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By evets On 2015.08.06 02:37
Bedge as long as your with us there is something special here from the class of 47.

Now JP on the other hand has some serious issues that I am bound and determined to correct before he taints others like poor vulnerable Richard.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.08.06 05:25
Sorry Steve but, the CDC already has set aside a batch of Anti-74 Serum just in case a world wide panic ensues.

By evets On 2015.08.10 02:34
Now JP a class of 1974 pandemic would be just what the world needs. We are like the antidote to counteract the effects of a Ludville viral infection. That's one of those infections with a lot of diarrhea.

Doctor Howard, doctor Fine, doctor Howard? where are the three stooges when you need them? Oh yea one lives in Ludville right now one is on the island of Sitka and the other lives some where around Three Oaks and probably splitting wood for winter.

Thanks fellas that was fun to start my day off.

By Richard Guhl On 2015.08.10 09:05
Will the psycho babble never end?

By bzboril On 2015.08.10 09:58
The topic of your original post says it all Steve. I still have some stacking and cleaning up to do but wood for this year is ready. Working on the year after that.
Heading to the UP this week for a few days of fishing Witch Lake. Other than opening day of Deer Camp this trip is my favorite. Love that Lake.
Stay cool everyone, cool front coming in behind this heat. North wind should cool it down a bit.

By evets On 2015.08.11 02:12
I must babble Richard for it's the only dialect that some of you understand. Hope your doing well. Have you got two years of fire wood cut, split and stacked like our friend from Three oaks?

JP were you apart of that big man made heart a friend sent me a pic from Ludville?

Oh Bedge how are ya?

By Betty Stromer On 2015.08.11 04:27
Morning All.
Everything good here, 69 right now as I get ready to leave for Mcds.
I have been to Birthday parties, reunions and baby showers last 3 wknds. so having fun.
N.B. been buzzing and you can't move in town., I stay away until they leave and have to go back to school. Guess they had a little Ship and Shore Blues Festival with music and all plus closed off Merchant street by the bank in town for Vendors. That's why no parking with that all going on.
Ok, you all stay safe and well.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.08.11 05:30
No Steve I don't do mob scenes!

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.08.12 01:31
Heading Out for another fishing day this time with Daughter Grand Daughter ans Son in Law Have a great day all!

By evets On 2015.08.12 02:14
Sounds like a great day for everyone. JP make sure you hold your mouth right or you won't catch a thing.

Bob Z who was going with you up to the UP?

Bob S you still looking in and if so how's it going for you my friend?

By bzboril On 2015.08.12 05:30
George, his son in law and son, and two of his grand kids. George is pulling up the four wheelers. My son and I are pulling up my boat. We will fish most of the time, they will ride.

By bob sutherland On 2015.08.12 07:56
I am still above ground. I have had lots of company this summer I get out quiet often. Bob z. I hope you enjoy then UP trip
Bob S

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.08.12 17:20
Back after one heck of a morning of fishing We brought in 17 fish lost three . Ten kings all over 10 pounds and seven Lakers about 35 pounds total. As we speak my daughter is busy with the seal-a-meal looks like they'll be eating lots of fish this winter in South Carolina.

By evets On 2015.08.13 02:14
sounds like everyone that lives near the big pond is having a great time at the present.

Well just when you didn't think it could get any better I saw an announcement that the All School is scheduled for September 10th 2016 out at the Four Winds. Now you can all wait with great anticipation to finally spend some quality time with me. So brush the dust off that leisure suit JP and those white paten leather shoes. I think that's enough time for little Richie to plan a trip east to rub elbows with the greatest class of all time.

By Richard Guhl On 2015.08.13 11:28
I'm pretty much scheduled to attend my wife's 50 year in Grand Junction, Colorado that week. Sorry Stevie-boy, no audible psycho-babble for me in 2016.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.08.13 18:51
On the other hand Stevie you might get to-gather with the 75-76 and 77 classes after your dismal showing at the last all school you might have a quorum.

By evets On 2015.08.14 02:49
I think you'll be amazed at the 74 gathering...............just come see.

Richard enjoy the time at your wife's 50 I'll no doubt find someone to psycho babble with.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.08.14 04:18
Stevie ! if your really,really nice at the All School I might come over have a drink with you like last all school when that Pork Chop around you neck didn't help.

By evets On 2015.08.16 03:39
JP you can count on it. The real truth is if you sit with me I'll become the pork chop around your neck and the crowd will form around us.

Have a Lovely day people.

By Betty Stromer On 2015.08.18 04:41
HI All,
Well we got the rain we need so badly, of course I got car washed yesterday., guess I should have done it sooner to get the rain.
Hope your all well, nothing new around here to tell, the bear is still roaming around I guess.
Steve tell Bert my sister Audrey and Don Schrader have been married 70 years today, he was 16 and in my class and she was 18 when they married. Quite a deal I think. mine would have been 69 this yr. had Dick lived.
you all stay well. Happy Day!!

By evets On 2015.08.19 02:17
I'll tell him Bedge. Glad you got the rain we've gotten quite a bit ourselves.

The good news is Winter is right around the corner. We need to talk JP into staying in Ludville for the winter. He needs a good dose of reality.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.08.19 05:04
Steve if and when you reach my age reality is a good BM ,good cup of coffee,and a comfortable recliner!

By Richard Guhl On 2015.08.19 10:50
Next to the woodstove!

By evets On 2015.08.20 02:23
I can see the good BM I've often thought you and Richard acted a little constipated. I agree with a good cup of coffee and next to the woodstove is fine to. with a view of the ocean, lake or mountains would be extra good.

Looking out the window in Ludville at about 6 feet of snow would be a treat for you too JP................let's try it shall we? ............HMMMMMM?

By Betty Stromer On 2015.08.20 04:09
Does Richard G. live in Sitka? if so, they showed floods there, they were having so much rain on TV . WOW.
Its cooler this morning, 60, will feel good. I'm no good in hot weather. I don't know how you stand the heat out in AZ JP, I know , they say its not humid, but its still HOT. That's Lisa's weather, not mine.
Ok, all is well in good ole NB I guess, should be quieting down with school starting in Cgo and other areas, will be nice to go to the store without all the people pushing us around., LOL
OH, Gloria, are you ok in all those fires out there??? hope so.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.08.20 05:43
Steve I saw enough snow in Goose Bay,Lab, and Oscoda,Mi during my time in the Air Force to last me a lifetime,don't miss it, don't need it. Your right Bedge 100+ is still hot no matter what the humidity is that's the main reason we come back to Ludville,not to mention the fresh fruits , vegges and the FISH that you can get no place but here. PS: Steve if I were constipated you might just see the nasty side of me instead of my usual caring self.

By Richard Guhl On 2015.08.20 09:53
Bedge - we had a heavier than usual rain event Tuesday morning that caused 6 landslides in Sitka between 6 & 10 am. 3 people died when one of the slides (about a mile from our house) wiped out a house under construction near the base of a hill. All evidence of the house is totally gone except for part of the concrete foundation.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.08.20 11:27
Be careful Rich just got thru looking at the news clip on NBC scary ,Hope your not in a slide area.

By gloriapeterson On 2015.08.20 22:20
Seen that about Sitka, Glad you family is ok. Yes keep your eye out for more, hope its done... Three firemen died in the fires here. One was from Michigan only been here a year. So sad, fires so awful, Pray the rain's would come down here. We've only had lots of smoke here Bedge. A little wind cleared it up some today, but not good for the fires.... waiting for our 60s , but Weather man says hot for a while yet. Stay safe everyone

By evets On 2015.08.21 02:21
Stay safe people ......................even you Mr Tyron

By evets On 2015.08.23 04:45
How's the McD's crowd doing Bedge?

When do you usually head back west JP? October?

Bob Z how was the UP trip?

By Betty Stromer On 2015.08.24 04:24
Hi All
Looks like Fall is coming, we did get a little thunder and rain, just for a little while yesterday.
The McD gang are getting old, lost Randy Wickersham couple weeks ago, Geo.Behner is gone, Miles Beckvar last week, so one by one our gang is dwindling down. But we will keep going till we can't I guess.
No big news to tell you, I guess having the Methodist Church as a brewery and food is going to happen now., they had to vote on it and get permission all this time and it went thru. That will be strange to me as I went there to Sunday School, got married in the parsonage etc. now it will be making and selling beer and pizza some day.
Ok, you all stay well. have a good day.

By bzboril On 2015.08.24 09:14
Steve, The UP trip was great. My son and I caught almost 150 bluegill, 4 Walleye, and a few small mouth. We were able to bring home quite a few lbs of fillets. The weather was great except for the heat. Almost 90 everyday. George and his grand kids had a blast on the quads. Next trip October. Maybe a little weekend bow hunt..Then Deer camp will be here before we know it.
Beautiful day in NB today. Mid 70's NW wind off the lake. My kind of weather.

By evets On 2015.08.25 02:17
150 Bluegill it probably took the rest of the day to clean them. Bert jr and I caught a 120 perch on the big pond one morning, I ran out of bail and started plucking eye balls out and using those and they were hitting on that. It took the rest of the day to clean them. Of course he let me clean them all.

Bedge I hate it that the crowd is thinning, but we know the day comes, we just don't know what day that's on. I don't know what tomorrow holds but I know who holds tomorrow.

be kind to one another people cause when I get up there and you've been naughty there'll be a reckonin.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.08.25 13:53
Steve you seem to have taken a lot for granted word on the street is that they have a position as an oldtime fireman for you.

By evets On 2015.08.26 02:05
An old time fireman sounds good and the first sign of hot air coming from Ludville will get my old time hook and ladder heading that way.

As Charlie Brown once said............."Why is every body picking on me?"

I have some friends heading to northern Minnesota this weekend and they said the high would be in the 50s while they are there.

is it getting cooler where you are? Gloria how about your state is it finally cooling down? it was in the 60s here yesterday morning and felt great.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.08.26 05:42
Steve some how I think you might have missed the pun intended,but I guess that's to be expected from a 74 graduate!

By gloriapeterson On 2015.08.26 17:25
No Steve, still in 90s, And lots of smoke...Praying for rain.

By evets On 2015.08.27 02:26
yea JP apparently I missed something in the translation.

we'll be praying Gloria for some relief.

I saw a picture yesterday taken up at sleeping bear dunes of some blue whales off the coast in lake Michigan. I'm amazed that whales would make their way into the great lakes. don't they prefer salt water?

Bob Z you may want to go to a bigger test line. they could be descendants of Moby Dick that heard the equivalent of captain Ahab was living in Ludville.

By Betty Stromer On 2015.08.27 04:37
Morning All.
Cool morning 59 right now, but suppose to warm up next week.

Had a nice little surprise visit from JP and Diane, thanks guys for stopping to see me, that was so nice. You both look good and hope you had a nice day with your friends.

Gloria, I say a prayer for you everyday that fire stays away, and feel so sorry for all the people that have lost their homes and the firemen who have lost their lives. so sad.

Ok, on my way to Mcds, Corey is back in town for 12 days and said he would have to get in touch with Jim to get him back on.

you all have a good day. stay safe.

By jsmitch On 2015.08.27 09:02
What lake @ the UP was Morrison's Motel on?


By gloriapeterson On 2015.08.27 13:49
Thanks much for your prayers. They tell us rain is coming, hope its soon..The last several days the sun looks like a deep red ball, very pretty but would rather it be normal.. All you stay safe too!!!

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.08.27 15:25
Blue Whales in Lake Michigan ?Steve have you totally lost it?,and your a graduate of the class of 74 I rest my case.

By evets On 2015.08.28 02:06
Don't shoot the messenger JP I'm just sharing someone's post on FB. It was sleeping bear dunes now if someone photo shopped it they did a good job.
You don't think a whale could survive in fresh water? They're mammals aren't they? I think you are premature to just write it off. hahahaha!

Jim get Corey back on here I need a little 1974 assistants. This guy up in Ludville is busting my chops ..................again.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2015.08.28 05:15
If you read little farther Steve, you might have noticed the word SATIRE!

By 74grad On 2015.08.28 05:31
OK, Steve, I'm back on the board. It's Friday.
Sitting at McDonald's with Bedge at the next table over.
I've been so busy over the past year.
I'll have to take a few minutes each day to post.
Beautiful weather in NB this week.
The Bison football season opens up I think either tomorrow or next Thursday.
At least it's not raining like it does everyday in Florida this time of year.

By bob sutherland On 2015.08.29 12:39
We have had some cool nights the Up
I had visit from my brother Barney NS 1951 He lives near MMuskegon. Bob s

By gloriapeterson On 2015.08.29 18:23
Prayer works!! Were in 70s with a sure promise of rain. It is so nice to see a normal sky, even the clouds.

By evets On 2015.08.30 13:57
oh the wind of change
cool weather and rain for Gloria
I have another 74 grad on board
JP idolizes me
Bedge gets to spend time with Corey at the McD's gathering
NB football starts

it don't get any better than this does it folks?

By 74grad On 2015.08.30 18:09
Beautiful day in New Buffalo.
Walked around the casino last night. It was packed.

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