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By evets On 2013.06.14 02:56
Well we keep hanging on like a hair in a biscuit.

glad good weather is settling in Bob S

We had a heck of storm roll through Atlanta last night but as far as I know no one was injured.

By Betty Stromer On 2013.06.14 04:38
HI All,
57 this morning and sunny, we missed the bad storm, just had some lightning and thunder a little rain, not windy. Lucky, I hate being alone in bad storms.
Glad you were all ok, it really did a lot of damage in places.
Gotta go get blood work done and then CAT scan next week, just not up to par. But it will be fine.
Had fun with my WI kids and boy did they clean out the garage and JUNK around here, Pam said, "you can tell you and Dad were depression babies the way you save everything" LOL guess we did, the poor garbage man had a lot to take away plus I put a Xmas tree out there and wrote FREE on it, took 2 days, but someone took it in the dark. Yippee. It was a nice one, I just don't want to put up a big one again.
Got new carpet on my porch and getting a tree cut down and then I should be done!!!
Ok, you all have a good day.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.06.15 07:41
I put a long post in yesterday then I guess I forgot to hit the post button oh well I guess it wasn't too important cause it was mostly ragging on Steve. We got a fair amount of rainfall up here plus some high winds but nothing damaging. It's Gus Macker weekend again here in Ludville so parking any where near the beach is at best almost non-existent.

By evets On 2013.06.16 03:38
Well JP I hate it that you had a senior moment and denide me the pleasure of your rantings. I know though tat there is more where that came from.

Bedge your kids are right about those depression babies they hang on to everything and I think sometimes it gets passed down to their kids as well. I have to balance the desire Pam has to keep things that she believes will be useful to someone some day. I just don't know who and in what year.
I get a lot of grief when things go missing I'm acused of throwing it away.
well maybe it's justified at times but if you keep it simple it's easier to manage in my guestimation. So I'll be the martyr.

JP I'm going to hit the post button now :)

By Betty Stromer On 2013.06.16 05:27
HI All,
Just want to say Happy Fathers Day to all my Daddy Friends on here.
Have a wonderful day with your kids. I'm sure my kids miss theirs today.

I think of how wonderful my Dad was, such a hard worker to see that we had food etc. and so proud of his 2 girls. I guess I was the tomboy and did the stuff he would have had his son do and my sister loved paper dolls, I liked guns to play with the cousins, the Siebenmark boys, LOL Oh, the good ole days.

By evets On 2013.06.18 01:51
Thank you Bedge my dad died when he was 58 so not old and mom was only 63.
A short time in the scheme of things.

Happy Fathers Day to all you dads. I had to travel out of town on the holiday but was able to take my darlin person and my grand daughter. They're enjoying a little sun and surf while I work.

Not much else is happening. JP is no doubt getting ready for the on slot of youth about to over take his undisclosed bunker in the dunes of Ludville.

see ya later

1974 hoorah

By evets On 2013.06.19 13:50
oh yea it's a wonderful 1974 day

close your eyes and drift back to 1974 in your mind and pretend your roaming the halls of NB and hangin out with the greatest class of all NB history.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.06.19 15:59
Steve every time you get off your MEDS you seem to have an instant relapse.

By evets On 2013.06.21 01:55
JP I would be remiss to go for too long and fail to remind you that the class of 1974 is why NB is so near and dear to peoples hearts. We just seem to make having had built the school all worth while.
I think when Westle Whitaker founded the little harbor town he could invision a graduating class like the 1974 class and that if people would be patient, keep keeping on that eventualy that class would emurge to put the little harbor town on the map of prominence. And the rest as they say is HISTORY.

As a student of history wouldn't you agree with that BOB S?

By bob sutherland On 2013.06.22 18:58
evets-Indeed Capt Whitaker founded NB. However you need to have more humility if you think that 1974 was the best class. Do NBHS records reveal that your class any more contributions than any other class? BobS

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.06.23 04:47
See Steve other folks have got your number too time to get back on your Meds or it's the rubber room for you

By evets On 2013.06.23 05:28
Bob fear not my friend HUMILITY is a hall mark of the class of 74 all i do is keep everyone informed and focused on the facts as I SEE THEM.

Watched a little bit of a movie yesterday Richard with
Sandra Bullock and they went to her boy friends parents house on the island of Sitka. Do you remember them filming it there?

By Betty Stromer On 2013.06.23 08:10
I read in the paper that Alaska was having a heat wave, have you noticed a difference??? If so, are you enjoying it?
Hi to everyone else, have a good day, its hot and humid here, so no yard work for me. I did go out and have breakfast with friends, out to what use to be Cloverleaf if you remember that, by Wendys. Now its Harbor Country Kitchen and Café. LOL
Have a good one everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Richard Guhl On 2013.06.23 11:43
Steve: Judy Bowen asked the same question a couple years ago. Sorry to tell you, it wasn't filmed in Sitka!!! Please understand Sitka exists on flat land right along the water's edge with 3000-4000 ft "hills" right behind the town. As such, the town is 14 miles long but only a quarter mile wide - with just a single road from one end to the other. The film company wanted to tie up the main intersection right in the middle of town for 4 to 6 hours at mid-day for 2-3 weeks of filming with "locals" to stay away. City Fathers said "Hell No!!!" So, the film company ran around town for 2 weeks filming backround & senic stuff, "rented" some totem poles and signs off local businesses and flew them to a small town in Maine to do the actual film. You can't just watch movies - you gotta come see the REAL thing!

Bedge: This year, "Baked Alaska" is more than just a dessert.Temperature records across the state have been broken, then a couple days later broken again. Over 3/4's of the state is in High or Extreme fire danger, and, tho it's hard to believe, it's agains the law to have campfires in over half the state until further notice. So far this month, I've been wearing the clothes normally just for visiting my Mom in California - and - sandles. The bugs up here can be pretty bad but this year will be a record setter - many many more (and bigger!) than I can remember.

By evets On 2013.06.24 02:26
One good thing Richard you won't have to endure the roach that is perticular only to the Ludville area. I hear it's a nasty critter and hard to exterminate. Known to migrate toward Arizona at certain times of the year.

By evets On 2013.06.25 03:17
JP are you over run yet with youth?

A couple more weeks and we take 22 young people on a mission trip to LaGrange, Wyoming. My grand daughter will be among them. I'm looking forward to it.
we're going to stop by Mt Rushmore on the way back. I've never been there so I think that will be a great stop.
I'm trying to talk them into just driving on to Sitka and drop all 22 off at Richard's
then we travel back through NB and stop and do what ever Bedge needs done then on to Ludville for a real challenge. Though I'm sure JP could keep us busy for days.

Have a wonderful my friends.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.06.25 03:55
Steve! your just too kind.

By Betty Stromer On 2013.06.25 04:43
HI All,
Well, Bedge got a new AC put in, called the guy, he came right over, tried to fix it, but no luck , so called , got a price, told me and back at 5 and I had air last night, Yippee, now "what else is going to fall apart???" I thought I had everything under control.
Piece of my tooth broke off, dentist just filed that down to save me $$$ but said if I need a crown that will be the price of another AC, LOL Oh, dear, when it rains it pours.
And it did pour for a little while, but we didn't get the damage or lose power like counties below us did, so lucky, did any of you have damage?? hope not.
ok, gotta get ready for my daily trip to McDs, its a dreary day out, suppose to get more rain.

By gloriapeterson On 2013.06.25 12:38
Bedge we've had so much rain we could believe we lived on the west side of the mountains....The weather sure is different now...Just not used to all this humidity....Steve my son Steve and family were leaving for yellowstone on friday,but I was informed last night was called off, don't know why.......Richard my granddaughter would call from Alaska and complain about those bugs,why so many there?.......Stay Happy Everyone!!!

By evets On 2013.06.26 01:50
Well hope the why is nothing too bad Gloria.

I hate to hear about the woes your experiencing Bedge but nothing lasts for ever and having an emergency fund is criticle cause things are going to break.

Remember what Dave Ramsey says cash is king and debt is dumb and the paid off home morgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice.

Live like no body else will so that some day you can live like no body else can.

rice and beans Bob Z rice and beans. Well and a little road kill once in a while.

By Betty Stromer On 2013.06.26 04:19
Hi all,
There is a thunderstorm outside, can I get hit if this laptop isn't plugged in???? Hope not, cause I'm on it. LOL
Steve, your trip to Wyo. sounds great, have fun with all those kids, I have been to Mt.Rushmore, and a lot of places out there, very nice, I'm sure you will love it all.
I haven't been to Wash. where Gloria is, and a lot of other places I've missed. I always heard the East coast was beautiful too. I did like driving along the west coast , is it Hyw. 1, that was beautiful.
Now its raining and not so noisy out there, so must have been passing over us.
I'm sure glad I'm not in with all of Richards BUGS, we use to have May bugs in FL, and they would be splattered all over your windshield for a little while, Ugh!! lived long enough to mate and die, what a life, LOL
Ok, just wanted to say good moring to you all, too noisy to sleep in, TATA
Steve, I did have the emergency fund and home is paid for, so I'm fine.

By bzboril On 2013.06.27 11:48
Steve, more like venison, fish, and beans. Bit the bullet and put new windows and a new roof on the house this year. New well 2 yrs ago new furnace 3 yrs ago. I hope I am good to go for 15 or 20 yrs now. The 13 regular windows weren't too bad.. The 11 ft bow window took a bite out of this Bohemians pocket book. Enjoy the summer weather.. I am already planning my fall trips to the UP. We have had a little over 3 inches of rain in the past 8 days. Not enough to raise the lake levels, but enough to keep the garden growing and the mosquito's hatching. A few perch finally being caught. Need the water temp to come up a couple more degrees.

By evets On 2013.06.28 01:49
What year was the house built Bobby Z? The house in Three Oaks we lived in on Elm St was built in 1880 and the single pain windows showed it. I didn't have the money to renew them all so in the winter it was visqueen on all the windows and I was changing them one at a time. I had a guy give me an estimate to change all 13 and it was over 10K for his brand of window then he got mad cause I said no.

Few thing besides JP can get under my skin but a sales guy that tries to bully you into making a purchase sitting in your home can cause me to say the unusual words ......................get out!

Well keep the winter water wonderland looking good I want it beautiful when I arrive.

By Betty Stromer On 2013.06.28 04:41
We got all new windows several yrs. ago and then when Dick got sick I had new doors put in too, felt safer with him in Nursing Home and alone for the first time in over 60+ yrs. But boy, I don't hear the storms now, so sure glad we had it done.
Had a salesman the other day, luckily he didn't come onto the porch, just knocked on the outside porch door, I said what are you selling, he said nothing, just came to clean your carpet free, I said no thanks, and slammed and locked the door. My neighbor said she would let her dog loose if they didn't leave, LOL I hear there are some very pushy ones going around in LaPorte and So. Bend without a license and trying to get in.
We just have to be very careful now days don't we???
68 out right now, had more rain last night and some people had bad storms again, they even mentioned Union Pier was getting some of it on TV last night. I will hear more when I go to Mcds. LOL

By bzboril On 2013.06.28 05:22
Our house was built the same year I was born 1959. We are out south of town near the OLD Spring Creek Schoolhouse. Most of the houses out that way aren't as old as the ones in town. It was built by one of the Ackerman's. He was a contractor and built it for himself. It is very well built. Unlike my old house in NB, that was an old one room cottage that had been added on to WAY TOO many times. The windows were not cheap that's for sure..hopefully it will save me some $ on my AC bill. Heating bills aren't a problem. Just have to trow another piece of wood in the stove. Enjoy the Day 75 and sunny, with a nice Lake breeze.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.06.28 05:31
Steve, I really get a charge out of baiting these guy's,egging them on like I'm going to make that big sale for them . Then I drop it on them and tell them that the house is in foreclosure and next week I'll be filing for bankruptcy but they can go ahead and do the job as I'm sure the bank will surely pay them. I've had some of these folks almost brake a leg on their way out the door.. My wife will no longer go car shopping with me as she says that I embarrass her ,but I too don't like dealing with people that try to sell me something I don;t want or need. On the other hand I'm pretty good at buying many toys that I don't really need for sure.

By evets On 2013.06.29 04:56
Thanks for that Bobby Z and yes enjoy the day.
My windows were 83" tall and 28" wide and if I remember I got a pretty good deal getting custom windows at Big C lumber in TO.

JP I wish I had the money to get a toy or two but I'm too practical and Pam is practical to the extreme. That being said as she gives me these projects to do I have used that leverage to get a pretty wide array of power tools.

By evets On 2013.07.01 01:40
Well what's happening at your location for the 4th in places like
The UP?
Three Oaks?
Washington State?

By Betty Stromer On 2013.07.01 04:41
NB, ??? I don't know, probably a few fireworks, no plans for me, and the town is sh-t full of rude, pushy , Chicago people, so trying to stay away from town .

I got a call from Ole Ernie, he had been in hospital since May 13 and just got out 2 days ago, learning to walk again, in a wheel chair now. plus his 99 yr. old brother Jay died. He doesn't know much about it as Jay was staying with friends in Saginaw, he had no children. and had sold his house in NB but could live there till he died, he has lived in Sag. for 2 yrs., so Ern didn't know any plans and it hasn't been in the paper. I thought he died 2 yrs. ago., but guess I heard wrong.

No other exciting news, Everyone have a fun 4th of July, hope everyone is doing ok in the heat, ours has been quite nice last few days. Not too hot.

Oh, it was funny down town, everywhere was packed with cars, but people were walking to beach, there were lotsa parking places empty down there, but people don't want to pay that price, I think they are getting wise and NB is losing $$$ but the town has cars all over the side streets and main streets. Oh, well, the city will have to figure that out. Also the Library had their ground breaking and they have started building the new one, that should be nice. The Stray Dog is open and flooded with customers, I haven't been in it yet, but I have been to Casey's since it opened. Hannah's never opened . I liked that place.

By gloriapeterson On 2013.07.01 17:17
If it stays in the 100's Steve mostly around air conditioner,Fire danger so might not have fireworks....But we can still hang our flag! ....Oh well everyone have a great fourth,...Just be happy and grateful....

By evets On 2013.07.02 02:35

By evets On 2013.07.03 02:35
Wednesday morning and there is not much activity on the site.
Richard and JP must be covered up with honey do chors.

I check in on Tommy boy on Facebook every once in a while
as far as I can tell he's doing ok.

we don't hear much from Lisa these days

seems to be just you and me Bedge with Gloria peeking in.

By Betty Stromer On 2013.07.03 04:39
Good Morning All,
A cool, rainy, dreary day all day yesterday, but I wouldn't put the heat on.LOL

Not one of you commented on my call from Ernie, guess you aren't interested in any "new" news, so I don't know what else to write about.

I guess they are going to have a few fireworks on the 4th, but the biggest show is always in Aug. for the big Ship and Shore.

I don't have any plans so far, so it will be just another day for me. You all have a great Holiday, since it lands on a Thurs. there are a lot that have to go back to work, so spoils their whole wknd. Have a great day.

Today the Stimulus Package comes from the government, use to be called Social Security check. They act like they are giving us something even tho its OUR money we paid into it all these years. Guess I'm just lucky it still comes.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.07.03 07:32
Sorry about not keeping up with the posts been very busy preparing for the arrival got seven this weekend and ten more in ten days. All that rain sure makes the grass grow spent most of yesterday mowing and getting the pool ready. This is almost like running a hotel. Sorry to hear about ole Ernie but, he's one tuff customer and he still has some good years left I hope. Bedge I don't care what they call it as long as it keeps coming.

By evets On 2013.07.05 02:56
I also paid attention to your Ernie post and I'm glad to see he is still around but I hate it that he's not moble and when a brother passes and you can't go to the funeral. That's got to be disheartning.

JP to have that kind of trial and trouble is a blessing to have so many loved ones that will take a chance and spend that many consecutive days with you. Those people are as tough as Diane has got to be. Don't over do it and if your like me when I have that many kids at the house the pestering begins untill Pam can't stand it and tells me to quit. I love it.

we're getting a heavy dose of rain as well it flooded the entrance to our subdivision and you couldn't get out or in for several hours.

sounds like the song may be true. It's a rainy night in Georgia and I believe it's raining all over the world......................have a great day people.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.07.05 05:14
My son is one of my guests here for the week end and he tells me that have had more rain in NC and SC than they had during the Hurricanes. Had a great fireworks display last night, city really went all out and, for a town of a little over 10K the parade lasted for almost an hour including a B-17 flyover.

By evets On 2013.07.06 08:45
Good thing for you JP that B-17 wasn't a Drone.

By Richard Guhl On 2013.07.06 22:10
Steve: Not sure what happened in Sitka on the 4th. Was out on the briny salmon fishing 6 1/2 days (and nights, anchored up far from town).

By evets On 2013.07.07 03:05
Your boat Richard or someone else? Where is the Briny? Bearing sea?

By Richard Guhl On 2013.07.07 10:06
The Gulf of Alaska Steve. The Bering Sea is 800 miles west of Sitka - at 7 1/2 knots? No way!
My 32 ft Albion is rigged for trolling (salmon) and longline (halibut).
I think the briny is anyplace saltwater.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.07.08 05:39
As you can see Rich, the class of 74 really excelled in geography. I'll bet you can see Russia out your back door TOO!

By evets On 2013.07.11 04:20
Thank you both for taking the time to improve my knowledge of Alaskan geography. I'm forever in your debt.
I just with Ludville was in my rear view mirror after having tangled with the
Gentleman from Arizona and rubbed his nose in the briny ;)

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.07.14 05:33
I went to NB on friday for Tooter Webb's funeral .Well over a hundred in attendance family did a lunch at St. Mary's after the service. Tooter had a lot of friends. Stopped at Bedges at around 3PM and no one home sorry I missed you Bedge .

By Betty Stromer On 2013.07.14 17:13
I just got home from WI, I went to Tooter's wake Thurs eve and then left Fri morn. for the wkn'd to my daughter and granddaughters, with my other daughter, granddaughter and great grandson. so had 2 different 4 generations, it was such a nice time. The 2 little great grandsons, got to know each other, the 11 mos. old one learned to walk up there, so cute to watch. The other is 4 1/2 yrs. old.
Got back today, I sat in the backseat both ways and entertained the little guy when he wasn't sleeping. So I didn't have to drive either way. Hate that traffic past O'Hare and thru Milw. Ugh. but we made it, takes 4 hrs. depending on the traffic.
So, sorry to miss you Pat, there was such a big crowd there at the visitation, he was well liked by everyone.

By evets On 2013.07.15 14:21
I had a lot of fun with Tooter on the railroad. He had a great sense of humor and was always trying to pull one over on me. I hate to hear of his passing but I do appreciate you making us aware of it Pat.

By evets On 2013.07.16 02:51
Got back Sunday night just after midnight from La Grange, Wyoming.

It was a great trip and the Kids worked hard.

We stopped by Mount Rushmore on the way back they had a very nice ceremony in the evening illuminating the mountain, showed a film of how it was carved then they asked all the service men and women in the audience to come down and we honored them and they helped to lower the flag and fold it.

The ranger did a very nice presentation and took time to ask each person of which there were near fifty their name, what branch they served in and some gave their rank. It was well done really enjoyed and came away feeling proud. It was a cap stone to seeing some beautiful Midwest country side, scenery, farm and ranch land. I loved it.

By evets On 2013.07.17 02:48
Hows the crowd doing in Ludvill JP?

By evets On 2013.07.18 02:54
Anyone been swimming in the big pond? what's the water temperature right now?

By Betty Stromer On 2013.07.18 04:59
The beach is loaded with people, I haven't been in it for years, only go to private pools, I won't be seen in a suit anymore, LOL This heat and humidity is killing me, its Lisa weather, not Bedge weather!!!! I hate it.
Well, I went to the new Stray Dog, very good food, but if you want comfort and to visit, no way, it is so noisy you can't hear the person across from you and the seats are hard booths or metal chairs. Jimmies are hard booths too, but not noisy in there. We had a very nice gal Kate who waited on us, so everything is nice. we thought maybe the porch would have been quieter, but she said that was the noisy place and we were in the quiet area. Ha!! so I guess its more for the younger group, not 80 yr. olds. But is nice in there. So go and see for yourself. Very busy and didn't see one face I knew.
Went to Ozzies for ice cream after, that is good. its custard like Culvers, I hadn't been in there for yrs. and of course watching across the street at Redamaks, all you saw were people going in and out, its always busy.
Watered twice yesterday, we need rain!!! maybe this wknd. Ok, guess I've told you the news. You all stay cool.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.07.18 14:15

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