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By jsmitch On 2013.10.28 16:34
Fresh start for those who do their morning coffee with the gang.

By evets On 2013.10.29 01:37
i do my morning coffee with the group they just don't know it cause they're not up yet. Thanks for starting a new string Jim.

Richard do you ever see Chris Sunquist she has a dance studio on the island of Sitka? She went to NB, graduated in 77 with my Pam. Her sister is in Juno.

By Betty Stromer On 2013.10.29 04:47
Morning All.
I'm ready to go for my Mcds, diet coke, don't drink coffee. Its 36 out, so will have to bundle up a little more today.
Yesterday I planted some mums, filled the birdfeeder, swept leaves away from the front step and watered the begonias. so that was all I did outdoors, it was a nice day in the 50s
I knew Mrs Sunquist, but not the girls, I know she was in a nursing home there.
Nothing else to tell you, only had one little trick or treater and that was my gr.grandson, a cute little scarecrow , almost 15 mos. old. he had fun.

By bzboril On 2013.10.29 08:13
Steve, I think your wife and Kris graduated in 76, maybe even 75. It was not 77. That snow last week was brutal. Glad your wife is OK Tom. Back to more Fall like weather. Highs in the 50's low in the high 30's. The deer are starting to get into their cold weather patterns. Two more weeks and I will be in the UP for 10 days. I always look forward to this trip. Hey Bob S...What is the forecast. Stay warm everyone.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.10.29 08:26
Jim! I really think you should resurrect those old politically incorrect rants I'm sure it would make fodder for future civics scholars,you never know it could become the basis for the next great American novel.Like maybe "All the idiots men."

By Tom S On 2013.10.29 08:35
Ha, I agree JP.
Deer are running here. I work swings, and the drive home at midnight is like an obstacle course. We saw a deer with no eyes the other night and Natalie asked me what that was. I said 'No Ide'er'.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.10.29 10:06
GROANNNNN!!!! Don't quit your day job.

By evets On 2013.10.29 14:53
Tom that was a slame as I've ever heard. I would expect that from Bob Z but not you.

Bob Z your right it was 75 and thanks for making her a little older.

JP rantings is what I thought you did in a normal conversation. a love it!

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.10.29 16:17
Just think Steve in years to come you can tell your Grand children that you had the rare privilege to have known one of the greatest orators (JPT) of all times and to think that you even attended his Alma-Mater. I'm sure they will just revel at the fact that their Grandpa had been present for such a momentous occasion during his lifetime.

By Richard Guhl On 2013.10.29 21:24
Steve, glad to know you admit your mistake(s) when they're pointed out by adults. Indeed Kris Sundquist Fulton told me she was a member of the class of 1975. Also, yes, she (more or less) runs a Celtic Dance Studio and teaches the subject.

By evets On 2013.10.30 01:56
Richard adults is a bit of a stretch. You children of the corn fall just a bit short of adulthood but that being said I do enjoy the atempt at thwarting the success of the class of 1974.
Might I suggest you take atvantage of the Celtic dance class Richard I can invision your feet of flames tapping across the stage at the sitka outdoor amphatheater. They do have one don't they?

JP I will tell my grandchildren of your notoriety among the geritol crowd but to get them to focus on anything outside the class of 74 is difficult as it is with anyone. The only two I know of that have a hard time focusing on anything is Bob Z and Tommy Boy :)

By Tom S On 2013.10.30 07:45
What? Huh?

By bob sutherland On 2013.10.30 18:21
Bo b Z- there has been very little snow here in the UP. The temps are in the 30s,40s and 50s with morning frosts. When are you comongLater up here ? Later in a week or so I can tell you more about the forecasts. Bob S

By evets On 2013.10.31 01:45
Bob S tell him there is deep snow and tracks galore. Lure him up to the UP and take away his GPS the lower peninsula will enjoy peace and quiet for months as he finds his way back hehehehehe

Why can't we all just get along? :)

By bzboril On 2013.10.31 05:28
focus?? Isn't that a car??
Bob S. We will be heading north on the 9th. I will give you a shout before we leave for a first hand weather briefing. Thanks. Stay dry. Looks like a nice gully washer here in good ole NB.

By evets On 2013.11.01 01:40
The question on my mind is will that gully washer turn into a blizzard? One can only hope and that it reaches as far as ........well...........all I'll say is it's in Arizona.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.11.01 05:50
Thanks Steve, We had a terrible cold snap this morning it got down to 49 but,I'm sure we will be back in 70s by 9AM. We could really use one of those gully washers out here just to settle the dust. We had a 17 car pile up Wednesday killed 3 people and shut westbound I-10 for 6 hours.

By evets On 2013.11.03 04:44
that's a bad accident.

I heard on the radio that Atlanta was the 9th most dangerous city to live in.
Tommy Boy put your badge back on and strap your Smith and Wesson to your oversized thigh and get down here.

Went quail hunting for the first time the other day. I enjoyed it. we used some expensive 20 gage shotguns. double barrel over and under. I couldn't hit a think but I enjoyed watching those english pointers work and just being out in the fresh air and woods for a day.

By Richard Guhl On 2013.11.03 22:38
Stevie-boy: You might be interested to know Port Alsworth had the highest temperature in the state today (Sunday). T'was a balmy 50 degrees there.

By evets On 2013.11.04 02:42
Richard how are these kids going to build endurence if you keep Arizona temperatures year round. Let's drop below zero and pile up the snow it's time.

Bedge Bert is in a St Joe hospital after having sergury. I'm not sure just how he's doing Pammy tried to talk with him yesterday but his medication has him screwed up and he's in and out and not making a lot of sense.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.11.04 10:17
10 AM and it's already 80 degrees life is tough.I think where Rich is it doesn't get that cold must have something to do with the Japanese currant. We had a small shower Saturday night but other than that it's been clear and comfortable since we came back . Lisa weather!

By Richard Guhl On 2013.11.04 21:33
Steve: Port Alsworth topped the state again today @ 46 degrees. Your friends must have brought the "warm" weather with them.

By bob sutherland On 2013.11.04 21:47
Bob Z- There will be snow in the UP but the temperatures will be in the 30s and 40s next week, Bob S Evets- I will remember Bert in my prayers. Bob S

By evets On 2013.11.05 02:39
Thank you Bob S you must have been praying Pam talk to Bert yesterday and he was much better she said.

Leaves are turning here but due to a dry spell they are turning quickly. Temperatures are dropping and it's windy. I love it.

Snow, howling winds, deep drifts, sub zero temps and complete white outs forecast for the Tuzson area this winter. Break out the woolies JP.

Richard have you done any dog sledding?

Bobby Z how about sending a little deer jerky my way?

By Tom S On 2013.11.05 09:32
I'm on my way, Stevie. I have my dad's 357 S&W, that I used my first year on the streets of Benton Harbor.
Then I'm going down to Tucson and cleaning up that cow town.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.11.05 10:14
Tom ,I'm sure this cowtown as you call it (pop.750K) could use some Dirty Harry types as the drugs and gang bangers are starting to get out of control.If your a cop in Tucson chances are 1 in 6 that at least once during your career you will have to drop the hammer on a bad guy. I've noticed that these guy's never aim for the kneecap either,if you pull a gun on a cop here in Tucson you have have pretty much signed your own death warrant.Now than if your a member of the Pima county sheriff dept you have an area almost as large as half the size of Michigan,like 8100 square miles, with elevations ranging from 1750 feet to a little over 10000 feet so dressing for the job sometimes makes it quite a challenge.

By evets On 2013.11.06 02:50
Tommy when you get to that cowtown the first thing you want to do is get all them wintertime sqwaters out of there. Tie them to a beefalo headed toward Ludville and ask one very special one if he feels lucky? Well do ya punk?

Bedge how are ya? Bert got out of the hospital and I guess he's doing ok.
thanks for the prayers for the old guy. We kind of like him. Then we kind of like JP too.

By Betty Stromer On 2013.11.06 08:47
Hi All,
Sorry to hear about Bert, glad he is ok, I'm down since Friday, haven't been out of the house, guess I was going too much and now paying for it. Hope to feel better and get back out to Mcds by Fri and see the gang.
Jim Kelly has been in hospital too, he was in Berts class and Larry Lynch is also in hospital, so our gang is falling apart out there. Guess we have to realize how old we are and act our age instead of going so much.
Leaves are falling and its in the 50s and rainy out. Ok, you all stay well.
I had a lot to read, haven't even had the energy to get on here.

By bzboril On 2013.11.06 10:35
Jim, So sorry to hear about your fathers passing. From his obituary he seemed like he lead a very full and diversified life. Prayers from our family to all of you.

Bob S. Thanks for the weather forecast. We will be in the UP on Saturday.

Steve, next time your in town look me up, maybe I can spare some jerky.

By Tom S On 2013.11.06 14:45
JP, I've already 'dropped the hammer' so I'd be ahead of the game. Now, I need a plan to get those squatters outa there. Need room for my cattle.
Stevie, I could use a good deputy. We'll call you the Georgia Kid.

By evets On 2013.11.07 02:26
Tommy maybe more like hot lead and cold feet or the apple dumpling gang or Augie Doggie and his Doggie Daddy either way we'll clean up that cow town of all the cow plop in it. What say?

JP I'm flying to KC this morning are you close enough to drive up and have a cup of joe with an old adversary?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.11.07 06:35
Why not Steve it's only about 950 miles one way!

By Betty Stromer On 2013.11.07 12:28
Just wondered if you all read facebook and saw that Jim lost his Dad yesterday?? Unexpected the way it sounds, I didn't know him, but knew his Mom.
Our prayers are with you Jim and you know how much we all love how you let us all act up on this post. thinking of you and your family, Bedge

By gloriapeterson On 2013.11.07 14:24
Sorry about your dad Jim,May God bless your family with peace.

By evets On 2013.11.08 03:34
Jim my prayers go up for your family. Very sorry to hear of your loss.

JP thank you for at least the look at Map quest it show's you wanted to.

By bob sutherland On 2013.11.08 18:15
Jim- I extend to you and yours my deepest sympathy. Bob Sutherland

By evets On 2013.11.11 02:44
Beautiful weather weekend here in Geeeeeeorgia. Fall colors are nice leaves are falling. Day time high in the 60s with cool nights in the upper 30s to low 40s.

Looking forward to the holiday season of friends, family and good food. If you don't have any of those three to look forward to please come join us at our house we would love to have you. We are more than happy to add one more cup of water to the soup, peel one more potatoe or increase the weight of the bird by a couple pounds or more.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.11.11 06:27
I suppose Ernie would ask if you had some extra Opossum pie!

By Tom S On 2013.11.11 09:09
We're under a snow warning. Hmmm Georgia, or Zona? Who's gotta couch till March?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.11.11 09:26
Can you take out the trash on Thursdays?

By evets On 2013.11.12 02:45
Pole cat would the pie of choice for old Ernie.

Tommy you might as well stay at old NB you would make it at my house. There is no laying around. I've told Pammy I don't know why we have furniture you can't sit you have to stay moving all the time from one project to the next.

Snow warning I love it. Down to 20 here tonight and highs only in the 40s tomorrow.

27 and light snow in NB this morning. Heck head toward Sitka its 43 degrees there right now. A heat wave

By Betty Stromer On 2013.11.12 05:45
Morning All,
Your right Steve, 27 and about 3 in. of snow. Guess I can get out of the garage and drive thru that. LOL
Well, the Vets got their free breakfast at Mcds yesterday morn. and then later I went to Applebees with a few friends and they got free meal there . Plus we got candy at Capt.Dans in city, that is how they honored them. Nice day for all. It wasn't a nice day out tho. crappy, rainy, half snowy and miserable.
Ok, I'm getting ready for my daily outing. Everyone stay well.

By Tom S On 2013.11.12 09:43
JP, I'm supposed to take the trash out on Thursday here, but i usually forget.
Stevie, I've got a list of projects I was going to do over the summer. Oh well, maybe next year.
We have 6in of snow so far. All the Chicago stations are in NB. 94 is closed at Benton Harbor, 31 is closed to South Bend. I'm heading to sunny Sitka.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.11.12 10:02
At 10:00 AM in Tucson it's 81 degrees and still climbing just a nice breeze about 10 MPH I guess it's time to turn the cooler back on.

By Richard Guhl On 2013.11.12 11:01
Sitka sunny???? Well, maybe above 10,000 ft. Steve was correct, 43 degrees this morning but he forgot to mention the rain.

Buff City was on "The Weather Channel" again this morning here. Meteorologist Mike Sidel was giving live feeds to the station when I clicked on the TV with my first cup of coffee.

3 weeks till trapping season and not a fleck of snow on the ground yet. Could be a slim year.

By evets On 2013.11.13 02:44
JP that's just wrong to tont and torment others with your 80 degree weather. But then you were just sharing information and unaware of the added benefit.

Richard what are you trapping and how much are the pelts bringing or do you do something else with them?

Tommy just 6 inches and the roads are closed? Are you people getting soft that's not the Michiganders I know. That's liable to prevent Bob Z from getting to the UP to get lost.

By Betty Stromer On 2013.11.13 05:58
Its 19 out this morning, but going to be sunny, I told you we got 3 in. and guess it was 6, never was good at measuring anything. Suppose to be in high 50s by Sun, so all of this will be gone.
Everyone stay well and enjoy each day.
Our granddaughters hubby is in hospital with viral meningitis, scary, but they caught it quickly, so hope he gets out of ICU and into his own room today. Wonder how you get that???

By Richard Guhl On 2013.11.13 13:08
Steve: My primary target is Pine Marten (North American Sable). Incidental to them, I get mink, ermine and an occasional River Otter. Last season I averaged $170 apiece for marten, $32.50 for mink. The ermine I send to the University of Alaska/Fairbanks. They pay $25 for each specimen as part of their state-wide DNA study of the little critters. The river otters I barter with local native crafts-people who create "tourist items" with the pelts. Any other small mammal I might get incidentally I call UAF to see if they want it. For instance, I got a bat in one of my traps last year. Turns out they wanted it as part of a bat rabies study(?). They didn't pay me anything but they did pay Alaska Airlines to express ship it to Fairbanks the same day I called.

Just a little something to do during December & January.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2013.11.13 15:09
Rich! you sound like a 21st century version of Jeremiah Johnson.

By evets On 2013.11.14 03:45
Bedge I'll be praying for your granddaughter's hubby and his recovery.

Richard how lucrative is the trapping buisiness do you get a pretty good haul for a two month period? How much would UAF give for some old hide from Arizona of the Cirmudgin type.

Warmed up a little and they're talking about 70 degree weather this weekend. I imagine AZ will be hot hot hot JP.

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