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By jsmitch On 2017.10.11 19:07
I just received notification from the company where I host this site (and others) that I have until Dec 31 to move everything. I'm just not a big enough client. The software libraries that are required to run the forum require a specific server configuration. I am not certain I will be able to migrate. I'll keep everyone posted, but this may be the end of the line.


By whamann On 2017.10.12 04:59
thanks Jim - enjoyed lurking in the background since the beginning -

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.10.13 07:26
I guess all good things must come to an end, still this has been an amazing ride,happy times ,sad times. Three maybe four generations of alumni have become good friends because of it.Thanks Jim you are a real stand up guy!!

By Joe Pat Tyron On 2017.10.13 20:23
Jim I was looking back at that 1941 flim of the NB school is there any way I could get a copy?? that is real history look at it very carefully you can pick out Roy Keffer Earl Barry ,and Dona Slater plus a shot of the 1941 Buffalodian.

By jsmitch On 2017.10.14 07:57
The site itself will remain intact, in one form or another. It is the forum that is @ issue. The programming is 17 years old and not compatible with today's server software installs. I have intentionally retarded software patches over the years to keep it viable. The updated versions of the forum software have security holes big enough to drive a train through. When I move off this server I will have to experiment a little. Watch this space.

As to the video(s) all are on YouTube. When viewing simply click on the YouTube logo and you'll see the link.


By jsmitch On 2017.10.14 08:14
As a separate note. There will be service interruptions this week while I experiment with the new server set-up. Thank you in advance for your patience. -- Jim

By Betty Stromer On 2017.10.17 15:52
Thanks for having this, I have met such nice people on here. Lost a few of them too. my laptop doesn't work very good most of them time, so only on when its working. guess its time I invest in a new one., so take care one and all and its been great, thanks again to Jim.

By Richard Guhl On 2017.10.19 09:21
I was unable to get on the site several times earlier this week, I just wrote it off to an "Alaska thing." It happens regularly with satellite TV.

By jsmitch On 2017.10.20 16:33
Sometime in the next week or so, the site will go dark for a day or so while I test new server configuration and software libraries. Based on tests I'll have a better idea of what comes next. -- Jim

P.S. Rich, it was an Alaska thing, because I haven't started messing with the site yet.

By Richard Guhl On 2017.10.23 09:49
Re: "an Alaska thing"
For example, last night 1 minute into the 4th quarter of the Falcons/Patriots game, we lost TV for 11 minutes. Had the game been close I would have been screaming!