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By Frank Nichols On 2015.06.22 05:59
I have a trivia question that someone may be able to help with. Was there ever a fireworks display held at the New Buffalo High football field on Whittaker maybe 1949-50, Bob S. may remember.

By bob sutherland On 2015.06.28 17:16
I was in college or working then so l do not remember fire works. Perhaps Bedge Stomer might remember the event
Bob S

By evets On 2015.06.29 02:56
Bert shed said he can't say for sure because he was out of school by then but he doesn't think so.

By Frank Nichols On 2015.06.29 12:16
I just seem to remember my dad putting on a somewhat crude fire works display at the football field, I would have been 5,6,or 7 years old I think.
I would have been 5 in 1948.
I don't know maybe I dreamed it!!
Thanks for getting back to me.