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By evets On 2015.03.26 01:32
Thank you Jim for the Note on Bob S and the information on Roger and His wife's fundraiser.

Allen Blazek what relation was he or is he to Buddy? Or are they one in the same?

By Richard Guhl On 2015.03.26 09:16
Pat - I'm off for California for 10 days, a week at my mother's and then a couple days with Cathy & Jim Svejda. It's up to you to keep Stevie-boy in line (if that's possible).

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.03.26 10:24
Rich I think that's a task only confinement to a rubber room can cure.Have a nice trip.Question? how do you deal with all that humanity in California after the peace and quiet of Sitka?

By jsmitch On 2015.03.26 19:25
Al and Buddy are family not same person. Al graduated in 68, aka Lardo.

By evets On 2015.03.27 02:07
Richard fear not you just go down and see mom and friends in California. I'll take good care of JP, a regular nappy change, afternoon nap, a few toys thrown down on the floor for him to entertain himself with maybe even a pot and pan lid or two to make noise with, you know how those little tikes like to make noise.

JP how's that Knee making out these days?

Cold snap coming to NB today Bedge highs only in the 20s.

By Betty Stromer On 2015.03.27 09:31
Yes it is cold out and we had a little snow on the ground, but it is gone now. Next week suppose to be near 60s, that will feel good.
Going to Sherry Calnin's visitation tonight before we all go out to eat.
How is Bob S. doing at his new place, hope your doing well Bob.
Have a good one everyone.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.03.27 09:50
Steve all I can tell you is take very good care of those knees because when you have a problem with mobility your life changes drastically even if for only a short period . Simple things you you did for years become a real issue. Exercise is great but stop RUNNING! low impact ,like bicycle real or stationary is great,and walking is great also. Get plenty of sleep and later you'll find that that afternoon nap has become mandatory.Not quite ready for the nappy but might pour me two fingers of Single Malt and I'll consider that as entertainment

By evets On 2015.03.29 05:05
JP only two fingers? You liar, you'll have them poor till your fingers get wet.
appreciate the info on taking care my knees. I need to always be mobile enough to get my foot up at least as high as your hinny.

By bob sutherland On 2015.03.29 14:48
Hi Hedge. I am getting adjusted at my new place. They still did not your spelled right on my kindle Bob s. I remember going to Martha shamans house for st John confirmation class. How was she related too you? Bob s

By Betty Stromer On 2015.03.29 16:58
If she lived in the brick house behind the gas station, that would be Carl Hamanns mother, so my Dads Aunt. Carl and my Dad were cousins

By evets On 2015.03.30 01:19
Weather is fixin to turn warm so about time to plan a trip to Mackinac.

Bob S ..................glad your getting settled in and that you still have a way to keep in touch with this band of renegades.

By evets On 2015.03.31 01:44
2 Big Ten teams in the final 4. I hope one of them goes all the way.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.03.31 06:58
91 here yesterday looks like spring has returned with a vengeance and we still have a full month before we leave. Our team lost but I was very proud of MS and ND they gave KY all it could handle. I haven't been too wild about the officiating during the entire tourney just my opinion.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.03.31 13:45
99 Degrees at 1:35 MST WHEW!!

By Betty Stromer On 2015.03.31 17:19
Too hot for me, don't like the cold we had this winter, but dread heat like that too, I just like 70s, that is Lisa weather not mine.

By evets On 2015.04.01 01:57
Pat I agree about ND they could have won that game it came down to who ever got the last basket.
Now quit your whining about the heat. Seems to me you wanted to live in TUCSON so suck it up big boy. If you don't like the heat head east a little early just let me know if you do so I can alert the Michigan State patrol.

Your kind of weather here right now Bedge about 70 degrees and rain.

By evets On 2015.04.02 03:03
On second thought JP just let me know when you head to Ludville and I'll have Tommy boy give you a motorcycle escort on that Can Am Spider.

Bedge you can put your leather on and ride the side car.

By Betty Stromer On 2015.04.02 04:25
OK, I'm up for that, LOL
49 and rainy this morning. nothing else new in town.
You all have a good day.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.04.02 07:27
Now that's got to be an interesting sight, a Can Am with a side car.

By Betty Stromer On 2015.04.04 04:22

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.04.04 06:59
Bedge ,have you seen a Robin yet?

By Richard Guhl On 2015.04.04 10:35
Hmmmmm. Back after 10 days and Stevie-boy hasn't changed a bit.

By Betty Stromer On 2015.04.04 13:26
Yes, there are a lot of robins all over the place and the daffodils are blooming in some areas, I have crocus in bloom, but the daffies aren't quite open yet in my yard.

By evets On 2015.04.05 02:42
Welcome home Richard and you wouldn't have me any other way. I wouldn't have you and JP any other way with the exception of in a head lock with me giving you both a nugey and then spin you around and finish you both off with a good wedgie. Now that's what I'm talking about!

it's been pretty warm here the last couple days and going up into the 80s this week.

Have a Blessed Easter today folks and enjoy the day what it's all about and it ain't bunny rabbits.

Also.............................GO BADGERS

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.04.05 06:57
Steve the Easter egg hunt is for kids.

By gloriapeterson On 2015.04.05 14:12
Happy Easter Everyone. All have a blessed time....And right you are Steve.

By evets On 2015.04.06 02:04
Oh Richard always after me lucky 74 charms.

I'm pulling for the Badgers to win the NCAA men's basketball championship against Duke.

I'm pulling for the class of 74 to one day be recognized for just how great they are. I think at the all school it could be announced what do you think?.............loaded question.

I'm bracing for impact.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.04.06 07:18
Stevie boy I think you know the answer to that ,you can wish in one hand and poop in the other and see which one fills up first.

By evets On 2015.04.07 01:51
JP your always busting my chops. I think you get up in the morning and think to yourself what a great day I'm going to take an overdose of Geritol and kick Stevie's behind.

Bobby Z what's happening out on the big pond? My brother in law came down for Easter and said when he left ice was about 20' high and still a couple hundred yards out at the shore line.

Bedge I know your dining out somewhere this week. How's the McDs crowd doing?

By Betty Stromer On 2015.04.07 04:29
Morning All,
Everything is fine here, McDs group is ok, very small group yesterday, maybe hung over from eating too much for Easter dinner. Or had out of town company.
I don't see any ice anymore Steve at the lake and fishermen all along the bank and out on the harbor and a few boats in the water. One of them said out of 29 men fishing one day, only 3 small coho were caught. Not a good day I guess. and they each can have 3 poles in the water. Now that was one day, who knows about the other days. Not me. LOL
Its rainy and 47 right now, not going to be a nice day out.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.04.07 06:27
Sorry about the loss by Wisc. but, you live by the three pointers and you die by them too.

By evets On 2015.04.08 02:45
Do you miss me?

By bzboril On 2015.04.08 05:56
Still a little shore ice. Not much though. Water still 37 degrees. Coho Salmon and Brown Trout biting, fishing on the bottom, with spawn. Most boats getting limits or close to it, in 15 to 18 ft of water. We need this rain tomorrow. Usually 40 degrees is the magic number. Starting to see some green along the creek. That means the mushrooms aren't far behind. Probably another week or two. Starting to see some color on our Red Bud trees. It looks like we are a couple of weeks behind most years. Spring is coming.

By Richard Guhl On 2015.04.08 10:18
We saw our first robins of the year yesterday afternoon.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.04.08 13:11
Not much Steve but I see that your hand is filling rapidly.

By evets On 2015.04.09 02:15
What would you say the normal summer time temperature of lake Michigan is and what's the warmest it gets?

When it does get full JP, lookout for I intend to sling in one direction or another.

Richard what's the daylight VS darkness percentage right now?

Bedge...............please control your boys? As they say in the south one of them is a fixin to tote a whoopin.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.04.09 06:01
Steve that's what Google is for didn't they teach you anything in :74:?

By Richard Guhl On 2015.04.09 10:19
14 1/2 light, 10 1/2 dark. Gaining about 5 minutes 40 seconds each day.

By evets On 2015.04.10 01:53
Richard do you really have a 25 hour day out there?

JP how dare you say a hurtful word about the class of 74 :) they are as you well know though won't admit the greatest class of all time. The low numbers at the last all school doesn't in any way take away from their greatness. All it takes is one in the room and the whole atmosphere changes.

no doubt you'll have something to say about that last statement.

Cory be ready to come out of hiding and slam JP to the ground depending on his reply. Just like our old football days you hit him low and I'll hit him high.
We may not win the fight but we'll certainly break him of the habit.
What say Cory?

By Betty Stromer On 2015.04.10 04:21
HI All,
Thankfully we missed that bad storm, that little town was wiped out, Fairfield I think it was.
I go in for a brain scan today, I blacked out in a parking lot Tues. so having all kinds of tests done. I feel ok tho, so we will see what comes of it.
Probably just my age , LOL
You boys be nice now!! Yes, I don't know why Corey doesn't write, I know he reads it all. Hi Corey.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.04.10 06:38
Your right about one thing Steve that atmosphere was from the locker room BO after that famous 74 winning season. Bedge be very careful we need you to keep this site at least close to sane.

By gloriapeterson On 2015.04.10 11:19
For sure Bedge, You take care, Praying all's ok!

By Betty Stromer On 2015.04.10 17:15
Hi, sorry I missed your call, I had been to the hospital for the scan and then out to eat with the gang. I won't know results until Mon or more, and I'm going on a little trip for a few days, so I'm suppose to call the Dr. Office while I'm gone. So I will know about the brain and the arteries in the neck by then. My knee is what hurts from the fall and black and blue. got the heating pad on it right now. Thanks for the call and thinking of me. Leaving Sun, so can't write till end of week.

By Richard Guhl On 2015.04.11 15:07
OK Stevie-boy - you're right I made a mistake. As a self-check, I went to the USGS Observatory yesterday and obtained exact info - just for you. The USGS is located at 57-05N, 136-36W. Today sunrise was to occur at 6:05 am, and sunset tonight 8:04 pm. Gain of daylight today will be 4 minutes 48 seconds over yesterday. We are considered to have 30 minutes of civil twilight before sunrise and after sunset where horizontal visibility is adequate to see 500 feet unaided by an artificial light source.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.04.11 20:18
Geez Rich , That's much more than a 74 graduate can digest in a single setting.

By evets On 2015.04.12 04:14
JP though I think he's doing his best to camouflage his error by blinding me with science, his data is interesting.
thank you gaining of 4 minutes 48 seconds of daylight is about the rate per day until there is full day light? Or will the rate increase?

Why Google when you have you two :()

Besides that it educates all of us on this site and having come from a class that graduated 100% scholars........right Cory?.......................we love true scientific data.

JP not to change the subject but I saw a 1934 GA tag hanging in an antique store that a keeper?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.04.12 07:27
According to my price guide book a 34 Ga. in excellent condition should be worth some where around $100 or poor to fair $35. Excellent's are had to come by as weather conditions in the south were not conducive to extended exposure to the elements.

By evets On 2015.04.13 02:23
This one looks pretty good to me. I don't know if he was selling it or not I'll have to look next time I go by.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.04.13 10:06
The two most collectible Georgia plates are the 41 with the large peach decal in the center and glass beading added to the paint to make the first reflectorized plate and the 42 the first tri-colored plate red, white ,and blue.

By evets On 2015.04.14 02:22
Remarkable JP, you are a wealth of knowledge. Had you only been in the class of 74 how much better you would me?

Bedge did your test results ever come back? what's the doc saying?

Gloria how's thing in the northwest territory?

Cory................I know your there..............I know it hurts you to see the way JP and Richard treat me........................don't worry...........I can take it I'm from the same class you are ................and that's enough to overcome the odds.

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