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By evets On 2012.10.29 01:45
well Jim finally pulled the plug on that strand and we yhank him for the extra that we got but I think the title of this one is fitting.

By lisaT On 2012.11.06 07:32
Ha ha Steve you are an instigator!

Election day. get out and vote or don't bitch for the next 4 years....i voted 3 weeks ago.

have a great day all


By Betty Stromer On 2012.11.06 08:39
Hi All,
Why he pull the plug on only 17 posts, Steve are you sure your not logged out and need to login?? That has happened to me so much lately, don't know why.
So glad we won't be getting those phone calls about the voting,luckily I could see who was calling me on my phone, so didn't answer them.
I've not been to Mcds since Sat., got a bad head cold and didn't want my friends to get it, one is having surgery tomorrow , so I didn't want to take a chance and give her a cold. I am going tomorrow, I feel a lot better now.
So you all have a good day and I hope whoever you voted for wins and makes you happy. there will be a lot of happy people and a lot of sad ones, its such an even poll.
Cold this morn. I think it was 30 and frost on the ground when I got up.

By evets On 2012.11.06 14:50
your a good friend Bedge to think of the others enough to stay home when your sick.