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By jsmitch On 2013.07.31 11:39
Any chance any of the regulars or lurkers have photos of the old waterfront (steel bridge, wood pilings, Guhl's Bait Shop?


By Richard Guhl On 2013.07.31 13:51
Oh boy!!! Somewhere (repeat: SOMEWHERE!) I have pictures of Harold & Georgiana's place north of the bridge and pictures of the big cement block building just over the RR tracks going towards the old box girder bridge over the river................but where I can't quite say at the moment.

By jsmitch On 2013.07.31 17:16
I'm patient Rich - if you run across them, let me know.

By Frank Nichols On 2013.08.03 09:04
I to would very much like to see any photos you may have of the bridge and Guhls bate shop.Before Harold & Georgiana was it your Grandfather that had the bate shope at the end of the bridge,I think he also rented row boats. I grew up in New Buffalo 1944 to 1961

Frank Nichols

By bob sutherland On 2013.08.08 18:43
Several yEARS ago NB published a book that had a picture of Dutch Shaeffer who had the business prior to
bill Guhl. I can't remember if it showed the picture of the steel bridge. Bob Sutherland

By Richard Guhl On 2014.02.24 23:46
Jim: So far I've not been able to find my old photos of Harold & Georgiana's boat dock/bait shop/store over the bridge. I was certain I would find them while getting out/putting away Christmas decorations - but - no luck.

On the other hand, I was astonished by some of the things from New Buffalo there are in my attic. For instance:
1. Guide Book (with a bunch of silver coins) from the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago.
2. "View Book" and numerous brochures from the 1933 Chicago World's Fair.
3. A 1946 map of Berrien County showing each school district and every rural school not within a municipality.
4. the "Chicago American," the "South Bend Tribune," and the "Michigan City News Dispatch" for the day/day after President Kennedy was shot.
Among a lot of other stuff. I will keep looking!!!

By evets On 2014.02.25 03:01
Rich are you a hoarder?

By jsmitch On 2014.02.25 07:52
Grade "A" collectibles!

By Richard Guhl On 2014.02.25 10:56
Speaking of "old photos" - we have a friend here in Sitka (in his 90's) who was the U.S. Army recruiter in Michigan City during 1944 & 1945 after a combat tour in Europe. According to him, as a recruiter his gas wasn't rationed so he had no problem getting around. He believes he has pictures he took of NB back then. He didn't recruit in NB because that was the Benton Harbor recruiter's territory.

By bob sutherland On 2014.02.28 11:26
Hedge I remember that George Boehner,s sister and a swordsman woman were killed a the grand beach railroad crossing years ago. Bob