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By jsmitch On 2013.02.06 06:31
I have had this website and forum online now for 13 years. In the early days we had 600+ registered users. Now, I have more spammers & hackers registering each hour than Alumni in a year.

Last year I started a Facebook page for the social media crowd. It works although not a the same level or intimacy as this website. A place for NB Alumni to get news and information will be online in some form, but probably not with this forum intact.

The site takes time and money -- both of which are non-renewable resources.

I'm afraid the end is near folks.


By whamann On 2013.02.06 06:35
Thanks Jim - although I wasn't a contributor very often, I always enjoyed checking the posts everyday - enjoyed this site on a daily basis - thanks again for your trouble and time -

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.02.06 07:20
Say it ain't so Jim I get my morning fix on this site.

By jsmitch On 2013.02.06 16:34
Thanks. I know there are many lurkers out there who read the posts with some frequency. I just have to balance expense (time and money) with the benefits.

Nothing is going to change in the near term. I'm still trying to determine the best path.


By bob sutherland On 2013.02.09 18:08
Thanks Jim for providing the NBHS website. Bob Sutherland