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By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.05.09 12:13
Back in Ludville but summer seems to have escaped so far below freezing temps at night and this is the first week in MAY??? It will no doubt get better as I brought a large can of sunshine from AZ to cheer up the locals.

By Betty Stromer On 2017.05.10 07:01
good. we need that sunshine, Mothers Day is suppose to be ok. Glad you got home safe and sound.

By bzboril On 2017.05.10 09:04
It has been a strange spring here in the NB area. Warm then cold, then even colder, Rain and more rain. Almost 5 inches in March and in April. Heavy Frost on Monday. Mushrooms still popping. They are almost finished. It was a very good year for morels here. I have had my fill. Salmon fishing took a dive early, fish are now back to 100 ft of water. Will have to wait for some perch to show up. Heading to the UP in a couple of weeks to try to get some fish for the freezer. Have a good week everyone.

By Richard Guhl On 2017.05.10 09:22
Weather folks say 60 degrees or above for tomorrow. It'll be the first time this year. Fun to hear others complain about the weather!

By jsmitch On 2017.05.14 20:10
I received word this evening that Steve Frazier passed away today. When I have more details I will post. -- Jim

By bzboril On 2017.05.15 05:04
I sure will miss Steve.. He never gave up. RIP old friend.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.05.15 05:41
To my dear friend Steve,he fought the good fight . Always the chief advocate for the class of 1974. I will miss our playful banter every time I log on to this site, Rest in peace good buddy. Pat

By kstanage On 2017.05.15 07:12
So sad to hear that Steve passed away. Such a loss for his family and all who knew him. Prayers for his family and Godspeed.

By gloriapeterson On 2017.05.15 12:46
He was a very nice man,I got a lot of smiles and laughs for his bantering with you guys.He's so missed already.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.05.22 05:31
To all forum members please keep the comments coming as Steve would have wanted it that way.

By bzboril On 2017.05.22 07:22
Yes he would Joe. I hope this beautiful day is finding everyone healthy and happy.
Class of 77. Wow 40 years this year. Time sure has a way of sneaking up on you. Seems like yesterday. Well, almost. Have good day.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.05.22 15:44
My class (59) graduated 58 years ago But I was deep in the middle of basic training at Lackland A.F.B. .TX. Sure a lot of water under the bridge since then

By bzboril On 2017.05.23 09:28
59 was also a good year. Parents and sisters moved back to Union Pier after a couple of years in Scottsdale AZ. Two months later I was born. So I guess I was made in AZ.

By Betty Stromer On 2017.05.23 12:17
I love that expression, I was made in AZ. I tell my kids that, when we pass one of the houses we've lived in NB, I would say, you were made there, and then the others I would tell them you were made there, LOL, funny, but true.
Yes, I can't believe our Steve is gone, and I never thought I could feel so close to someone I met on here for just a year or so and he and Pam would come see me. Just loved them. That's how I feel about JP and Diane, never heard of them until this post, and feel so close to them. I hope you are all staying well, Have a nice Memorial Day.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.05.23 17:03
You know Bedge it's funny they talk about this generation gap but there is a generation between you and me and there was another between Steve and now Bzboril (I don't even know his real name )but we all seem to mesh like a well oiled machine. A perfect salute to Steve's memory is to keep this saga going. I still haven't opened that 15 year old bottle of Scotch that Steve bequeathed to me it's a very special item that I might just pass on to some very deserving individual in the future. OK keep those cards and letters coming. JPT PS: It is Bob right Robert!!

By bzboril On 2017.05.24 07:22
Well yes and no JP. Middle name is Robert, thus the Bob. First name is Leonard. I am a Junior. Instead of having two Lennys around the house I guess they decided on Bob. I have 4 older sisters, one graduated in 66, one in 69 and 2 in 74.
Heading to the UP with boat in tow. Time to catch some fish and have a relaxing vacation. Have a good Holiday everyone. Don't forget the meaning behind this one. Hats off and heads down to all the men and women that served our country and to those that never returned.

By Betty Stromer On 2017.05.26 10:45
That's how Dick got his name, real name, Geo. Richard, but his Dad didn't want to get mail mixed up, so a lot of people never knew his real name was Geo. R. Stromer, Everyone stay well and enjoy and Honor our Veterans.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.05.27 04:57
I guess I fall into that same category,my dad was J.F. and always used the Joe .It it wasn't until I went into the service that I used Joe. Most of my growing up friends still know me as Pat. My son is a J.D. growing up he was and is still Jody to the family but in the military it was LTC. Joseph D.Tyron. So much for our ancestry lesson for today. Got the pool up and running the expensive part about 250 gal. of propane to heat it for the season. Looks like the real spring has arrived here in in the north country and green is the word. Everyone stay safe this weekend.JPT

By gloriapeterson On 2017.05.27 22:22
Thanks and love to all the Veterans on here ,and all others. Have a healthy happy time.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.06.01 13:05
I see the Three Oaks school made the head lines on AOL news. Not good PR for the River Valley school district.

By Betty Stromer On 2017.06.03 16:19
I watched WNIT night and it was about Oinks getting started. interesting. I haven't been there since Dick has been gone. but boy they sure are busy everyday.
My news is my daughter Paula and another couple have a year lease on Rosie's, with option to buy. I really don't know too much, they didn't ask MaMa. LOL, she didn't quit her job tho, thank goodness in case it isn't a good deal. Her boyfriend will help, not with money, but down there. At least she didn't ask me for any money, I know it has been a good place to eat, so lets hope it all goes well. At least I hope so, you don't have to worry, LOL I just say my prayers, and one of them was already answered, my Sons wife got a good report on breast cancer, she was free of it for 7 yrs. and they thought it has spread, but thank the good Lord it isn't cancer.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.06.04 05:18
I guess us old timers will always remember it as Carl's Hut. Is Rosie's the old Jenny's? NB's answer to Happy Days

By bzboril On 2017.06.06 07:38
No JP.. Rosie's is next to Casey's. Nancy's, Casey's, then Rosie's. Summer time was here for a few days. Now back to beautiful spring like temps. Windows open A/C off.
Had a decent fishing trip to the UP Caught enough fish for us to eat while were up there, not enough to bring home.

By Betty Stromer On 2017.06.07 16:56
HI All,
beautiful day, went to church lunch, it was a farewell to our minister, he is moving to Holland and his wife who preaches in 3 Oaks will go to a church above Gr.Rpds. so a new move for them both. We had a very nice lunch.
No other news in NB, glad you got fish to eat Bob, we went to Jenny Raes in New Carlisle for their fish, they have the best perch dinners.
Stay well all.

By Betty Stromer On 2017.06.13 04:18
Good morning, just came in from watering my plants, I don't water the lawn tho.
Had a nice little visit from JP yesterday, that was a nice surprise since I didn't know he was in town, looks good as usual.
Bob Z. I have a broken fridge in my garage and JP suggested asking you how we get rid of stuff like that. Electric Co. will pay $40 for them, but they have to work and mine doesn't. Someone else said to sit it outside and someone will want it for scrap, lol well that's fine, but I can't get it out and wouldn't like the looks of it sitting out in front. Oh, well. if anone has ideas, let me know.
Still hot out., my daughter in WI got a lot of rain yesterday, guess we may in a few days get a little. You all stay well.

By bzboril On 2017.06.13 10:25
Bedge, I do know that in order to scrap it the Freon must be removed, they suck it out with a vacuum pump, then recover it in some kind of container. Not sure who can do that for you. Your best bet might be to just set it out front. Make sure that the doors are off of it before you set it out. I would bet someone would snatch it up within a week. If I think of any other options I will let you know.

Pretty dry here. No rain at all recorded for the month of June. Three Oaks Flag Day parade was this weekend. It sounds like the crowds are getting smaller. I try to stay away from town on that day.. It gets pretty crazy.

By Betty Stromer On 2017.06.13 18:48
Thanks Bob, but I can't see it sitting in front of my house for a week, LOL I couldn't stand that. guess it will rust in the garage until I'm gone,,LOL

By Richard Guhl On 2017.06.14 09:25
Bedge - Around here people almost always use old refrigerators for smoking fish & meat before canning. There could be folks around Buff City who do that also.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.06.15 04:59
Hey Bob you're a tuff old dude do you know a guy with a hand cart that could get it out of her garage ?

By bzboril On 2017.06.16 09:33
Happy Fathers Day weekend to all of you fathers.
JP, Bedge, I would be more than happy to get it out of the garage. Just not sure what to do with it when I get it out?

By Betty Stromer On 2017.06.17 18:17
HI, the fridge will be taken in a week or so, my youngest son will take it to the scrap place, he use to work there and knows how to get the stuff out of it and he has a lot scrap to go soon. So that's good.
Happy Fathers day to all you Dads out there.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.06.18 11:49
See Bedge when you're the Princess of the forum you get all those good perks.

By Betty Stromer On 2017.06.18 17:28
Thanks Pat, HAHA, me a princess, an OLD one, that's for sure., Just glad to have a kid that will be able to do it.
Was your Fathers Day nice? Saw the picture of the wedding, nice you could be there. or was it just a pic. sent to you.?

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.06.19 03:59
No Diane was there I got stay home and babysit the Dogs.

By Betty Stromer On 2017.06.20 04:29
Hi All, 57 out this morning, maybe I can get a few more weeds out before it gets too hot when I get home from MCD
Good news, I sent in a claim for all the meat I lost in the freezer part of fridge, not expecting them to give me anything but give it a try. Almost $100, I had lost a lot of those Omaha food someone gave me for a gift, so called that Co. to ask what each item was priced, put part of the stickers off the box on their paper and the price. Wow, that was nice. she called yesterday and very nice. I thought deductible of Ins. would spoil it, but she said food is different. Whoopie!!!! All is well here, you all stay well.

By bzboril On 2017.06.21 09:13
It must be the season for refrigerators to crap out. The one in our garage decided to quit. Now I have one to get rid of also..It still "works" just not cold enough. Hoping I can get the $40 from AEP. We shall see.

Sounds like the perch are starting to bite. We will give i try this weekend. If we can wade through all the out of towners to launch boat. Have a good day everyone.

By Betty Stromer On 2017.06.23 18:30
INS, did send check for the meat I lost, Yeah, I can buy some more, but not much , as I don't have a place for it, LOL
I got a free tomato plant at the church and put it in a tub, hope to get at least one BLT out of it, Ha, just fooling around with it. Got rain, and we need it, yes I hear the perch are biting, we have a fisherman at Mcds and he got some.
Sorry about your fridge, Bob, mine wasn't working, so they said no. Good luck!

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.07.04 20:35
A very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA from one very grateful veteran.

By Betty Stromer On 2017.07.10 10:54
Hope everyone had a nice Fourth, we had a cookout Sun, and then went out to eat on the 4th. meantime, been to a nice birthday party and a funeral, busy, busy. got 2 reunions coming up and a big birthday party for my 2 great grands. if nothing else, I do get out to eat a lot.
Boy, the town has been soooo busy, I can't believe it, now they even have free parking where Joe Jackson had his fruit market, all striped out nice., plus parking where the old Cgo.Hotel use to be. also cars all the way for 2 blocks from Subway parked on each side . its a new street, and extra parking on it. I just try and stay away while they are here. Ok, enough of that. all is well here I guess., stay well , Bedge.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.07.11 16:04
Had a quick trip thru NB yesterday ( dropped my Daughter off at the Midway Shuttle in MC) came back on US-12 thru and found gas in NB for 2.17 cheapest in the state. Looks like summer has arrived in Michigan 86 here in Ludington today. Be careful out there drink plenty of ( your choice) and don't forget the sun block.

By Betty Stromer On 2017.07.17 10:01
Hi. nice out today, saw Cory at Mcds. came home and fed my birds and watered plants and my one lonely tomato plant I got free from the church and it is doing great and has about 10 buds, so hope to get at least 1 tomato,LOL My friend said to watch for worms, his plant is beautiful and he found 8 worms, so had to go get stuff to kill them.
Had such a wonderful mini reunion at my nephews house, Don Schrader and Charlotte, they put on such a nice party, my Pam and Hubby were here from WI, so I had all 4 of my kids plus grands and greats, missed great great and some other grands. but this was such fun.
Ok, hope you are all well, my sister is 90 and she and I had a great time with our kids seeing each other.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.07.17 19:57
I have made the conclusion that getting old is a lousy way to spend the last years of your life.

By Betty Stromer On 2017.07.19 04:11
I agree and would gladly give it up any time, I feel bad when I see young ones die and not enjoy seeing grandkids etc. when it should be me, not them. I have enjoyed life and its been wonderful to me. but , guess thats the only word, BUT.
Suppose to rain some and we need it, I water my plants everyday. had my rug cleaned yesterday, still damp this morning, so won't be able to put back stuff yet. it did get me to clean out a few things tho, LOL
Ok, have a good day I will be leaving for McDs soon, today is my great great little girls 3rd birthday and my frinends 88th. Whooppee. Oh, I heard Joe Rudecki died, 95, did any of you know him? he use to come into McDs every morning. Has been in a nursing home about a month now. One by one.

By bzboril On 2017.07.19 08:32
Sorry to hear about Joe, I remember him well. Fortunately Bedge we aren't born with a date stamp that tells us when we will pass. I think part of living life to the fullest is enjoying everyday that we are given. I know what you mean about seeing the younger ones pass away. Life just isn't fair most of the time. We just had the grandkids for a week. I could not find the off switch on that 5 and 9 yr old. LOL. Summer is back, humidity sucks, good thing is, the perch are biting.
Stay comfortable everyone.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.07.19 11:47
I just put two of my Grand kids on the plane back to Las Vegas last night . Still have one left to send to Texas next week. After dealing with three teens for two weeks I now Know why old people don't have kids,I'm not saying that they are bad but just trying to keep up with them is a full time job.Summer is moving right along and it will be gone before we know it.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.07.25 10:19
Just added another Great Grand Son to the clan. Nicolas Joseph 8lb 9oz 7-24 Anchorage Ak

By Betty Stromer On 2017.07.26 04:13
Well congratulations Grandpa, the more the merrier. you better stay well, so that little guy can also come and visit you and swim in your pool etc. and get taken to the airport . I will be going to birthday party this Sat. out at township park for birthday parties for my 2 little great grands. There is a few weeks in between their birthdays, so they have one big party. Paulas, grands. its FUN.
Have a good day everyone.I didn't look at the temp. but it is what it is, as my hubby use to say.

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.07.28 06:39
Looks like there are only the two of us left as regular contributors to the forum, the last ten years has been fun but I guess texting has become the norm. Now the country is governed by Tweets .

By Richard Guhl On 2017.07.29 09:49
Well Pat, based on current action in our legislature, new grand-son will get a Permanent Fund Dividend for 2017. that's $1100 into his college fund!

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.07.29 15:23
Sounds like a winner, my biggest worry right now is that nut case in N.Korea might start lobbing Nukes in your direction. He and Trump need to be marooned on a desert island.

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