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By evets On 2014.08.13 02:17
Hello good neighbor :)

How the heck are ya anyway?

By Betty Stromer On 2014.08.13 04:23
Hi Steve,
This neighbor is hanging in there, its 63 out and I will be off to Mcds. and then haircut day.
Everyone have a good day, sun is out and no rain today.

By evets On 2014.08.14 01:44
High of 86 today but I could feel just a little temperature drop this morning 0340 as I left for work................Yes Bob Z 0340................I'm a real farmer.

Supposed to be going to the Braves VS Dodgers today for an off site meeting

JP don't be afraid It's only me.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.08.14 04:57
Surely you jest Steve, I was just waiting for you to make an intelligent comment.

By evets On 2014.08.15 01:45
JP don't wait by now you have figured out intelligent comments from me are far and few between. So embrace my ignorance, because even the ignorance of the class of 74 is a cut above the rest.

Would you agree with that COREY? haha

I shared on the NBHS class of 74 FB page an idea for a reunion I got from a coworker that is traveling to Bakersfield for her 20th. They will attend a high school football game and then have lunch the next day. I think that's a great idea..........................what say Corey? Let's get the NBHS home schedule.
And of course anyone on this site is welcome to sit with us.

Maybe Friday night lights at a home game and then the Salty dog for lunch after my 9AM visit to McDs.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.08.15 08:39
Now then Steve the ignorance part is what I would classify as a profound statement.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.08.16 04:38
Today marks my three thousandth entry on this forum. This forum has a very unique quality that has given three or four generations on NBHS alumni a venue to interact and have their opinions aired without an excessive amount of blood letting, I have met and exchanged ideas with first strangers,now new friends.It's hard to believe that over thirteen years have passed since my first entry,sadly to say quite a few of the more prolific writers have passed also. Thanks Jim ,for the memories. MY MISTAKE FUNNY HOW THOSE SIXES LOOK LIKE NINES WHEN YOU GET OLDER!!

By Betty Stromer On 2014.08.16 07:04
Hi Pat and Diane , Hope to see you this afternoon, I will be home between 3:30 and 4, so hope that works out for us.

By evets On 2014.08.16 16:35
Well said JP..................well said

By bob sutherland On 2014.08.16 16:46
Ernie was the oldest but he has not been this site for awhile b stronger is a 47 grad and I am a 48 grad my kindle must not always print names properly so pardon the typos
I also like that this site spans 4 generations. Bob s

By evets On 2014.08.17 02:46
Bedge surely to goodness JP and Diane aren't heading back to AZ all ready?

Bob S don't worry about the typos as phonetically challenged as JP and Richard are it won't matter and they are never too hard for a 1974 grad to figure out what you meant. As for Bob Z .......well as they say in NY City.........Fa-get-about-it.

If Tommy boy or Bro were still on most definitely we would have to get a kindergarten teacher to do some tutoring.

I know Corey looks in but you don't have near the typos he had when he was sports writing.

By evets On 2014.08.19 01:05
I'm over in Hamlet, NC for a couple of days on business and wouldn't you know it I get here and they have the hottest day all year.

it looked like temperatures in Michigan were cooling off a bit.

I've also noticed in the last week that I'm getting a fair amount of leaves falling already. ..................strange

What say ye good citizens?

By Betty Stromer On 2014.08.19 04:22
Morning All,
Suppose to be a hot day, high humidity today and maybe rain,. we will see how it all goes.
Steve, you really travel a lot, out West and now this trip, "ON the Road Again" always liked that song.
Haven't heard how Pat and Diane enjoyed their night out and if he got his pork chop or not, hope the food was good and friends fun.
Richard is back home, probably hunting or fishing for the winter .
I'm just doing the Mcds thing and going to the Dr. etc. OH, I did get a tour of the new Library yesterday, it is beautiful!!!! I went down in the new elevator but took the stairs back up, 21 of them, so got my exercise while viewing it all. NB should be very proud.

By bzboril On 2014.08.19 09:05
Yes Bedge, the Library is beautiful. The wife and I went to the Grand opening on Saturday. Everyone involved should be proud. I know that my mother is smiling while looking down. She was on the Library Board for a lot of years when they were trying to make the new facility happen. Steve, my sumac are turning red, walnut leaves starting to fall. Not sure , but I think it might be an early fall. Time will tell. Water temps still warm, hoping to catch some perch before the cool weather comes. For those of you that enjoy the hot weather, enjoy, the next week is supposed to be in the high 80's. Bring on Fall. I am ready.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.08.19 11:47
Bedge !, the Pork Chops were superb,service was good and not quite as expensive as I had expected. A really good time was had by all. Starting to cool here a bit in Ludville and we had a real cloudburst last night about three inches. Have four pots of tomatoes planted and they are just starting to get ripe,I had almost forgotten how real tomatoes were supposed to taste. Just a little over six weeks til we go back ,seems like we just got here,must be part of the ageing thing years really starting to zip by now.

By evets On 2014.08.20 03:36
Bedge don't worry about JP getting any pork chops to eat if he really gets an appetite for one he can always eat the one hanging around his neck. The one he wears to get Bob Z to play with him.

Have a nice 1974 day good friends.

By Betty Stromer On 2014.08.20 04:37
Hi All,
We missed the rain, boy 3 in, is a lot, I know my Pam got it in WI too.
No news here, just the usual Mcd's. Suppose to be a hot one today and all week. It's Lisa weather, LOL
Glad the pork chops were good and a fun evening, good seeing you both.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.08.20 09:34
Just so you will know for future reference I had the Pork Chops at the Heston supper club,It was my first visit, probably not my last.We had a 50th anniversary party for Paul and Judy Wolf along with other members of class of "59" a very pleasant evening was had by all.

By gloriapeterson On 2014.08.20 11:26
Joe, when Bedge said pork chop I knew what was coming! He can't help it....Finally starting to cool a little here, triple digits not for me....I love Fall...Rain sounds good... Be safe everyone!

By evets On 2014.08.20 15:53
Your right Gloria. I have grown rather fond of that old timer but I just can't help it when he leaves the door wide open.

I am glad you were able along with Diane to attend a 50th wedding anniversary that's a big deal.

getting storms here right now and some good rain.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.08.20 16:13
Keep an eye on the water levels Steve as we've had some really freak storms all around the country. Phoenix and Tucson had severe flooding the last few days . I talked to a friend of mine up on Long Island,NY and he was telling me two nights ago they had a ten inch downpour in about three hours he tells me he has three and a half feet of water in his basement.Less than two years for my 50th half a century by golly that's a long time.

By evets On 2014.08.21 01:42
It can be signs of the times, strange weather in diverse places.

I thought with the leaves falling this early that we may be in for an early fall but some expert on the radio said that if you have a dry spell and then all of a sudden significant rain fall leaves will die and fall off giving an early fall impression.

What have you planned for your 50th JP?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.08.21 06:03
At this point in time just getting there would be great.Maybe a trip to Europe,Poland or Turkey.

By Betty Stromer On 2014.08.21 07:41
HI All,
Its misting outside and dreary, but I think we needed it.
Our 50th was a nice party with friends, I never had a reception for our wedding, so to me this was my wedding reception, with the wedding cake and all. All our grands, greats, and family and friends were there, it was wonderful!!!! That was my goal, to make 50, my folks never did, plus we made 14 more after that, so got to see new little greats come along. I've had a wonderful life!!!!

By evets On 2014.08.22 01:36
And we are blessed to be able to spend a little of it with you even through this web site.

By evets On 2014.08.23 02:21
HOT< HOT< HOT in Atlanta. Hopefully it's tolerable in the great north.

Have not heard much from the ice road trucker since he returned to the Alaskan wilderness.

Haven't heard much from a few folks.

You have heard from Stevie though and are better for it.

A young man that works with me he and his wife have 3 little girls and his youngest Charlie had a tumor found that had grown out of her second rib and connected to her lung about the size of a base ball. They removed the tumor, the rib and part of the lung. she's doing fine now but the pathology report came back yesterday. she has Leiomyosarcoma. A rare cancer, only about 20 cases a year in the US. It's going to be a tough road for a while so if you do spend time on your knees please remember little Charlie.

By Betty Stromer On 2014.08.23 04:17
Will do, not on my knees, tho, can't get up:} Bless her heart.
Hot here too, my kids are on their way from WI, took the long way around over the lake, so making a nice trip out of it. Will get here sometime this afternoon.
You all have a great wknd.

By gloriapeterson On 2014.08.23 10:59
Will Remember to pray for
little Charlie Steve.

By evets On 2014.08.24 03:48
Thanks Ladies

JP I think a winter in Michigan is a lovely idea. Let me know how it goes.

By Richard Guhl On 2014.08.24 13:17
Steve: Since returning from Buff City we spent several days doing maintenance out at our remote cabin and then I was out salmon fishing for a week. Situation normal as "they" say.

By bob sutherland On 2014.08.24 18:36
Events I will remember your friend in my prayers but not on my knees. It is hard for me to get up. Bob s

By evets On 2014.08.25 01:39
Bob S it's all about relationship on your knees is not necessary.

Richard Glad you were able to get back to such a hum drum life.

Well when I retire next year my company provided lap top doesn't go with me so I have been wondering what kind and brand of device to get. I'm leaning toward an I Pad with key board. Any suggestions?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.08.25 08:08
Gee Steve I can't believe that I survived the first half century of my life with out a cell phone.

By evets On 2014.08.26 02:11
JP I just can't believe you survived the first half century...........period :)

Your a pretty good fellow JP I don't care what Richard says.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.08.26 16:01
Thanks Steve but, I think I like you better when you're surly.

By evets On 2014.08.27 01:48
Surly not?

JP I'm trying hard to turn over a new leaf, but your making it difficult.
let's go back to the beginning shall we? If you remember I'm from the class of 1974. Now as you all know the class of 1974 has no equal. We are with out a doubt the greatest graduating class of all time. I am an ambassador for the class with class. The pinnacle of graduating greatness.

1974.............say it loud and there's music playing.........say it soft and it's almost like praying..................1974...............1974..........1974 :)

By Betty Stromer On 2014.08.27 04:32
That was soft in the end , I almost fell asleep, like being hypnotized, LOL
Our class of 1947 wasn't as close as yours must have been, I ran around more with the class above me, but had just a few in my class that ran together, liked everyone of them, but they didn't have the same likes as I did, so of course you went with the ones who liked the same things that you did. Softball, basketball,band, cheerleading,school plays, dancing etc. that was my kind of life. I loved school, not the studying, but the fun times.
Well enough of that, I'm ready for Mcds, and its 64 out. Be happy everyone.

By evets On 2014.08.29 01:48
Well Labor Day weekend is upon us.
Kids........... back to school.
JP.............. back to AZ.
Richard........ back in the woods of Alaska.
Bob Z ............back in the UP.
Bedge ...........back at McDs.
College football ........back on the air.
Stevie boy .........backing up.
Tommy Boy ............just back off.

1974 .............Back on top.

By Betty Stromer On 2014.08.29 04:44
You forgot Gloria,

Happy Holidays one and all, be safe.

By evets On 2014.08.31 03:29
I would never forget Gloria ..............she Backs me up when they pile on.

Bobby S how are things in the UP I see the morning temperatures are cooling off a bit. What kind of shape is that snow shovel in?

By bob sutherland On 2014.08.31 15:30
Events both of my snow shovels in good shape. I hire s man to clear my driveway. The leaves Are starting to change color. On this labor day I wish all workers a good day. Bob s

By gloriapeterson On 2014.09.01 11:22
Thanks Bedge, And you Steve, I'm behind you, But do you know how long that song stayed in my head? I remember few years ago waking and thanking God for 1974 day, I think I told you guys, You know there is something about brain washing .LOL....Have a great Labor Day,...And be blessed.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2014.09.01 18:47
Now then Gloria just the mere mention of "1974" gives me severe indigestion.

By Richard Guhl On 2014.09.01 21:16
Amen JPT.

By evets On 2014.09.02 01:45
JP I have the remedy for that indigestion, it's made by Fleet.

Richard you travel 3500 miles back just to get on line and agree with that geritol guzzling piece of trouble from Ludville? Aim higher Richard and embrace the love of 1974.

"Oh I ought to be unhappy but I really don't have the time"

By Betty Stromer On 2014.09.02 03:50

I'm HAPPY, won over $200 last night at the casino, won $10 couple weeks ago and that made me happy too. LOL It is such a rare occasion that it happens, so was fun.

That was my Labor Day, how was all of yours? Did you all have cookouts etc.? Hope everyone is doing well.

By evets On 2014.09.03 02:29
Well since it was LABOR DAY I took pam and my youngest daughter and my grand daughter and we cut down a 50 foot sweet gum tree. cut the limbs off which they drug to the woods and then I cut the rest in lengths that would fit the fire box on the wood stove and they stacked it. We call that Frazier Fun.

My daughter had her Sunday school class over for a pool party a bunch of little girls and that was nice while I cleaned out the garage and tried to throw as much of Pam's stuff away as possible without getting into to much hot water.

All in all a pretty nice and productive labor day weekend don't you think?

Bedge I think rather than throwing your money away at the casino, a better use of that hard earned money would be to hire some well armed mercenaries to keep JP from crossing the border into Michigan and being allowed to taint that great state with railing accusations regurgitated out toward the class of 74.

By evets On 2014.09.04 01:41
Just remember people .................we love ya..............and we need ya.

By Betty Stromer On 2014.09.04 04:28
I'm here Steve,
On my way to Mcds this morn, and then to Dr. for bone test, gotta make sure these old bones are ok, and won't break if I fall, LOL
Heard all kinds of news at Mcds yesterday, don't know how true, but here it is.
Hannah is to be torn down and new bldg. built across the street in the parking spot. Mich.Thyme bldg. and the new never used brick bldg. are to be torn down and a new hotel, motel or something going to be put up there. Now if all of this is true, it will brighten up the main street, right now looks like Hell.
I will keep you posted if any of this really does happen, LOL Have a good day everyone.

By evets On 2014.09.06 02:29
Wow Little Bo torn down that building has as much history as JP does. But a vacant building looks terrible in the middle of a little town so hopefully it will be something worth looking at.

What else is going on in NB anything? how's the old place hanging in there? If you could have one place from your good old days back in NB for you to enjoy what would that place be? Come on people let's hear it.

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