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By evets On 2016.08.12 03:55
Hope your all doing well, if someone can help JP find his way he may get on here. He's prabably trying to figure out how to get on a new post

Any update on Terry?

My daugters cat gas been in a tree now for a week and won't come down. The authorities don't mess with it anymore. Any ideas besides using JP for bait?

By Betty Stromer On 2016.08.12 04:14
Strange, seems like it would be getting pretty hungry by now. Use a BB gun and make it jump, won't hurt it, at least it doesn't hurt the squirrels when I hit them, they just jump. but the cat may be weak from not eating for a week. sorry no other suggestions.

Keep on getting better and stronger each day. Its been soooo hot and humid here, I hate it, its Lisa weather, LOL

Ok, have a good day, love ya!

Hi everyone else, all is well here. I haven't heard from Bro about Terri yet., they did go to specialist, so maybe we will hear something soon.

By bzboril On 2016.08.12 06:07
Steve, I can't think of any solutions that would have a good ending. Maybe spraying with a hose? I will see Steve Adrian tomorrow. I will tell him that you said hello, and that you are on the mend.

I hate this weather too Bedge.

We had a great trip to Witch Lake a couple of weeks ago. Caught a lot of fish. Weather was perfect. We even managed to get a few packages of bluegills for the freezer. Next trip in a month.

Hang in there Bro. Thoughts and prayers from our family to yours..

Ship and Shore fest this weekend. I will be sure to stay out of town....WAY out of town. Enjoy summer, Fall is just around the corner.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.08.15 03:43
Good Morning,

Where is everyone?? haven't heard all wknd.

I was at a reunion Sat., and graduation party Sun. so lots to eat and visit with friends and family.

Was just sitting on bed waiting for a fox to come across the neighbors yard, but missed it, it now has a hole dug under their fence and comes thru my yard and down the road. Guess I have a new neighbor to watch, LOL

Ok, no other news, I stayed away from the Ship and Shore, but heard the fireworks and they had a little rain in the morning, but otherwise had good weather for it.

You all stay well. Have a good day.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.08.15 04:52
Have had the kids from the Carolina"s for the last week,got quite a few projects completed . They will be going on a fishing charter Wed. Had some much needed rain over the last few days and things are starting to green up again.Can't believe that the summers almost over,but like they say life is like a toilet paper roll------

By Betty Stromer On 2016.08.20 03:54
Wow, no news on here for 5 days, I hope everyone is doing ok and not sick.
Or that you are all having so much fun you haven't had time to write.
Whatever, have a great day.!!!

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.08.20 05:09
Not sure about all the fun part ,we got my grand daughter back to college in Angola,In. yesterday ,she starts her junior year. Had some rain but still way behind,haven't had to mow the yard for almost two weeks. Our patio tomatoes started to ripen in mass this week and just sitting there with a salt shaker chowing down brings back lots of memories .

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.08.23 16:07
Where have all the flowers gone? I guess these are the real dog days of summer. Give us a shout Stevie ,what's up.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.08.23 16:47
Its hard to write when there isn't anyone else writing.
Yes, Steve, I know you had another test done, so hope it went well with no new problems.
Corey is back in town, I missed the NB news last night, didn't know it was going to be on channel 10/11, they said it was so good, Corey thinks its going to be on again and will let us know. I guess Geo. who sits on the corner was the star and even sang. plus Nadra K. and
, the Sand Pirate and other businesses . hope I get to see it.

By bzboril On 2016.08.24 08:55
Yes, it is hard to initiate the conversations Bedge. So used to Stevie blabbering all the time. LOL I did watch the harbor country show. It was very good. It replays Sunday the 28th on WNIT Public TV out of South Bend. George is now a star. They even played him singing a bit. Nadra K was great about the Railroad museum. My Uncle Rich Covert was on talking about the Covert Family Photography that our son works with him on. It was pretty spot on for what its worth.
Enjoying the last month of summer. Nice rain fall totals for July and Aug. over 6 inches in July over 5 already in Aug. Everything is green again. It should make for a good fall mushroom season.
Everyone have a great day.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.08.24 17:45
I have little white mushrooms in my back lawn, started out as buttons, but now spread out. because of rain I imagine.
Suppose to get more rain tonight and Kokomo had a tornado I see, terrible, but at least no injuries. Gee, fire, flood, tornado and now a hurricane heading for FL. Wow, and the earthquake in Italy. I still say God is trying to tell us to be good and warning us.
So you all behave !!!!

By Richard Guhl On 2016.08.25 15:39
Mom has been moved into a nursing home. Wife & I are on the early morning jet Saturday heading down to see her and start emptying out here apartment. Only have a minimum amount of details @ this point from her Doc.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.08.26 03:30
So sorry, that is the day we all dread is going into a nursing home, I've seen too many of my friends in them and my hubby, and believe me, I'd rather take a pill and end it here at home, sure wish they would let us do that when we are ready. But God always has a plan and we will do his bidding.
I hope she isn't in any pain and its a nice place.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.09.01 17:04
HI, guess my friends are too busy right now to write, weather is nice last couple days, cooled off, but going to be hot again next week, You all have a nice Labor Day Wknd.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.09.02 03:52
Morning Bedge I see our crazy contributor has disappeared ,I was a little leery for a while as I sure didn't need a virus in my puter. The all school is only a week away wondering if Steve will attend after all?. I seem to be having water problems out at the place in the country hard to believe that both jet pumps could be bad at the same time. The place has been a real money pit this year.Down to just a little over a month til we make the trek back seems like the summer has passed in a flash this year. Enjoy the day!

By Betty Stromer On 2016.09.02 04:02
Well, someone is on here, not fun to write to yourself.
My well man came last week and will do it next week he thinks, I see I have flag all over from gas and phone all over the yard, so things must be in the works. I'd rather have something pretty to show than something so costly underground.
I think Steve is planning on going, I'm not, so maybe see you out at Mcds.
Have a nice L.Day, I'm going to my gransons Sun . for a party, which will also include a BDay party for my 1st little grt.grt. little girl who will be a year old already. Should be fun.

By evets On 2016.09.03 18:45
Rirard sorry to hear about your mom. I hope they take good care of her.

I don't know why I'm not on here more. It's like l forget and how could that happen.

My PET scan was good. Have one lesion left just below the anterior artery buy showing a 20 percent reduction

Won't fully know how the Tumors on the brain are doing fully till the next MRI.
I feel pretty good but i do have a problem with balance and some feeling on my right side.
Doing well and looking forward to seeing you all and having some coffee at MDs.

Would love kicking some JP rump but may have to conserve energy I tire easily.

But I will have a few words to share with my Ludville friend 😁

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.09.04 06:31
Now then Stevie,would you think I would take advantage of you in your weakened condition? You bet your bippy I would. Aren't those MRIs just the most fun! I had one yesterday to check the herniated dics in my lower back. I think I was stuck in that tunnel for well over a half hour.

By evets On 2016.09.05 16:04
Mine takes a little longer but I actually take a nap. They have asked me to move something to make sure I'm ok.

Leaving in the morning. First leg is Evansville to see my son then on to NB.

Pam has to do all the driving because of KEMO brain so Pam has her work cut out till someone helps her.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.09.05 16:36
boy was there the traffic today, they were backed up still on 94 trying to come up the ramp on 39 by Mcds.
I came home the back way from there and didn't go near town or the lake, it will be so nice to have them gone after today. LOL Yeah!! so you all drive careful.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.09.10 02:42
Well tonight's the big night "The All School" hope to see a large group of class mates and even one forum member in particular, should be a very interesting evening to say the least.

By evets On 2016.09.10 08:30
You just make sure you take care of the Gentleman from GEEEORGIA
You hear me?
Richard tell the boy

By Betty Stromer On 2016.09.10 12:31
Have a wonderful time tonight, and behave yourselves, no fighting, LOL
Steve, so happy you were able to travel and get to see all your friends. Don't over do now, just fun, fun, fun.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.09.12 03:51
The reunion was great saw a lot of friends and just people that that brought back memories of my youth. I even snuck up on Steve and put him in a big bear hug. We topped it off with a party Sunday at Paul Wolf's with about eleven members of the Class of "59" in attendance plus our class adviser Marge Slater to whom we rendered a slightly off key version of Happy Birthday too. The food at the reunion was very good but as far as I was concerned the DJ as usual was way too loud and made conversation quite difficult.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.09.12 03:58
HI All.
So glad the reunion went well and you all had such a good visit with old friends. Good pictures of you from Linda Lowe on facebook, even one of my son Dave with Marge Putzke, it was Dave's class that put it on.
Steve and Pam dropped in yesterday for a nice little visit, I was so glad to see how good Steve looks, a relief that he wasn't looking sick. He brought you something JP, but sorry, I was so thirsty there isn't much left when you come to pick it up. I fought hard not to drink too much, but my addiction was just too strong. I will be home after McDs, that's usually by 10, if you come today or tomorrow.
Ok everyone have a great day!!!

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.09.13 12:40
Bedge we will stop for sure before we go back to AZ+ I'll call to make sure your home. We didn't leave the Wolf's until late Sunday so we figured you might have taken the count. Got back to Ludville til late and we had to pick up our dogs at 7:30 Monday AM.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.09.13 13:23
OH, so you aren't even in NB anymore. good thing I saved Pic. that Linda had on facebook so I will know you, LOL It was so nice seeing Steve look so well and his Pam., nice visit. I will put the box in a safe place for when you do come. Glad you got to visit all your old friends.
Ok, everyone stay safe and well.

By 74grad On 2016.09.18 12:46
Friends, I bring sad news to you. My former neighbor while growing up in Riviera and a 1978 grad, Jim Wold, died unexpectedly yesterday near South Haven. He married Janis Dowell who in the 80s and 90s did the early morning news on Sunny 101.5 out of South Bend. My mom and dad went to their wedding some 23 years ago.

I believe his daughter is to be married in a few weeks.

A very sad weekend. I flew up from Tampa yesterday to attend the RV Show in Elkhart....and received the news late yesterday afternoon.

By bzboril On 2016.09.19 07:25
So sorry to hear of Jim's passing. I remember him well. He was a grade behind. I remember being in Boy Scouts with him. I think his Dad was our Troop leader. He taught us how to sail for a merit badge..RIP old friend.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.09.21 06:47
Here we are the last day of summer and it's a typical Fall day with rain and cooler temps. We spent the last four days at Ludington state park with Paul & Judy Wolf, really great time if you've never been there it's definitely worth a look. Only about two weeks and we start the long trek back to AZ,friends tell me they are still having temps in the high ninety's there. Be safe out there folks.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.09.25 04:36
Morning All.
Nice sunrise, pretty, and 61 so far, suppose to be in the 70s tho later today.
I had a nice little trip to the other 2 Casino's that 4 Winds have plus a busy day at Shipshewana, gone a few days. Just a nice little get away. Relaxing. I can't do that Shipshewana thing tho, can't do all that walking, but good food and love to see the buggies and Amish people.
Steve and Pam are up in Canada, having a good time the way it sounds, so that is good for them.

By evets On 2016.09.25 17:00
Sorry to hear Corey
Hope you are all doing well
Can't add much it's too hard too think
Unless it's about whooping JP

By 74grad On 2016.09.25 19:00
We do have some good news. The Fighting Bison football program clobbered River Valley 44-0 Friday night.

We've got a pretty good team this year. I think they've had at least 3 shutouts.

Saw Bedge at McDonalds Friday, I think.
I flew back to Tampa this afternoon.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.09.28 11:17
Hi! all just got back from a few days at Mackinac Island with One of Diane's nursing school classmates. Weather could have been a little better but ,that's Michigan for you, never brag to your friends how great it is cause it will surly poop on you.We leave for Tucson on the 8th. Temp dropped to 49 last night so it's time to get back to the desert.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.09.29 03:45
Good Morning All.
Its 57 and wet outside. My well is in and the yard is a mess, today have appt. with a lawn man to see if some of it can be fixed up and seeded or something. and the mud ran down to my neighbors driveway, sidewalk and road, nothing I could do about it, but it doesn't make our places look too good and I'm sure they aren't happy. BUT I NEEDED WATER, LOL
Nothing else new in town, glad you had a nice trip Pat and Diane, even tho we can't depend on the weather, its fun to get away once in awhile. Don't forget what Steve left here for you, it sounds like he is having a very nice trip too. That's great!!!!
Everyone have a nice day today.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.09.29 04:02
Glad you have your well back in business ,we have to go thru the same thing when we get back in the spring,our well at the farm is down to about 11 PSI so they have have to pull up the point and replace it. The money just never stops flowing out. We plan on stopping at your place next Sat.morning (8 Oct.) on our way back west if that's all right with you.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.10.02 04:21
Wow, I guess everyone gave up on here, we don't hear from anyone anymore.
Well, i'm up and its 55 out and rained last evening again., I'm going out to breakfast and then nothing the rest of the day, You all have a good day, I hope
Steve is having a good time on his trip, it sounds wonderful.
JP and Diane are probably packing up getting ready to go back to AZ where its warmer. I am always home on Sat after going to Mcds. so will see you then.
Take care and have a good day!!!

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.10.03 04:38
Getting the covered wagon ready to roll west and after all this rain not a day too soon. The weather has turned rather dreary and cool,not your usual Fall with bright colors. When the Honey-crisps hit the road side stands it's time to head south. It's been a beautiful summer here but a very expensive one also. Only 1945 miles and we can get ready to start all over again in six months . See ya in few Bedge.

By 74grad On 2016.10.04 17:16
Paging someone living in New Buffalo

I watched the Channel 16 story on the renovation of downtown.

Are they staying with angle parking or going to parallel parking?

They showed it both ways.

With parallel parking, there is little parking. Way little parking.

5 million dollars???? Who is paying for that?

I can't believe people want parallel parking.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.10.05 04:15
Always remember when dealing with bureaucracy " logic will not be tolerated"

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.10.08 03:12
The great trek starts this AM should be back in the desert Monday PM.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.10.08 04:02
I will be out at Mcds till 9:30, will hope to see you and have your stuff here. Have a safe trip.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.10.09 03:53
Had a quick little visit from JP and Diane on their way to AZ yesterday, so good to see them. He even brought me a pkg. of Halibut he caught in Alaska, I've never tasted it, so it will be a treat, if I cook it right, LOL
Hope they have a safe trip, at least not going to the East side,
my Son and wife made it to FL with no problems and it was sunny and 90 where their Condo was, so thank goodness for that.
I'm off to a pancake breakfast at the Am.Legion this morning and next week St. Mary's church will be having one. Wow, all I do is eat.!!!!!
Have a good day.

By Richard Guhl On 2016.10.10 09:19
Bedge - would you like any of our favorite halibut recipes? We probably have halibut a bit more often than folks in Buff-city - particularly FRESH halibut, just a couple hours from the ocean.

By Betty Stromer On 2016.10.10 17:40
Sure Rich, JP told me to bake it, I have looked up some, all kinds of them, so make it easy for me, LOL
Hope everyone had a good day, it was nice out.
Hope JP and Diane made it to AZ ok.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.10.10 21:33
We made it in at about 4PM today

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2016.10.15 05:44
Where is everyone hiding? Not a word from Steve in over a month. Back in the desert temps still in the nineties but thankfully only about 22% humidity. Be glad when this election is over,in my 54 years of voting I have never seen a dirtier campaign and I hope this isn't the future of politics in America.

By Richard Guhl On 2016.10.16 12:08
Bedge - our #1 halibut recipe:
2 slices of toasted bread crumbled
1/2 cup finely diced celery
1/2 cup finely chopped onion
1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley
1/4 cup melted butter
1 tsp dry mustard
1/4 cup cilantro
1 tsp hot sauce
1/4 cup evaporated milk
1 to 1 1/2 lbs halibut (1 inch cubes)

Mix all ingredients, spoon into 2 qt baking dish and bake @ 350 for 35-40 minutes.

By evets On 2016.10.17 03:50
Sounds like a great meal Richard
I'll show this to Pam
There will be drewal all over this post when Bob Z sees it.
Let's all give it a try

By bzboril On 2016.10.17 10:28
That does sound tasty. Indian summer for a few days here in NB. Supposed to be in the 80's. Another cold front coming in behind it will bring the highs back into the 50's. That is my kind of weather. Had a good frost last week, most of the bugs are dead. Terrible stink bug and box elder bug infestation this year. They are both on the decline now. Annoying and smelly invasive pests.
Mushrooms are slowly dwindling. It has been a good year, I love to eat them fresh. But the Hen of the Woods that I find freeze really well. I like being able to grab a handful for soup or stew in the winter.
Not much happening on the fishing front, not many Salmon in the river, a few Northern Pike and Steelies. The leaves are just starting to fall. Grass is still growing a lot. Had had almost 2 inches of rain so far in Oct.
Enjoy this weather..Snow will be flying soon:)

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