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By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.04.01 20:07
Spring has sprung the grass has rizz I wonder where the birdies is??

By evets On 2014.04.02 02:17
JP the birdies are on the golf course. I think getting an earlier start to Ludville is a grand idea. I wouldn't mind a few of those morels myself.

What happen to Mikie did his puter crash I wonder or was the class of 74 just to much macho for him?

Let's all go down to the big lake and stick our toes in the water.

By Betty Stromer On 2014.04.02 04:34
Good Morning All
34 this morning, and sun is coming up so pretty.
Steve, Mike is in CA visiting, so said he won't be on too much.
JP, glad your coming back, 90 would be waaayy too much for me, you can put on layers when it's cold out, but can't take enough off , at least not me , in public and be decent, LOL
Stay well everyone. It's nice seeing the robins again and the snow piles gone.

By evets On 2014.04.03 01:57
Speaking of piles...........JP how are you? how's those knees doing?

Richard what's going on up in the great north west?

I'm in Florida right now and the humidity is low so it's 85 but pleasant.

Well just checking in on the gang so see ya later.

Bob Z what kind of road kill is on the Barbie these days?

By Betty Stromer On 2014.04.03 04:50
Morning All,
39 outside, thunderstorm and I have a headache, good start of the day so far.

By Richard Guhl On 2014.04.03 08:46
Stevie-boy, I'm in Anchorage at my daughter's place these days. 21 degrees this morning and not a cloud in the sky. We're laying out plans for this year's moose hunt in September.
Quite a change from the weather at Svejda's in California just a few days ago!

By evets On 2014.04.05 02:18
Richard which would you rather have? The California weather or 21 degrees and not a cloud in the sky?

They said on the Chicago side of the lake the snow was all but gone for the first time in months is that true on the east side as well?

Have a excellent day folks its a great day for a trip to McDs for coffee.

By evets On 2014.04.07 01:23
Spring has sprung and everyone must be out side racking the yard and planting a daffodil or two.

By Betty Stromer On 2014.04.07 04:53
Went for a nice ride, everyone raking and burning, some crocus and daffodils are already up. Lake is open, lotsa fishermen in boats and on the banks. SOOOOO maybe spring is on its way, suppose to be nice by this wknd. but a little rain in between.
Dana Carlson, funeral was so nice and very big and crowded. I got to see so many people I haven't seen in ages. Sad we have to meet at places like that tho., but she wanted it to be fun, not sad.

By evets On 2014.04.08 01:12
Bedge .........was Bro at the funeral and if so how is he?

JP............from the sounds of Bedge's post you can head back early and enjoy a little more of the great state.

Bob Z what seems to be happening are you one of the fisherman Bedge mentioned?

By Betty Stromer On 2014.04.08 04:38
Morning All,
Still a little dark, so don't know what to expect the day to be like, yesterday was a dreary day.
Yes, Bro was at the funeral and his Aunt Sharon from TX and Uncle Tom from VA,[I think] Bro is fine, his cute little wife Terri is doing good from her cancer, I was so pleased to see how good she looked.
Boy, storms down south from you Steve, my son and wife are in FL, but it didn't go down that far, thank goodness. Nature has sure done a lot of damage of all kinds this last year hasn't it? I still say God is trying to tell us to get our lives in order and behave.
Everyone have a good day, nothing planned for me today Gloria or yesterday, so I did a few things in the house, busy Wed, Thurs. and Fri . tho. LOL going out to eat 3 days in a row and to the Dr.
Stay well All.

By bzboril On 2014.04.08 08:10
I have been able to catch a few trout in the river. George and his son got out on the big water Saturday. They caught 2 very small coho. Water temp only 35.5. We need to be in that 38 to 40 range before the fish really turn on. My guess is a couple more weeks. Hopefully before the end of April. No road kill on the menu this week. A lot of work around the house, as usual. Messes everywhere from burning wood for the last 6 months. Crocuses have finally bloomed. Daffodils in a couple more weeks. Ground temps almost as cold as the water. Looks like a late year for mushrooms too. My guess, again, would be the end of the month. We need some warm nights. 60 during the day is great, but 32 at night just doesn't warm things up. Think Spring.

By gloriapeterson On 2014.04.08 09:32
Haha Bedge you wrote my name ,don't know if you meant to. But glad your doing good. And I agree with you on what you said! We are finally getting warm enough to work in the yard. Been a long cool season. Even getting caught playing Face book games.70s this week, wish it would stay there and not get warmer.....Have a great day everyone!!!

By Betty Stromer On 2014.04.08 15:58
You had written that I was such a busy gal, so thought I would let you know what I was doing, LOL

By evets On 2014.04.09 01:14
Bob Z.........when do the smelt start running? Man I used to eat the heck out of those and they were the only fish my kids would eat, that and smoked oysters.
I remember them running in grand beach creek so thick you thought you could scoop them up with your hands.

Bedge I wasn't aware that Bro's wife was sick I'm glad to hear she's doing well.

JP.. Just a reminder to take your meds today.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.04.09 06:51
Not to worry Stevie maybe when you get a little older and wiser (now there's an oxymoron for you) you put all those little goodies in a small tray at the breakfast table. Those big time smelt runs ended years ago with the advent of the Salmon but, back in the day it was really amazing.

By evets On 2014.04.10 02:34
I see no more alewives or what ever they were called washing up and rotting on the beach and no more other small fish such as delicious smelt. Couldn't those Coho have been selective?
Thanks for the info Mr. Tyron

By bzboril On 2014.04.12 03:05
Like JP said, those days are gone. Last smelt I caught was while we we perch fishing about 3 years ago in May. Last year we caught several salmon that were full of smelt. this year might have a run. Water levels are up. It always used to be around the 29th of April. If we start catching fish with smelt in them, we will check the creeks. Last year a lot of fish full of small goby. So much for "nothing will eat those little bas***ds" Nature has a way of evening out the playing field. Enjoy this weather.

By evets On 2014.04.13 04:25
80 degrees this weekend. It must be getting warmer in Michigan as well. Come on JP your getting behind on your yard work in Ludville.

Bob Z how's your neighbor Mr. Bates doing these days?

Bob can put the cross country skis away for the summer.

By bob sutherland On 2014.04.13 15:50
Evets we have a little snow forecast this week. We have heavy snow storms in April. It snowed 8 inches on mother's day in 1960 Bob s

By evets On 2014.04.14 02:04
Keep that snow coming Bob at least till JP gets there. I want him to have some of it. We are dropping from 80 back to the 30s this week so let the snow fall.

have a great day all.................maybe we can all meet Bedge out at McDs

By Betty Stromer On 2014.04.14 04:57
I'm on my way there now, its 38 here this morning, so had to change coats again, Oh well.
Everyone have a good one and stay well.

By bzboril On 2014.04.14 07:21
Steve, George is doing good. He is enjoying retirement. Dan Garrison and him got their limit of coho last Thursday. I was stuck working. North winds for a few days. That will keep the temps down and Lake rough. Hoping by the end of the week to be back fishing.
Cut and split a couple of cords of wood this weekend. I burned about 1 and a half times the wood I would have normally used.
Hang in there Bob S. We didn't think spring would ever show up down here. But it has.

By bob sutherland On 2014.04.14 14:41
Events and Bob z all the schools in our area were closed today because of a heavy snowstorm. Bob s

By evets On 2014.04.15 01:53
Bob Z..........had you not wanted to be the baby of the family you might be enjoying retirement right now too or close to it but no you just had to be the youngest.

Bob S............schools closed for snow storms in April? I love it. Hope it makes it down to Ludville in time to meet JP as he arrives.

Bedge did you see me sitting in the corner at McDs I wondered why you didn't come over and talk to me............................Just kidding I would have made a bee line for you had I been there.

Why can't we just all get along?

By Betty Stromer On 2014.04.15 04:37
Hi All,
Good morning to everything white again, back to my booty shoes, LOL and a warmer coat, I wouldn't even look at the temp cause they said it would be cold this morning, just dressing with warmer clothes.
No exciting news to tell, Geo.Behner is still in FL nursing home, he won't accept cards or visitors, can't walk or talk good, so they will bring him back here when he is a little better. I know Geo. and to him this isn't living, so I bet he isn't even trying to go on and I don't blame him.
Well off to my old stomping grounds, TATA

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.04.15 21:22
Take Heart Bedge we should be on our way back in two weeks so no more snow guaranteed. I see our Cop killer spent three days at Jackson and then committed suicide before he could be put in the general population. On the bright side he opted to be an organ donor so it least some will benefit from this terrible tragedy.

By evets On 2014.04.16 01:40
JP...........Whenever I think of you traveling back and forth from AZ to MI in my minds eye I always see you in a truck like the Clampits drove loaded down with the junk you haul back and forth with you. Is my imagination that far off?

Snow snow snow.......................they call it the winter water wonderland and rightfully so.

Love ya

By Betty Stromer On 2014.04.16 04:35
Snow is gone, but its 28 out, so still cold and was yesterday too, cold wind.
Up and ready for my Mds, went to Casino yesterday with another gal, both lost, but had wonderful salad and onion rings at the Timbers in the Casino. So a nice day.
Everyone stay well, JP, have a nice trip home, maybe see ya in a couple weeks.
My daughter, grand and great are taking off tomorrow to go to Tenn. hope the weather will be good for their little trip and they have fun. I think its Gatlinburg, my Son says its nice there.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.04.16 07:11
You pretty much got it right Steve, I do have a small utility trailer that we use, as the dogs need pretty much of the back of the Land Cruiser.Don't forget this is a six month move also.

By bob sutherland On 2014.04.18 18:01
I do not ever remember school being closed because of snow. Maybe hedge can verify this. Herr in the up we have lot of this year. Bob s

By Betty Stromer On 2014.04.19 04:42


Bob, I don't remember schools being closed either, whoever could make it came, but when I had my kids, they use to close it.

By bob sutherland On 2014.04.19 19:41
Happy Easter to all. Christ is risen. Bob s

By evets On 2014.04.20 03:42
Thank you for that Bob S He is RISEN in deed.

All...........please keep Bert and the family in your prayers. Bert's oldest Renae
died suddenly yesterday. Bert and Pam are traveling back today. I'll be right behind them.

By Betty Stromer On 2014.04.20 04:48
I'm so sorry to hear that, is she the one in MI.City? I really didn't know any of their children, just met you thru this post.
It is so hard to lose a child, we are suppose to go first.
My prayers are with them.

By bob sutherland On 2014.04.20 17:32
Events please convey my sympathy to Bert and family. Bob s

By evets On 2014.04.21 04:05
Bedge....Bob S thank you and I will pass your sympathy on to Bert.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.04.21 19:45
Hi Bedge I see in the obits that Helen Pokorny passed, was she some one you knew I went to school with her younger brother Dick. I remember their dad Charley had a big plumbing place in NB.

By Betty Stromer On 2014.04.22 04:35
Morning all,
Sun shining but cooler today, it's 40 now and going to be 48.
JP. Helen was Charlie's sister and Dick her nephew, she was a neighbor of my Dick and use to help when Dick's Mom had school teachers living there room and board and Helen would run over and help feed them.
She was 89 like Dick was, so I didn't go to school with her.
GEE, did you hear how Lisa Tierney got hit by a truck on her moped yesterday, broken hip, femur out of hip socket and bad concussion, they transferred her to S.Bend to Memorial for surgery. I sure hope she will do ok. We just never know do we. And Bert Shedd's oldest daughter Renae died suddenly.
Everyone take care and be safe.

By gloriapeterson On 2014.04.22 11:11
Will pray for Lisa, and yours too Steve. Everyone stay safe!!!

By evets On 2014.04.23 16:07
Wow I'll sure pray for Lisa. that's terrible and she'll be out of work for who knows how long.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.04.26 08:04
Looks like everyone has a case of writers cramp. Steve Please accept our condolences for of the loss of Pam's sister. Sure hope lisa is doing well people just don;t seem watch out for two wheeler's. Just four more days til we're on our way back to Ludville, still only a trace of rain since the start of the year here. This could be the worst fire season in history. I know some say that global warming is junk science but, it's alive and well in the West and southwest.

By evets On 2014.04.27 04:13
Thank you JP it was sudden and unexpected to it was a tough time and to add to the hurt and turmoil Pam and her dad got seriously rear ended on their way to the funeral home.
I had to rush to the scene of the accident so they could keep going and get to the funeral home. they were in the rental car I had gotten. I stayed with the accident and had to get a replacement rental to be able to leave the next morning and I missed the whole visitation but just made it to the service.

Pam had a rough time and took the loss very hard.

I did get to go to McDs and get a hug and warm welcome from Bedge who unlike JP was glad to see me. We had a cup of coffee and caught up a little on what was happening in NB.

After that I went down to David's with my sister and brother in law had another cup of coffee and ran into Brian Kissman and caught up for another 2 hours as well as discussed some politics and what is wrong with the world and people like JP. It was a good mix Bert Jr the liberal from the teamsters, Brian the middle of the road moderate and stevie boy the ultra conservative. We didn't settle a thing the perfect example of gridlock.

Well Pray for the Shedd family but save some prayer time for the many others we know that need God's love and help.

JP you and Diane travel safe and fire up your Mac at ludville and get back on here soon as possible cause you can't go too many days without a good brow beating from me.

By Betty Stromer On 2014.04.27 08:05
HI All,
Well I had surprise company Fri, I knew Pam was coming, but she brought my 2 Granddaughters with her. We had a blast and busy couple days, they left early this morning.
Like you Steve, our Pam had an accident on the way here in Chicago. Nobody hurt, but her car is a mess, but she could drive it. the whole front is bad, hood sticking up, lights crooked, all just pushed up and in. Just hope she gets home ok, and the hood doesn't open up on way home .
So good to see you Steve, I know it was a hard time for you, Pam and Bert and family, terrible thing to have to go thru. I Had a houseful last night with kids and we were going over losing Dick and their stories about it. good and bad memories of how he suffered or funny stories.
Got to go to Pizza Hut, Redamaks and Casino. so I'm tired, LOL
Ok, you all stay safe, I'm sitting here waiting for a call that my girls all got home ok.

By evets On 2014.04.28 01:45
Sorry to hear about the wreck and trust they made it back fine.

We had a nice surprise on the way home driving through Louisville we got a call from our son and found out at the right time he was working in Louisville so we pulled off and spent a little time with him. His mother needed that.
God is good.

Take care NB web friends :)

By gloriapeterson On 2014.04.28 09:40
Wow, so sorry all that's happened, Pray Gods protection on all....Hard to lose loved ones. But your right Steve, God is Good!!

By evets On 2014.04.29 02:06
Thank you Gloria.

Bedge ...........did your daughter make it back to Wisconsin ok?

JP............must be headed east by north east.

Bob Z.........Tommy..........he's coming

Tom how is Lisa doing? Can we get an update?

By Betty Stromer On 2014.04.29 04:34
HI All,
51 and sort of hazy or foggy and looks like it maybe raining a little.
Steve, yes , girls got home ok, took the car in yesterday, so I'm anxious to hear what all the damage will cost, Ugh.
Was it your car that got damaged or the rental one?
JP and Diane, take care now, you hear all of our accidents over here., so drive carefully.
Anyone hit by the storms?? , those poor people, they have nothing left.
Stay well and safe everyone,

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.04.29 11:58
Got the covered wagon all packed and the horse is all tuned up and ready for the 2000 mile trek. We will be blasting out of here on Thursday AM should be in Michigan by Sat. PM. Will be keeping a weather eye out along the way as this is tornado season and we pass within 20 miles of the one yesterday.

By bob sutherland On 2014.04.29 13:41
We had about four inches of snow today. I wonder when spring will arrive? B0b s

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