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By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.03.30 14:03
Looks like Jim finally noticed that another year had passed.

By evets On 2016.03.31 02:25
He probably knew I couldn't count much farther.

Or he may have been providing you a place to run and hide. I found you though.

Have a wonderful day and get up and get out and do something. Man was made to move.

By Richard Guhl On 2016.03.31 09:38
Mom is doing well for 94. Her mind is showing signs of slipping occasionally and she definitely need her walker to get around.

Forecast here for today: light winds, clear sky and temps in the mid-60's.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.03.31 12:45
Right you are Steve, you kind of remind me of a case of Poison Ivy.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.04.01 19:48
We must be getting old, no April Fools pranks this year!

By Betty Stromer On 2016.04.02 03:48
That's what I was going to say, not one April Fools joke , even out at McDs. LOL

Plus we went to Capozios for spaghetti, 7 of us last night and no jokes. It must be kids stuff, not for old people.

Tonight going to benefit for one of the Maitland girls, guess they will have a couple of bands there and food etc. I don't know her, but do know her sister Tina, I think this is Laura or Lori or something like that. too bad when the young ones get cancer. If you look on the event on facebook it will tell her name.
OK, everyone stay healthy and happy, its only in the 30s again this morn., suppose to be windy. and "maybe" a few snow flakes. Ugh!
Say Hi to your Mom for me Richard, if she remembers me.

By evets On 2016.04.03 02:05
Glad your mom is doing well Richard

I may be like poison ivy Pat but your more like a bad case of Montezuma's revenge.

Looks like snow in NB Bedge.

There will be snow waiting there for Pat's return

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.04.03 07:29
Steve! when Old Man Winter see's me on the road north he packs it in for another year.As a member of the last class of the mid 20th century we are part of the greatest generation.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.04.04 03:51
Only 34 this morning, but its early so may get up to 50, yesterday started out 40 and got up to high 60s.
Boy we had snow flurries Sat., some were white out but in between it would be sunny, very windy, the water down at the beach was way up into the sand and waves crashing over the harbor, quite a sight, but yesterday calmer again.
Had a great time at that benefit for Lori Maitlund., 3 bands, oodles of good food and I got to see my cousins every time I turned around, there would be a cousin, so got lots of hugs. anyway was only going to stay from 3 to maybe 5or 6 oclock and stayed till 9pm, came home and went right to bed, I was pooped. Such a good turn out for her, now I hope she gets better, she was all smiles and got around to thank everyone.
Hope you are all doing good, stay well my dear friends and have a good one!!!

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.04.04 16:25
Got up to 94 this AM .So Steve!, I went out got myself some of those big old Lard cans and filled them to the brim with any kind of luck they'll make it back to Michigan. Is that all right with you Bedge??

By evets On 2016.04.04 16:44
Sounds like you had a nice time Bedge and I hope the Maitland girl does well. The Maitland family has been a part of NB a long time.

I will turn the thermostat down for you JP so that your return to Ludville will be on TV s discovery chanel program life below zero.

By 74grad On 2016.04.05 11:46
Steve, got a 3-hour layover in Atlanta from Toronto on the way back to Tampa. Landed in Toronto Saturday and never went outside. Cold and snow the whole time. Was outside for about 2 minutes this morning. Spent last week in Las Vegas. Had a sixth row seat for Rod Stewart.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.04.05 16:03
Well, I'm sick, all night long, was so weak this morning and all day. WOW, I should be 10lbs lighter with all I got rid of, LOL

So that's all from me , wish it would warm up.

By 74grad On 2016.04.06 05:25
Bedge, you and the ladies at the McDonalds table need to be spraying aeresol spray cans up into the ozone layer so it will warm up. When I retire, I'm going to launch a "Warm-up Michiana" campaign encouraging the spraying of aeresol spray cans and easing up the ozone layer over Michiana so it gets warm. I remember in high school, it was never this cold and snowy in April.

Back in the 80 degree weather in Tampa until the 16th when I come back to NB for a week. Sure hope it warms up by then.

Toronto for 3 days looked like New Buffalo in January. Cold, snow, dreary, snow plows.

So, glad to be back in the Endless Summer.

By evets On 2016.04.06 07:54
I'm banning arisol in Ludington trying to keep thee snow plows running and below zero Temps for JP's arrival. :)

By evets On 2016.04.08 03:50
Well friends just wanting you to know and keep Stevie in your prayers. I''m in ICU with some meli noma brain tumors. Should find out today what the plan is

By Betty Stromer On 2016.04.08 03:55
OMG, what is going on?? have you been feeling that something is wrong? Of course your friends will all be sending the prayers daily and hope they work, I'm so sorry Steve, you never mentioned anything about not feeling up to par, so this is such a surprise. Hang in there and do what ever they tell you to do. We are all with you, XOXO

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.04.08 07:22
Steve you sure have a way to start my mornings ,of course you'll be on the top of our list.JPT

By 74grad On 2016.04.08 11:05
Steve, I'm shocked and saddened.

By Richard Guhl On 2016.04.08 21:00
Stevie-boy, ICU's ain't very much fun!!! What's up?

By gloriapeterson On 2016.04.08 22:01
Just seen this. Will be praying much for you Steve. We have a Big God!!!

By kstanage On 2016.04.09 06:08
Steve, I hardly post on the site but I look in occasionally and this was such a shock to see. We will be praying for you and your family.

By evets On 2016.04.10 18:14
Friends the God I serve has been very gracious and the love and prayers and family has moved me imensley. I am at peace and in His will and great plans.
Tomorrow is a biopsy of the tumor in the lung and then begin radiation in the leashions in the brain.
I'll let you know the outcome.
Jim not trying go against your post wishes my friend but in this situation my faith is what gives me strength. I covet all your prayers and need them.

By 74grad On 2016.04.10 18:39
Steve, it was September 7, 2006 when I passed a treadmill and heart scan at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas only to have them find cancer looking cells just above the heart area. 2 weeks later, they yanked tissue out of the chest area and it was Stage 1 Hodgkins Cancer. It was by accident they found it. That was no fun. I was hurting in the chest area for a week.

Had to go through 4 chemos and 6 weeks of radiation. It was a shock to hear those words.

If they suggest chemo, I'd take it. It keeps any unseen cancer cells from going elsewhere in the body.

I've been saddened this whole weekend after reading what you wrote.

I think Jim understands. When you hear the word cancer from the doctor, it's the worst news you could get. It's got to be tough to work in the Cancer doctor's offices.

Back in January when I was in the Dallas area, I stopped at the doctor's office. He was off-site in meetings but left him a note of thanks for what he and his staff did for me.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.04.11 03:42
With all the prayers coming your way and the Good Lord watching over you, I'm sure you will be back to your normal, funny guy we all know and love. Positive thinking sure helps too and I know you have that, I know of so many who have beat that DAMN CANCER, it is the one word we all hate to hear.
Our love to Pam at this scary time too and tell her we are all there for you both. XOXO

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.04.11 09:18
Stevie for last few months you've been telling me that you were going put a few nuggies on my head at the All School,Well I'm holding you to it.

By gloriapeterson On 2016.04.11 10:32
Steve keeping you lifted up in prayer, that He will give you peace, and His strength to go through this...He is our help in time of trouble...God Bless you and Pam...You are loved

By jsmitch On 2016.04.11 16:45
Steve-- sending good juju your way.

By bzboril On 2016.04.12 09:42
So sorry to hear Steve...Prayers from the Zboril family to you and yours. This is Georges 6th year cancer free after his lymphoma. If he can beat it you can too. To echo Bedge's words...DAMN CANCER..Stay strong. Keep us posted so that we can rally with you. Keep that sense of humor (if that's what you call it) LOL.Positive attitude and do everything the Doc's say.

By 74grad On 2016.04.12 11:38
Bob, I haven't seen anyone from George's family in awhile. in fact, I saw George's mom and brother years ago at O'Hare, they were on the escalator going up into security....I was on the escalator going down out of security.

What kind of cancer did George have?

By bzboril On 2016.04.14 07:35
Hey Cory, he had a fast growing lymphoma, he was lucky to find it at stage 1. Surgery to remove lymph node, radiation, and many rounds of Chemo over the first 3 years. George just came back from visiting his mother and Brother Bob in Atlanta last week. His mom is in her middle 90's. Take care.

By 74grad On 2016.04.14 08:13
Thanks Bob. Glad George caught it in Stage 1.

About 40-45 percent of people will get cancer in their lifetime, per AFLAC.

By evets On 2016.04.15 03:37
Have you missed me?

I'm back home from 7 days in Emory hospital.
They took a biopsy of the noggle in the right lung but I don't have the results yet. They won't move on treatment for that till after the radiation treatment for the melanoma in the brain is completed. Radiation starts this next Thursday. Its stage 4 but treatable. The Lord has been very gracioiuys in that I haven't had a lot of the side effects that could occur because of where they are. It will take 5 treatments over a 3 week span.
God is using this situation for wis will and his glory just as it should be.
I'm blessed and at peace and humbled to serve him in this way. I am praying for healing in his way and his time.
Once recovery begins again I will return to whip some JP and Richard rear end.
I also hope that as I share this journey with you all that through it faith comes to you and strength in your faith. I love you all but He loves you greater and gave himself for us at calvary.
More to come from your NB friend. Let's walk this pah together.keep praying itnhas made a great different.

By 74grad On 2016.04.15 06:07
Steve, I'm happy you're saying it's treatable.

Double-check on your next visit if you're allowed to be around small kids during your radiation period.

I thought they told me 10 years ago to stay away from small kids and pregnant women because of being radiated for 6 weeks. Double-check with your radiologist.

Also, ask them if you're allowed to be exposed to the sun during the 3 weeks.

Find out what you can and can't do. Your radiologist can tell you.

Let us know Thursday night how the first treatment went.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.04.15 09:43
Boy, been waiting to hear and so happy they say you can have radiation and it can be treated, strange you didn't feel any different and know something was wrong. Sad in a way, or you could have caught it sooner.
God is with you in all of this and he knows it isn't your time , we all need you in our own special way and of course your Pam and kids need you. So just do what they tell you and I hope it doesn't make you sick doing all of the radiation etc. Blessing dear Steve, we all love and need you on here to keep us all going.

By 74grad On 2016.04.15 17:22
Bedge, I fly up to New Buffalo for a week tomorrow (Saturday). I'll be in McDonalds before 9 each morning this upcoming week.

I see the weather will be good.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.04.16 03:50
Morning Steve,
I hope the radiation treatments went well, better than chemo as far as getting too sick from it. As far as I know from my family that have had it.
I know God will take good care of you.
Our prayers will be coming right along with you and by Sept. maybe you can enjoy the class reunion with JP and all the others. Blessings!!!! HI Pam!

By evets On 2016.04.16 14:05
Thank you Bedge
Radiation starts this Thursday the 21st so be praying
Last Thursday was the building of thevmask they use and mark the radiation pin points. All systemsbgo and ready for launch.

Thanks for those questions. Pam asked me some of the same. I will inquire this next Thursday.

When you guys meet at McDs next week turn it into a prayer session for a friend. Several of those coming in may still remember me.

Love ya folks. I'll let you know how the first treatment goes.

By gloriapeterson On 2016.04.17 00:08
Been waiting for you to give an update Steve,..So glad you know the lord.He is our everything,that includes healing...And our peace...He dosent leave us defensless...You are surley called by Him...He has you in his hands...God Bless you and Pam and children...Isaiah 41:10

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.04.17 19:35
Stevie Boy in the ten or so years that we have bantered about you've never known me to be the second coming of ST. Pat so what ever the future holds never loose your sense of humor,because you know that laughter is still the best medicine. Just look at it this way, the worst case scenario, you have to continue dealing with me!!!

By evets On 2016.04.18 03:27
Gloria thanks a great verse to start this morning off with.

JP let me help you understand that dealing with you and Richard and Bob Z is at times mission work. Now using my sense of humor which I am blessed with a great attribute being a 74 graduate and then the other little guidance tips I give you is as you fine military boys are firmiliar with covert activity. See I don't have to be blunt as I steer you toward faith, I can be subtle, slow and patient as God has seen with me.
Beating you over the head is usually just taking some time to have a little enjoyment watching you squirm.

Give it all you have today people. I am.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.04.18 04:31
Morning all.
A cooler morning, but suppose to get warmer again like yesterday.
Steve, with your faith in God and wonderful sense of humor, I'm not worried you won't win this battle that is ahead of you. plus all our prayers.
Just had to tell you all the little problem I had with the car wash Sat. I have used it for years, so not a dumb old lady going thru it. Heard a little bump, but things went well, sat till all the rinses went thru and the water stopped and the green light went on, so I drove out, Well, it was off kilter somehow and now I have scrapes and dents on the back drivers side door and both doors on the passenger side. The wife was there and said to call her hubby about it, I didn't look till I got home and its not good. He did answer my call and I'm to go to garage to get an estimate, which I'm sure won't be cheap. Oh, well. it is what it is, like my hubby always said. So I will let you know about my car next time I write.
I know it is nothing like you are going thru Steve, just a little story about my "Little" problem. LOL I sure hope they have INS. owning that place.
You all have a good day.

By evets On 2016.04.19 03:15
Bedge my situation needs our prayers but it doesn't bring life to a hault. Glad you shared the car wash incident. I hope they make it right because its the right thing to do. Please keep us updated on it and if it starts to go wrong I have this hit man in Tucson who can bury them in a pile of old worthless license plates :)

By Betty Stromer On 2016.04.19 03:50
Good Morning All,

Steve, hope all is well, Corey and some of my gals said our prayer for you yesterday.

As far as the car its $2,356 to fix, so I hope he does fix it, the body man said he is nice and is sure he will. We will see. He said he has had some small ones come in, this was the worse he had seen, so the owner will be shocked. As I was, LOL I was so upset when I got home, I tripped going into my house and fell in, had to crawl to the couch to get myself up, I can't just get up in the middle of the floor, Ha!, must be getting old.
Beautiful out yesterday, so I raked, just a little, got such a big yard, guess I will need to hire someone before it gets mowed to rake and pick up sticks.

OK, everyone have a good day! Stay well.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.04.19 08:04
Steve! you should be so lucky to be the proud owner of (those worthless license plates) I cry all the way to the bank.

By evets On 2016.04.20 04:53
What do mean you cry all the way to the bank?
Are they paying you a dividend for owning them or a kickback for being able to keep them out of a landfill rusting away? I think your crying to the bank or anywhere else is the disappointment of never having been a 74 graduate.
They as I am are one of a kind.

Richard put your arm around JP and console him and then choke him for me in a head lock.

By Richard Guhl On 2016.04.20 09:30
Sorry Stevie-boy, No can do. On the contrary, it's an honor to have Pat visiting Alaska next month.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.04.20 12:43
See Stevie, us genuine old timers stick together.

By evets On 2016.04.21 04:39
I respect your bond to each other and hope you both enjoy Alaska. I look forward to seeing an episode of you and JP surviving life below zero several hundred miles above the arctic circle. Send me a pic of you two sitting in your little cabin chewing on a hunk of whale blubber.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.04.22 04:29
Morning All
49 and foggy out this morning, but suppose to be nice wknd.

My Pam is here and we are having fun and she will see all her siblings while here. We went to Redamaks last night.

Nothing else new, how my Stevie boy? doing ok I hope. JP, you will be on your way home soon, maybe not home to you, but back in MI, Ok, we are off to Mcds. have a good day one and all.

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