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By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.02.13 06:36
Looks like the end is near and I hope Stevie doesn't get the last word

By Betty Stromer On 2013.02.13 09:13
Really , at our age the end is getting near anyway, LOL

I have my car at the shop, something to do with the brakes.

Had a wonderful time with Granddaugter and Grt.grandson yesterday, [6mos.] I took them to Red Lobster, good!!! My oldest son is taking me out Sat. for Val. day. back to R.Lob. Dick use to take me every year.

Barbara Dalenberg Ohime and Kay Kelderhouses Mother Marion died. 2 more of our school mates gone.

You all be good to your Valentine Sweethearts tomorrow.

By bob sutherland On 2013.02.14 18:49
evets-I met no disrespect. I have always enjoyed your messages. Bob S

By evets On 2013.02.15 04:38
Bob S I didn't mean what I said in a bad way so please don't misunderstand me. You are more than welcome to join in the fun and take all the shots you want just remember I'm a moving target.

JP I hope I do get the last word but if not your email address is logged into my phone let the battle continue.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.02.15 06:31
Never fear Stevie boy when the end comes I will hunt you down. Only about 75 days til we go back to Ludville this winter sure has passed fast.

By jsmitch On 2013.02.16 09:51
As it looks right now any changes that I make will be at beginning of the new year.


By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.02.16 12:23
Thank you Governor for the stay of execution.

By Betty Stromer On 2013.02.17 06:21
Thanks Jim,
Its so much fun to be able to talk to all these friends, so we really appreciate it.

By gloriapeterson On 2013.02.17 15:39
And I say thanks too.

By bob sutherland On 2013.02.17 19:35
thanks Jim for keeping the site going for awhile. Is is fun to hear from NBHS alumni. Bob Utherland

By evets On 2013.02.19 04:54
Jim I don't know if I can turn this crowd around in just ten months but I'm going to do my best.

Thanks for the opportunity

By jsmitch On 2013.02.19 12:10
Its not for lack of participation by the breakfast club.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.02.19 12:16
Now if we can only raise enough money for Steve's frontal lobotomy our job will be done.

By evets On 2013.02.20 02:21
JP I went ahead and gotthat frontal lobotomy and just as I suspected it didn't do anything but increase my desire to turn you into a fan of the class of 1974.
By the time I get done with you and Richard and both Bobs you'll all be sitting at our table at the next all school and might I add looking better for it.

Pam and I took my granddaughter to Disney and while we where there I began to wonder if there was anyone left in the state of Michigan. It was a sea of blue and maze. I was glad to see so many Michiganders wearing clothing that showed their state pride and since it was some what cool out for florida I had my Michigan wind breaker on. You can take the boy out of the state but you can't seem to take the state out of the boy. Loving those great lakes helps too.

By Betty Stromer On 2013.02.21 06:00
Morning Everyone.
Another dreary day out there and cold, but we don't have much snow on the ground, I only had my driveway cleaned up once by a friend, and I could get out even if he hadn't done it.
Nothing new in town, Mcds is still there, so thats all I need and a few things downtown, LOL Such an exciting life I lead, LOL
I have to read your posts and that helps, will sure miss it when Jim cuts us off, but we have awhile yet, so lets take advantage of it.
Nothing new in town, the are rebuilding Stray Dog after the fire and trying to get Caseys opened up and I hope Hannahs too, miss going to those places. What would I do if they ever closed McDs, YOWWWW!!!! LOL
OK, getting ready to go out to McDs, so you all have a good day!!!

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.02.21 14:21
I don't know how many folks saw the snow storm on TV we had here yesterday,i mean like driving down our street you would have thought that were somewhere in the midwest. Great big fat snow flakes and it started to stick at one time we had at least 3 inches on the ground. This morning with bright sun the mountains all around us were really covered with snow,a really spectacular sight. Two PM and the temps up to 60 degrees and our winter wonder land has disappeared . Bedge, do you think that all the competition from the casino is causing all those local businesses to close?

By bob sutherland On 2013.02.21 19:47
evets-If I get to the next reunion I would probably to old to remember that there was a 1974. Bob

By evets On 2013.02.22 03:52
I tell you what that Bob has been saving it till now. Believe me Bob you might not remember when you come in but you'll never forget it by the time you leave :)

The casino to downtown NB is probably like the interstate going through. Ruination

Do I need to come back up there and revitalize?

That reminds me.....JP......I think you better recanize :)

By Betty Stromer On 2013.02.23 14:17
Hi All,
Had a little snow but nothing too bad,
Went to Am.Leg last night and got to be with a lot of the Mcds gang for fish fry. Then I picked up my daughter and we went to Casino, no luck, but I enjoy being out with her and its fun.
JP, you asked about it causing the restaurants to close, I don't think so, One of them had a gambling and drinking problem, but the others were just that the partners didn't agree and one was not paying taxes or something, but they are trying to get it together again, and of course the Stray Dog burned down.
Redemaks opens on the 1st, so that will be good. Its always busy.
Ok, I bet you really enjoyed that snow, even if it didn't last to long LOL
You all must not get on here on Saturdays, but I'm bored, so looking to see what is going on, No messages. Oh, well, have a good day eveyone.

By evets On 2013.02.25 01:54
Bedge I look in every day including Saturday I just may not run my yap and Give JP a little room to catch his breath before putting him back in a choke hold.

By bzboril On 2013.02.25 08:50
Happy 25th of February. 1 month away from Spring. Quite a bit of shore ice on the Lake Mi this year. Last year it was 70 and we were fishing from the break wall, not a bit of ice to be seen. I hope that makes for a little longer coho run later this spring. Last year was run and done. Hopefully this next batch of snow will help add to the precipitation totals for the year. We can't afford to have the Lake level get any lower. 17 inches less than last year. 6 ft. lower than the the highest level ever recorded. I think that was in the 60's. WE NEED MORE SNOW. At least the ice cover will stop some of the evaporation that has been killing us. How has your winter been up in Gods Country Bob S.? Have a great day everyone. You too Steve. Heading to GA in a month, whats the weather usually like the first week of April?

By Richard Guhl On 2013.02.25 11:35
Is the definition of "God's Country" open to more than a single opinion?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.02.25 12:22
I suppose Rich if you've only lived in the Great lakes area all your life it's hard to imagine other wise.I guess there's a certain something about it that makes folks return like Salmon returning to their birthplace,it is indeed a very powerful magnet.

By bob sutherland On 2013.02.25 19:48
Bob gone very wellZ-We are 20 inches of snow below last year but in February we have had plenty of snow but we need more. The ski jumping and ski races plus thhe sled dog races have gone very well this year. 306 sturgeon were caught on Lake Winnebago,WI this year, some weighing over 100 lbs. Bob S

By evets On 2013.02.26 01:57
Bob Z first week in april expect rain but I would check the forecast as the time gets closer like every where else the weather has been funky.
tornado alley has been active early so spring could bring some nasty weather.

JP I agree the great lakes are awesome and being from there I can't help but want to go back as often as possible.

going on a mission trip to Wyoming this July what can I expect from that part of the country that time of year or should I be asking Ted Turner?

By evets On 2013.02.27 01:49
All right I want all of you and that means you too Gloria

As you walk through your day whether in NB, Alaska or Arizona spend time today saying over and over in your head this little phrase.

are you ready?

"I Love the class of 1974"

See that wasn't hard and notice how much it lifts your spirits

And you thought today would be no fun? Come on it can be a 1974 day every day :)

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.02.27 06:17
Steve I was going to give you some info on Wyoming but I was overcome with a violent case of retching.

By bzboril On 2013.02.27 06:49
Point well taken Rich. As a homey from MI, my 4 or 5 trips a year to the UP serve as a refresher from everyday life, thus the phrase. I would love the opportunity to get up to Alaska. I hope it will be in the next 4 or 5 years.
Bob S. Where is the lake that they catch all the Sturgeon.
Agreed JP, the effect of these GREAT Lakes are powerful, whether it is here at home or in the UP.
Steve, keep the trains on the tracks, we don't need any derailments causing havoc with our travels and our environment.

By gloriapeterson On 2013.02.27 12:04
Ok Steve,I'll say that once or twice, but only cause I get a smile,or a good laugh from your crusade......Hope the storm isn't bad for you Bedge....Cousin near Detroit isn't liking it at all.....Spring's almost here!!

By Richard Guhl On 2013.02.27 13:13
No question, the UP is a great area (particularly for non couch-potatoes). Some of my fondest childhood memories are taking a ferry across the Straits before the bridge was built and my grandfather's cabin up behind Ralph Cook's home & Store as well as fishing Witch lake with my Mom & Dad. In fact, maybe my time in the UP minimally prepared me for the shock when the U.S. Coast Guard (in its infinite wisdom?) transferred me from Micronesia to Alaska.

By bob sutherland On 2013.02.27 19:03
Baob Z-The lake where they catch the sturgeon is Lake Winnebago a big lake by Oshkosh WI. Bob S

By bzboril On 2013.02.28 05:37
I still fish Witch Lake at least once a year. First real memories of fishing were from that Lake with my parents in the 60's. Have a good last day of Feb. everyone.

By Betty Stromer On 2013.02.28 16:37
I made a trip around the lake with Char Cook, and we stayed in Ralph Cooks cottage one night. so I know the area you are talking about.
Gloria, we didn't get the snow, it was a mix of rain and snow, so slushy cause the temp wasn't down. so I got out every day.
My PC was out for couple days, had to have the Granddaughter come and fix it, [kids know more than we do about these things] and I had to e-mail JP for the address I lost. Thanks Pat.

By evets On 2013.03.01 01:57
Thank goodness Bedge this site wouldn't be the same without you.

All I would have to talk to would be a bunch of grumpy old men that couldn't make it in the class of 74.

You got Clondyke pete up there still panning for gold, you got JP worse than a pack a hounds still chasing license plates, you got Bob ZZ Top still down at what once was Sima's pond with a bow and arrow looking to spear Carp that aren't there

I'm telling you bedge if it wasn't for you and Gloria and of course me there wouldn't be anyone with any sanity left on this site.

Don't tell the boys I said this Bedge you know how jealous they get of me being from the class of 74 and all. We'll just keep all this between you and me. Mums the word.

By bob sutherland On 2013.03.01 19:29
If the class of 1974 was so notable why was your class not in the book that was sold at thje reunion wwwwwwwwwwwhich my brother sent to me? There were several 1970,s that were missing. Pardon the typos. Message for evets. Bob S

By evets On 2013.03.02 03:40
Bob S it's my understanding that the class of 1974 was left out because the reunion was for NB alumni only and if news got out that a picture of the class of 74 was available at that location all of Michigan City and no doubt all of south western Michigan would have been nocking the doors down for a copy of the book and a photo op with those that showed up. That's just my story and I'm sticking to it.

By bob sutherland On 2013.03.03 19:31
evets-Your ego is pretty strong. Maybe the class of 1974 broke the camera. Bob S

By evets On 2013.03.04 02:01
Bob S had I known that your brother was at the reunion I would have sought him out and told him what a stand up guy his brother Bob was in my opinion.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.03.04 05:39
Steve ! looks like we may have found a replacement for Ernie though not quite as salty. Pour it on Bob.

By Betty Stromer On 2013.03.04 16:29
HI All,
Waiting for that big snow they are warning us about. gotta give us the last of winter I guess. Hope its not too much, I have to get out to Mcs, in the morning. LOL
Bob S. How is your brother , we use to call him Barney, but I doubt he goes by that now. Is he a teacher in St.Joe ? thought someone said that.
I had a call from Ray [Rounkie] the other night, his brother Bob had a bad stroke and not doing well at all. too bad, but we just never know.
Rah Rah for the class of 1947, thats mine, just a few #s turned around from Steve's .

By bob sutherland On 2013.03.04 21:50
Bedge-Barney retired from teaching at Reeths Puffer HS in Muskego TALK TO HIMn. He and his wife live 10 miles NE of Muskegon at Twin Lake. He still works at athletic games. A few years ago he was inducted in the Muskegon county sports hall of fame. His wife Janet is a retired teacher. Do you remember the Hibbs family? Tell Runkie hello from me as well AS eRNIE IF YOU TALK to him. Pardon the typos. Bob S

By evets On 2013.03.05 02:03
Bob S pour it on if you must but know this your not messing with an amature.

I've been work hardened by the likes of JP Tyron and Richard the Alaskan King Crab

Little Bob throws a barb or tow in my direction I have to run to Bedge and Gloria for sulace.

So climb in the ring Bob and go a few rounds Ernie would be proud to have you in his corner but you'll need a good cut man :)

By bob sutherland On 2013.03.05 20:34
evets-Those in the classes of the 1940,s had civility so it is more difficult for me to toss sharp barbs at you. How is Bertram these days? It will take me more time to make a comback but I will try. Bob S

By evets On 2013.03.06 02:15
I believe Bertram is doing ok. Pam is trying to decide when she will travel up to see the old brick layer. Her sister is down visiting and she's contemplating riding back with her and then fly home when she gets ready to come back.

you take your time on that come back Bob I'll be waiting.

By evets On 2013.03.07 02:00
When I got up yesterday morning and headed to work I drove in a snow storm. The flurries coming down and hitting my windshield were thick enough to make me feel like I was at home driving from Three Oaks into NB on a cold wintery day to keep the railroad running. I rather enjoyed it. Fact is it didn't stick any where and I didn't have to put on winter cloths or bundle up or dig myself out of deep snow.
Those were the days.

JP just 2 years and 10 months to retirement you hang in there and stay healthy I may just want to kick some booty at the next all school.

Richard we have a young couple at church getting married and moving to your great state to an island that has about 159 residents on it near Anchorage.

By Betty Stromer On 2013.03.07 08:14
Morning All.
Yes, the snow was pretty, wet and heavy, but temps high enough that it is melting. Roads clear.
Steve I bet you enjoyed seeing it, especially since you didn't have to shovel. Someone did my drive while I was at Mcds yesterday, got a ride from one of the gals who goes and when I got dropped back home my driveway was all clean. Don't know who but thanks to that Angel.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.03.07 10:08
See Steve just when you think that because your a 1974 graduate that your immune ,ole mother nature comes an bites you on the ass.(if the speaker of the house can use that term I think I"m safe) Ten days ago we had about 3 inches of that white stuff and yesterday it was 84. Go figure.

By Richard Guhl On 2013.03.07 13:11
Which island Steve? We have a heck of a lot islands up here. That's why we give them actual names.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.03.07 16:44
Rich! if memory serves me 1974 was the year they dropped geography and created a new class of non scholars.

By evets On 2013.03.08 02:05
Richard I will find out and get back to you. Or you could just name them all.

JP i used to couldn't spell SCHOLAR but now I are one. I don't know that memory has ever served you.

Bedge I wish I could say I ran over and cleaned your drive way but alas I can't do that. Who ever it was they weren't looking for recognition just doing the right thing for the right reason expecting nothing in return.
If I had to venture a guess as to what year they graduated.........well I think you know where thats going.

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