come every day but I'm willing to send a representative.........Tommy?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.11.08 07:34
Did they ever get that million dollar boat off the beach? We had a bit of a cold snap here yesterday it only got up to 91.

By evets On 2012.11.09 02:17
JP that is just wrong to rub your temperature in our faces. Oh the shame of it all.

I think you need experience some deep deep snow and frigid cold to appreciate what the rest of us go through.

Richard could you recomend a nice place at the top of a mountain with a cabin and let's drop JP there for the winter. He can film a documentery on how to servive
when your a tender foot.

Bob Z give him a few servival tips oh yea never mind you don't have any.

have a great day people a great 1974 day.

By Betty Stromer On 2012.11.09 08:49
Hi All
Pat, I don't know if the boat is still there, I think so cause the paper said it would be awhile before they figured out how to get it off the beach,.
Its sunny out, my nephew is here taking away the leaves.
Pam is coming this eve from WI for the wknd. we will go to the last fish fry and Karaoke out at A.Legion for the winter.
No other news in NB that I know of, I'm still weak from my cold so not very ambitious.
Stay well eveyone, suppose to be a nice , warmer wknd.

By bob sutherland On 2012.11.10 16:43
people in the UP have buck fever. On my scanner I heard the rr engineer asking people in the office if anyone nearby has a camera. He saw three bucks, one of which had 12 points at the westend of the rr yard. Deers seem to know where it is safer for them to go. Bob Z and friends I hope you have a good hunting season near Republic. The snow has melted but more is predicted on Monday and Tuesday so tracking conditions might improve. Bob Sutherland

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.11.11 15:04
We had quite a storm race thru yesterday heavy winds,rain ,and a real temp. drop. It was only 39 this AM and I saw on the NB paper site that it was 52 in NB at the same time. Anyway temps. at 3PM here are back up to 72 and the skies clear as a bell. We will be leaving for NC on Wed to attend my Son's retirement ceremony from the Army. Hard to believe ,seems just yesterday we were on Boy Scout camp outs I guess time waits for no one.

By Betty Stromer On 2012.11.11 16:48
Hi All
Happy Veterans Day, to all you Vet's out there and thank you.
Pat, the boat is out, guess they had to dig a trench to get it back in water and pull it backward out to the lake. There is a picture of it in the NB Times this week.
I had a nice wknd. with Pam here from WI, we went out to Am. Leg. for the fish fry and karaoke, plus my other daughter and our granddaughter and hubby and baby came, so that was all nice.
Ok, really windy today and 70, but talking about the rain and then snow after midnight tonight. WHew. Won't stay tho, but big rain for the football game tonight. DA BEARS Winds gusting to 50 miles an hr. right now.

By evets On 2012.11.12 02:59
Joe pat congrats on your sons retirement and to have dedicated a career of service. He must take after mom?

Bedge glad to hear your weekend was so nice with family we had a house full of kids ourselves. They hook the wagon to the lawn mower and pull the little ones around the yard keeps them busy for hours. leaves are really falling now won't be long they'll look like the trees up there empty and lifeless.

Bob S it doesn't matter how much snow falls Bob Z couldn't track a deer if it held up a neon sign saying hey Bob we're over here. He aint got no game and he don't get no game. :)

By evets On 2012.11.14 02:14
High 48 to 54 hre today what about the rest of you? Richard it ought to be a little on the chilly side out there at Sitka how much snow do you have?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.11.14 02:28
At 2:30 AM it's 60 will be on our way to NC at 7:30. Hope it will be nice for our stay.

By Richard Guhl On 2012.11.14 17:58
Steve: I'm in Anchorage at my son's place. 22 degrees, about 2 inches of snow.

Back in Sitka our house/dog sitter has 39 degrees & rain.

By evets On 2012.11.15 02:20
Richard when you visit your son in Anchorage are you relaxing or hunting or has he got you doing other fun things? I know when you visit your daughter your cutting fire wood.

Well JP your off on your trip by now be careful and have a great time.

By Richard Guhl On 2012.11.15 13:01
Relaxing & Christmas Shopping.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.11.18 06:02
The retirement ceremony went well with many guests ,co-workers,and friends present. A very nice party was held later in the evening and was attended by 75 friends and well wishers. The weather here is a little too cool and damp for me so, we'll be glad to return to Tucson on Monday.I think our dogs miss us.

By Betty Stromer On 2012.11.18 09:36
Hi Pat and all.
So glad it went so well and lotsa people came , I also saw pics of your daughter on facebook with you and Diane, that looked like it was something your would be so proud of too. You sure have a family involved in Military. thats wondeful and you and Diane did your part too. Thank you !!
Its a nice sunny day out today, I got my lights up in the porch, not doing anything ouside except the lite pole.
I do have to put the hose away, I never was any good about making a circle out of those things LOL I hate getting dirty!!!
Today going to open house for Shirley Palouceks 97th birthday at the Woodlands in Bridgman where she lives now. she has a vey nice room and eats in their dining room. Its a nice place.
Ok, everyone enjoy the day while the warmer weather is here.

By evets On 2012.11.19 04:53
JP sounds like your son was well respected and admired does retirememnt mean you and Diane will see more of he and the family?

Bedge I find it hard to believe a farm girl hates to get dirty.

Well take care people and if you happen to see a graduate of the class of 1974 as your out and about stop and tell them how much you appreciate what they have done for humanity by just being who they are. :)

By Betty Stromer On 2012.11.19 09:17
HI All,
Steve, I only lived on the farm for abut 5 yrs. ten moved back to town, had to do all the things you do on a farm, but I was just a kid, then I got older and the"boys" started coming around, You don't want to be dirty around boys, LOL
Prett nice out I will finally roll up my hose and put on gloves so no dirt under my nails, LOL
Stay well all, I imagine the gals around are al buyig and gettig things ready for Thanksgivng. I'm lucky, going to Paula's so only have to take a dish.
Have a good day everyone.

By Richard Guhl On 2012.11.19 12:42
8 degrees in Anchorage this morning at 10 am. Glad I didn't look at the outside thermometer at 6:30 when I got up or I would have been back in bed in about 2 seconds. Tonight back to Sitka where it's a balmy 31 degrees (and snowing).

By evets On 2012.11.20 04:40
what do you think it was at 6am Richard below zero?

do you fly to Sitka or have to take a boat from the mainland? how far off shore is it? Why is it still in the 30s the ocean water is still warmer?
answer me when I talk to you :)

60 here in Atlanta and partly cloudy.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.11.20 07:12
Back in Tucson this AM passed thru Atlanta airport yesterday PM what a zoo,I mean like wall to wall people you'd never know that times are still pretty tough in this country.No Steve my son has opted to remain in Fayetteville,NC as his youngest is still in high school. Low of 53 this AM in Tucson.

By evets On 2012.11.21 04:09
NC is a beautiful state you should have opted for that instead of the desert.
sell that place and move to someplace closer to the kids and still a good distance from me.

Thanksgiving tomorrow and I hope you all along with as much family as possible get together and enjoy the day and please take time to reflect on how much we do have to be thankful for.

See I posted without a mention of the class of 1974................OH did I say that?

By Richard Guhl On 2012.11.21 12:06
Steve: Sitka is on the third island out from the North American continent. Only ways on or off "the rock" is by air or water. To visit the kids in Anchorage it means a 737-400 (about 2 hours flying time each way) except in August when I drive up to hunt & shop winter supplies. To drive I take a ferry from
Sitka to Juneau, spend the night there, and then the next morning a different ferry from Juneau to Haines where I connect with the road system. Then it's 774 miles to my son's front door.

When the storms come from the northeast our temperatures plummet (from the Yukon). When the storms come from the southwest (off the North Pacific ocean, current water temp mid-40's) we warm up for a couple days.

By Betty Stromer On 2012.11.21 15:12
HI Everyone.


I sure enjoy reading Richards Alaska news., what a different life than we have. I watch all the shows I can on how people live and survive the winters by hunting, fishing and getting in their supply of wood. Very interesting.

By evets On 2012.11.22 03:29
It does seem rustic and rugged but I'll bet it keeps him healthy and in shape shuveling 6 or 8 feet of deep snow. cutting and splitting a mountain of oak or Alaska pine and trapping and skinning a hundred otter pelts and not to mention chewing all that leather to soften it up and oh the whale blubber to strip and make oil. He's a busy fellow for sure.

Have a great day and a HAPPY THANKSGIVING

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.11.22 12:14
80 degrees at noon here in Tucson happy Thanksgiving to all. Rich are only the Alaska natives allowed to trap sea otters? also does a ferry run to Whittier or Valdez from Sitka?that would sure shorten the drive .

By Richard Guhl On 2012.11.23 10:55
Natives only can harvest sea otters and possess whole pelts. Parts of the pelts must be made into recognizable "handy craft" items by natives (for instance, a coin purse) before being sold or traded to non-natives. As far as I know, only 2 tannerys in Alaska are certified by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to process and tan sea otter pelts (and I hear it ain't cheap!).

One ferry a month runs from Juneau to Seward with a brief stop at Yakutat (mainly for freight deliveries).

By evets On 2012.11.24 03:43
See Bedge I told you Richard was trapping Otter he says just the otter day he was out and trapped a native into selling him a coin purse that aint cheap, I read between the lines.

Bedge my sister-in-law says it started snowing there Thanksgiving morning did you get anything? Temperatures are supposed to plumit here this weekend I suppose it's plenty cold there.

Yesterday watching LSU play the RazorBacks in Arkansas it started out in the 50s and by the time the game was over it was in the 20s I figured that was our cold front coming our way. Just wish it would stop in Tuscan to catch its breath for a month or so :)
There is a certain retired gentleman there that mises out on a lot of cold weather and I figure enough subzero temerature would kill the decease in him like it does Bob Z when he vetures above the bridge. Thats probably why Bob s stays so healthy.

Gloria hows the weather up in the North West?

Have a wonderful 1974 day my friends and for the love of mike put your flanals on today.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.11.24 07:27
Steve I understand that you were the spelling champion of the class of 1974.

By Betty Stromer On 2012.11.24 08:47
Good Morning All,
Yes, we have little pellets on the deck and roof right now, nothing on the ground and it is about 31 out.
I made my run to Mcds, then swept out leaves that blow in the garage, not from my trees, I had them all carted away, but the neighbor has some waiting to be picked up, so they blow over here.
Yes Pat, I get a kick out of some of the spelling on this post too, LOL
Hope everyone had a nice Turkey Day, I had a wing for lunch yesterday and a leg and sweet potatoes for supper, now its gone. Since I didn't have it here I didn't get many leftovers, but didn't want much.
Ok, everyone stay warm, gotta get use to it again.

By evets On 2012.11.25 04:58
Believe it or not JP in 6th grade I was the runner up to Perry Hepler if he had been unable to compete it would have fallen to me to represent the 6th grade. I don't know what happened after that I just never got hooked on phonics. I tell it like it is and I spell it like it sounds. The upside is you never fail to understand me and that's the main thing is that I get my point across to you.

By the way my penmonship is is as bad or worse than my ability to spell correctly. I used to couldn't spell foreman and now I are one.:)

have a sweet day JP and please keep me in line.

Bedge stay warm and say hay to the notorious McDs gang.

there is nothing but luv coming from the class of 74 and I'm counting on the IRISH to beat the SEC for me and for Nebraska to bring the trophy home from the ROSE BOWL.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2012.11.25 18:12
Steve!, I guess what you are trying to say is that from seventh grade to present you became brain dead.

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