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By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.01.04 17:36
Another year has begun lets hope it's safe and healthy for all our forum friends.(even Steve)

By evets On 2015.01.05 03:28
Thank you JP for not leaving me out. Your kindness will not be forgotten. As a matter of fact as a token of my appreciation I'm going to spend the rest of this year bringing much joy and meaning to your life. I'm going to crank up the 1974 fervor for your benefit.

Such a nice man..................

By Betty Stromer On 2015.01.05 05:47
Morning All,
All I can say is BRRRRRRRR 7 out this morning and a little snow all over, not enough to keep any one in if they dress right.
You all stay warm, if your in the cold area.
Boys, don't start the New Year out fighting. ---------------

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.01.05 09:16
Remember Steve ,what they say about us old farts we are sly ,cunning, and bear considerable watching----------

By evets On 2015.01.06 03:57
Believe me I've got my eye on you.

Thursday morning it will be 15 degrees in Key largo and about 13 degrees here.
going below zero in old NB.

Your right Bedge you just have to dress right for it. So bundle up in layers and get out there people.

By Betty Stromer On 2015.01.06 05:50
I'm on it Steve, dressed and ready to go.

By evets On 2015.01.07 03:26
Looks like it's not going to be quite as cold as predicted earlier hopefully your temperatures won't be as low either.

Enjoy the day my friends

By Betty Stromer On 2015.01.07 05:14
HI All,

Cold and blowing, 11 out this morning and that's suppose to be the high.

I can still see the tracks in driveway from yesterday, so guess I will be able to get out.

Everyone stay warm and well.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.01.07 07:02
Back to to our ho-hum weather 55 at 7AM should be around 78 by noon. Very strange weather a week ago we had snow and 28. Climate Change????

By bzboril On 2015.01.07 10:13
Crazy weather here too JP. What a difference a week makes. 1.25 inches of rain last week. Now they are saying tonight will be the coldest, below zero temps in the morning. I dont mind the cold and the snow, but this morning was a challenge. The blowing snow made for ZERO visibility on the back roads. Took over a half hour to go 8 miles this morning. This wind could quit any time now. Stay warm everyone..

By Richard Guhl On 2015.01.07 11:09
I really feel for you guys. Here I'm sitting in Alaska with 44 degrees and light rain - no forecast approaching freezing for the next 10 days - at least. The ocean right out our front door is 46.2 this morning so I think that has a lot to do with it!

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.01.07 12:17
Must be really bad up there just saw an alert from the MASON COUNTY NEWS there was a 50 car pile up just north of Muskegon on US-31 Blizzard conditions and almost zero visibility. MSP is asking folks to stay off the roads except for extreme emergency.

By evets On 2015.01.08 03:42
Well I guess I won't do any whining about our 14 degrees and windy conditions in Atlanta.
Winter will finally be over here soon and Richard will still be shoveling long after.
Bob Z it appears that you found your way in that white out.................DARN

Bedge put those woolies on this morning.

Gloria what kind of weather are you having?

Corey is probably sitting on the Beach at Fort Myers sipping a hot toddy laughing at the rest of us.

Stay warm folks temperature will rise eventually

Bob S how you doing?

By Betty Stromer On 2015.01.08 05:50
Morning All.

-7 this morning, but I'm gong to try it. I dressed warm.
Such a white out ALL day yesterday, coming home from Mcds, I waited over 20 min. at the RR crossing, cars would turn around and go back, but finally I was the 3rd car by tracks, and still couldn't see the train. Didn't know it moved till the car in front of me moved. Wow, sure glad to get home and snuggle down. Then I couldn't see the cemetery fence across the street, it was just a terrible day all around.
Ok, you all stay warm. I'm ready to go.

By bob sutherland On 2015.01.08 16:35
I have the flu and urinary tract. Infection in my.weakened condition l. cannot go home until Jan. 20

Bob s

By evets On 2015.01.09 03:35
Hate that Bob S I will certainly be praying for your recovery. apparently they have a computer they let you use or you travel with all the technology known to man.

JP anything you want to belly ache about you scudder you?

By Betty Stromer On 2015.01.09 05:38
Morning All.

Sorry about you falling Bob, I was a very lucky gal getting mine done, no problems at all. but I also didn't have the flu, which of course makes you weak.

its 15 out this morning, I will try to get thru the driveway, it blew and drifted again yesterday afternoon. I can't shovel but a little bit, not this long driveway. Oh, well, otherwise I will sit or do housework..
Did get to city yesterday for my blood check, MI hwy. was covered with snow and IN clear as a bell, so they must use different stuff.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.01.09 08:13
Actually Steve I like to enjoy a little whine with my cheese!!

By gloriapeterson On 2015.01.09 22:27
Well I got on! Sorry Bob you have to wait longer, pray you will heal fast.....Our weather is strange to Steve, In the 20s up to 60 back down to 20s all in two weeks. Might as well keep our all weather clothes handy...snow around us but we haven't had any. I think I like it better when it just stays cold, Without the snow...Hope everyone stays well and warm,and I can get on more lol, Still don't know what's going on there.

By Betty Stromer On 2015.01.10 05:03
Morning all

Couldn't sleep , so got up and did a few things before I leave, it zero out this morning, hope I dressed warm enough, 15 yesterday morn. Oh, well, it is winter!!! Had a nice young man come and do my driveway, so no problem getting out.
Good to hear from you Gloria, I know, these machines don't always do what we want, do they? I blame it on my age, that I don't know how to fix things. Ha
Ok, no news around here except,BRRR

By evets On 2015.01.12 03:41
Jim thank you for keeping this forum open to us I do appreciate it.

What better way to keep the inmates in their cell. JP, Richard, Bob Z, Bob S and maybe even Corey.

Bedge and Gloria I want to apologize for the way they (and you know who I mean) act in front of you. I try to keep them civilized but every once in a while they get a little full of them selves and I have to drop the hammer on them.

It's comforting to know that a 1974 grad is here and standing guard. I know it makes me feel better. I'm sure you do to.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.01.12 08:56
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water..........

By evets On 2015.01.13 03:50
Now now JP come on in, the water is fine, just like you like it...............

I may only hold you under for just a bit. I'll let you come up for air just not quite enough to get a word in.

how's that AZ weather getting any colder?......................I hope.

By Betty Stromer On 2015.01.13 05:54
HI All,
I was jus called up from one of the gang that if I was warm to stay home, Mcds furnace is broke and its colder than H=== out there, so we girls are going to Rosie's. This is the 4th day its been cold out there and won't be fixed till Thurs. and its only 3 out this morning, soooooo.

I'm going to Movie this afternoon with my Son and wife to see Unbroken, have any of you seen it.?
Ok, be nice, stay warm.

By evets On 2015.01.14 03:28
I've seen previews but don't really know what it's about Bedge................anyway enjoy it.

Seems like they would get out to McD's and get it fixed with temperatures like that. I would think the pipes would freeze.

JP are you up?

By Betty Stromer On 2015.01.14 05:38
-3 this morning, we are going out to Flips to eat., it would be very cold at Mcds, so can't sit there and chat. maybe chatter from the cold, LOL

Movie was very good, the true story of this guy being shot down and taken prisoner and how he made it. He just died this year so never got to see the finished product., but was in on a lot of making it with Angelina Jolien, sp??? the director.

After, we went to Culver to eat, mmm good. then home to my chair.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.01.14 06:32
I'm always up Steve, since you stopped the meds again someone has to keep a close watch on you. Not to worry though the rubber room has a lifetime reservation with your name on it.

By evets On 2015.01.15 03:34
Sounds like a good day Bedge

JP how nice of you to give of yourself on my behalf. How many other people are on that list to be looked after?

Richard what's happening up in the Yukon? Are you surviving?

Bob S did you get home yet?

Bob Z do you remember where home is yet?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.01.15 08:37
Normal people need not apply but certain 1974 graduates are at the very top.

By Richard Guhl On 2015.01.15 10:54
Doing fine Stevie-boy. The Yukon? Better study your National Geographic World Atlas, you seem to be off on your geography too. 49 degrees when I got up to check my trapline this morning.

By bzboril On 2015.01.15 12:47
Yes Steve, I was able to make it through the snow and wind. I bet that's why you decided to live in Georgia, pretty easy to navigate with clear sky's. But then, a stud like you, from the class of 74 should be able track Richard through a blizzard, and help him pluck Martin from his traps.. Speaking of that, what are your estimated numbers on your line during the season Richard?? What types of critters do you entice into your traps, and how do you release a bear from a foothold trap?? I wish we had 49 degrees down here. I need to get some bunnies in the freezer. 38 this weekend, it should be a nice weekend to bust some brush. Enjoy the warm up everyone.

By evets On 2015.01.16 03:11
Richard if you can slip down in the quiet of the night and set one of those foot traps just outside JP's front door I think I should be able to hear him howl when it goes off.

I'm in Georgia only because I went into management otherwise I would still be residing in the winter water wonderland keeping the Grand rapids Subdivision at maximum velocity. Enjoying the overtime I would be making right now through the harsh winter months.

Richard ...........Bob Z asks some questions of interest I'll be listening in on your reply.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.01.16 10:39
Stevie Rich an I are old military vets the VC couldn't do us in so you'll just have to suffer knowing that we'll be keeping real close watch on you. Steve I was kinda wondering seeing that the railroads are looking for good management material why they would settle for a 74 graduate?

By Richard Guhl On 2015.01.16 11:15
In theory, I set traps for marten which are not native to Baranof, Chichagof, or
Kruzof Islands. They were transplanted onto these islands beginning in 1934 to give trappers a "money crop." Our marten are marketed as North American Sable to compete with the Russian critters in the fur trade. My best seasons (December 1st-February 15th) are when we got a foot (or more) of snow on the ground and temps 20 degrees or so - and this ain't one of those years. My traps harvest marten, mink, ermine and an occasional river otter. I get 3 to 1 mink versus marten, so a decent season is a dozen marten, 40 or so mink and the odd ermine or river otter. In 1986 I submitted the first ever ermine from Baranof Island to the University of Alaska mammal collection for DNA analysis and was the only specimen collector until 2009 when 2 other guys submitted samples.

The people up here catch many more rabbits and hares with snares rather than actually hunting them.

By bob sutherland On 2015.01.17 20:15
I am not home yet hope to be soon. Bob s

By evets On 2015.01.18 04:52
Thanks a specimen collector how about collecting one down in Arizona and donate it to Union Pier Tech. They can have it stuffed and stand it outside at the corner holding a box of free Krispy Kream doughnuts for passers by.

JP my personal opinion is it was one of the best moves CSX ever made.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.01.18 07:50
Then again I guess big corporations are entitled to screw up on occasions .

By evets On 2015.01.19 04:04
Now Now JP no need to get all cranked up over a little thing like how great the class of 74 is. It just is.

Have a tremendously wonderful day people.

By bzboril On 2015.01.19 08:21
Thanks Richard, I would love to do some trapping down here. Mainly, rats, coons, and coyote. Maybe a Georgia polecat when they venture north. I just don't have the patience for the skinning and prepping for sale.
Hope you're home soon Bob S.
Stever, I think your meds need their annual adjustment. Beautiful weekend here in NB, middle 40's and a little sun. We'll take it, we are another weekend closer to Spring.

By evets On 2015.01.20 03:55
Took the cover off the pool now that the leaves are done falling. Water looks good, water temperature is 47. Three more degrees and we can jump in.
that's just the right temp for a Michigan man.

I haven't seen a pole cat migrating north since Ernie Sayles blew through town.

I thought JP was milling around at the end of my driveway about 0430 Monday morning but it was just an armadillo. Hard to tell the difference. I watch him come from and run back to my neighbor's house. It may be nesting under his porch.

Well all you little rascals have a good day even you alfalfa.

By evets On 2015.01.21 03:49
Did McDs ever get the water problem or heat which ever corrected?

Supposed to get up to 62 today and then plunge back down with rain in the forecast.

Whatever your weather today get out and enjoy.

By Betty Stromer On 2015.01.21 05:47
HI All,
No Steve, still not fixed at Mcds, so we go to Flips, maybe this week they will get it done.

Speaking of Ernie, he just had a birthday I see on facebook, so I wished him a Happy Day.

My PC has been down for 2 days, so just got it back, power went off in my area Sun, and it did something to this.

All is well here, 33 out right now and foggy, but getting ready to go out. you all stay well.

By Richard Guhl On 2015.01.21 10:37
Our weather is MOST unusual this "winter." Got up this morning, 49 degrees outside. Checked the rain gauge and saw an increase of 4+1/4 inches since yesterday morning @ 6 am. Nothing but rain in the forecasts for the next 10 days.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.01.21 10:46
Rich! send some of that excess H2O our way we sure could use it. Steve I think you must be mistaking that armadillo for a fellow 1974 graduate!

By evets On 2015.01.22 04:07
Since you mention it JP it was as quiet as Corey is on this post.

Richard your more than welcome to send it as far as AZ but no further we have had plenty. I'm kind of partial to some sun and moderate temperatures right now. Suffering with my first case of shingles ever and I believe the pain would crush the graduate of any other year. This stabbing pain in the middle of my back I keep looking around to see if JP is standing there.

Have a wonderful day folks enjoyed picking at you.

By Betty Stromer On 2015.01.22 05:23
Steve, Oh, I'm so sorry you have shingles, Dick had them for a year., just terrible pain, from his back down into his groin, Ouch, he would tell me to drive slow over the RR tracks it was so painful . Didn't you get the shot??
Well, guess what? I'm going to Mcds this morn, they say the heat is back on. I wrote to the company yesterday to complain, but I'm sure that's not why it got fixed, but at least they know how the store was being handled.
Ok, everyone have a great day.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.01.22 06:53
Steve, sorry about the shingles I guess they are extremely painful .Everyone on this site get the shots no matter the cost as it is more than worth the pain if you contract Shingles. Tomorrow marks my 73rd year of bringing joy to most folks on this finite piece of Terra-Firma we call Earth. Going to my favorite Mexican place and pig out on Burros and my favorite of all raw Oysters on the shell YUMMM!

By bzboril On 2015.01.22 07:26
Happy Birthday tomorrow JP. Steve, sorry about the shingles. I am going to research the shot. I have heard of it, like JP says, we should all do it.

We are a bit above average for precip down here in nb. Nothing like you in Alaska Richard. Most of our snow has melted, for now. Frost only about a ft deep. Compared to almost 4 ft last year.

By Betty Stromer On 2015.01.22 08:01
Back from McDs and the heat felt good.

Happy Birthday JP, Oh, how I remember you eating all the oysters at that school event Judy put on, LOL

I had the shingles shot, got it at Walgreens, only cost me $40+, guess my Ins. or Medicare paid the rest.

By Richard Guhl On 2015.01.22 11:00
I got the shingles shot about 2 years ago. As I remember it cost $125 but insurance (Medicare?) picked up most of it. For some reason the pneumonia shot I got at the same time was free(?). Sorry you caught it Stevie-boy.

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