Time Capsule

While moving files into a new location at the High School in 2011, Keith Carlson and Chuck Lonske found a box package Bell and Howell in Chicago, addressed to Mr. Earl Berry, Superintendent, New Buffalo Consolidated Schools.

The postmark on the mailing was 1944. Opening it revealed 2 items: a sealed 6 inch film case with the label: “In Color, New Buffalo, Class of 1963” and a 10″ film reel, presumed to be the original content of the box – but no label.

Keith examined the leader of the unmarked film with a magnifying glass and found it to read: “A day in the life of New Buffalo Consolidated Schools.” There is however, a not so subtle “time stamp” on the older film from a historical perspective, according to Joe Tyron (Class of ’59). As he has pointed out, the beginning the film depicts the Pledge of Allegiance and everyone was rendering the Bellamy Salute. Joe being a history buff found that Congress outlawed the Bellamy Salute in December of 1942 — as it too much resembled a Hitler Salute. Therefore, the film or portions of it, had to have been shot prior to December 1942.

Both film canisters were entrusted to a film archivist for transfer to video and are now available for viewing.

New Buffalo Jr/Sr High – Class 1969 – 1963 (Source: 8mm Film)

A day in the life of New Buffalo Consolidated Schools – 1944
(Source: 16mm Film)

1963 State Championship Basketball Game

Archival footage (14 minutes worth) of the 1963 Championship game courtesy of Jerry Kissman and his son Jay. Available in DVD, the film clip was shown at the All School Reunion – September 15, 2012. A live color commentary was provided by Coach Morrison.

(Source: 16mm Film)